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love thursday: remembering the puppies

Last year at this time, I was wrapping up eight exciting (and stressful) weeks with Stella’s six gorgeous puppies, tearfully giving them away one by one in time for Christmas presents.

Luckily, I still get to see one of them quite frequently as he lives with a family in the village. Every few days he comes to the house and sits outside the door and cries until I open it to let him in to play with his mom and Zia Luna.

He was the first little one to go, but obviously Chicco (KEYK-koh) still remembers us.

Puppy love runs deep.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

a message from luna and stella

Hiya readers! We’re looking to you for some understanding.

Mamma’s under the weather and also under deadlines–and those are not nice together.

So we’re going to wish all of our fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving now and take a blogging break until next Tuesday–when we’ll be back with a fabulous book giveaway!

Hey, whatchu still lookin’ at?

We said we’d see you in a week!


i’m not going to tell you who to vote for…

But my Obama dogs will.

A message from Lol-Luna:

And Lol-Stella:


love thursday:
dammi un bacio

“Dammi un bacio” means “Give me a kiss” in Italian, and here’s how you ask:

If that doesn’t work, cuddles are good too:

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

P.S. I’m updating this post to add information about Puppy Mill Awareness Day (September 20), which I just read about over at Callista’s Ramblings. Find out what you can do to stop the abuses and horrors that happen at puppy mills all over the world at Puppy Mill Awareness Day and get these people out of business once and for all.

There are plenty of adorable puppies and dogs at reputable animal shelters just waiting to be loved, so please try there first if you are ready for a new member of the family. If you’re in Italy, sadly, you probably don’t have to look farther than the side of the road (which is how a pregnant Stella (on the left in the photos) came into our lives).

love thursday: afternoon in the giardino

You don’t have to take me on a trip around the world to make me happy; an afternoon in the garden with my P and my pooches will do just fine thankyouverymuch.

You’ve seen the girls playing in the greenery, and well they weren’t the only ones to enjoy the day. P was, for the most part, working, but I was busy snapping photos.

Some of my sexy worker bee, here with some sort of ghost hovering:

Admiring his work:

Taking a rest:

Giving Luna petties:

And then he begged me to stop:

But not before I got one of the two of us (minus some of his head–oops!):

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

I wish you many carefree afternoons with your loved ones.

P.S. I suppose the secret is out by now that I really don’t wear makeup all that often. Hope you’re not offended. Although it’s a bit catty and not at all in the Love Thursday spirit to point you to photos of celebrities without makeup, I’m doing it anyway: Caught without makeup. Enjoy!

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