i’m not going to tell you who to vote for…

But my Obama dogs will.

A message from Lol-Luna:

And Lol-Stella:


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  1. 11.04.2008

    Just gotta love the brilliant Obama dogs

    Sparky Duck’s last blog post..Tomorrow Is my Super Bowl

    Hey, they may be lower to the ground, but they still see the economy. They see job loss. The see the rich getting richer and the poor (and middle class) getting poorer. They even see Iraq. I mean, not from their house, but….

  2. I remember when you hated LOLs… or pretended to.

    I’ll be up late tomorrow, well into your Wednesday, watching returns and hoping they don’t steal this one. toccaferro

    paul of the clue-by-four’s last blog post..Men’s Monday: dealing with anger

    LOLcats! These are LOLdogs! Molto differente 😉 No srsly they’ve grown on me….

    Toccaferro is right. And I’ll knock on wood and bite my tongue just in case too. Or maybe you should slap your fingers….

  3. 11.04.2008

    Smart dogs!

    softdrink’s last blog post..Weekly Geeks on the eve of the election

    They sure make their Mamma proud!

  4. Trina

    I knew Italian dogs were smart!!!

    Thankfully I live in a “blue” state. The problem with that is the majority of the people I know are just SHOCKED when a republican wins. We don’t understand what in the world the rest of the country is thinking. The last I heard Obama is winning but we can’t count on the early numbers so I really hope your American readers get out and VOTE tomorrow!!!

    Yes, every vote counts! Get out and show your support, readers!

  5. sabineM

    I feel like a kid on Christmas eve!
    OH wow, my stomach is in a knot!
    I voted 2 weeks ago (by mail)
    Oh please Obama… win!!!
    His poor grandma died today, did you hear!
    So sad

    sabineM’s last blog post..We Just Live Here

    I did just see that; so sad she couldn’t make it until the election, but I suppose having her looking down on Obama at this important time and actually getting to be with him isn’t so bad either.

  6. 11.04.2008

    GO OBAMA!!!! Turn our country BLUE!!!!

    girasoli’s last blog post..land of hope and dreams


  7. They are adorable!! 🙂 I’ll be at the consulate event tonight starting at 22:30 – I don’t think I’ll stay until 6am like they offer – I think I’ll get up tomorrow morning at 4 or 5 or 6am and then wait and see what happens…argh my stomach is rolling!

    Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy’s last blog post..How Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheels are Cut into Wedges

    I hear you Sara. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to concentrate today….

  8. 11.04.2008

    Adorable pups! I’m so, so nervous… of course, I live in a red state, so I have to look elsewhere for validation. Early reporters Dixville Notch just went Dem for the first time since 1968, so that’s encouraging!

    Boots in the Oven’s last blog post..Chen Noodle House is… in the house?

    Woohoo for Dixville Notch! I can’t imagine being in a red state today. You have my condolences 🙁

  9. 11.04.2008

    Oh! I love it! 🙂 Smart dogs.

    I hadn’t heard about Obama’s grandmother! So sad.

    Stefanie’s last blog post..Patrick

    Indeed, very sad–just days before the big day 🙁

  10. Gil

    Love your dogs. Too bad I won’t have them with me at the polls later Today. My wife told me that Dixville Notch voted 15 for Obama to 6 for McCain!

    Thanks Gil! They’re on pins and needles over here 😉 And go Dixville Notch!

  11. I will be going to watch election results but not until 5:00 a.m. I am cautiously optimistic. Anything could happening but if the polls hold McPalin is finito.

    Your dogs are molto intelligente. Ha.

    I can’t decide whether to go to bed early and get up extra early or ride it out…I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time sleeping though….

  12. 11.04.2008

    I was invited to the Rome party and the Florence party, but I do not do all night. I haven’t since 17 and that’s a while ago! Instead I’ll be up early looking and hoping.

    I woke up with a start this morning with the feeling that if I got up and thought really hard America would get up and vote already!

    When I left the USA 16 November 2000 we still did not know the bad news. I swallowed it. 2004 I could not swallow.

    Judith in Umbria’s last blog post..Vote

    Judith, I have to be honest; a big part of my excitement for this election isn’t Obama the candidate so much as showing the Reps that they can’t just take whatever they want when they want it. Come on America! Speak up!

  13. 11.04.2008

    I am going to the Italian consulate tonight, I want to be part of this… I want to see change around the corner, I want it so bad!!!

    Beatriz’s last blog post..VOTE!

    Woohoo! Loving all this excitement from all over the world!

  14. 11.04.2008

    Go doggies go! I remember how shocked (and horrified) I was in 2004. Oh please, oh please, don’t let it happen again.

    Mary’s last blog post..The lights were on AND somebody was home

    Oh I hear you Mary. I stayed up watching and went to bed feeling good like Kerry really pulled it out. HORROR the next morning!

  15. 11.04.2008

    Go LOL dogs, go LOL dogs, go go GOBAMA!!! I’m so nervous, too! And I’m Canadian!!!!!!

    Milanese Masala’s last blog post..Richie Cunningham for Obama

    Hah! The world is holding its breath methinks….

  16. 11.04.2008

    I hope the average voter in America is as smart as that dog.

    running42k’s last blog post..Do the right thing

    Hah! These are two true yellow(ish brown) dog Democrats, so they’ve had their minds made up for quite a while; they thought coming out with their endorsements on Election Day would give them the most impact 😉

  17. Well, geez, Michelle. If you’re gonna vote McCain, why don’t you just say so? 😉

    I prefer to be coy, Susan 😉

  18. 11.04.2008

    I’m going to the Milan consulate party as well. I don’t know how long I will be able to stay awake…hopefully it will be clear early on who the winner will be!

    I’m hoping for an early night too, Autumn! Have fun 🙂

  19. 11.04.2008


    Even the doggies are Obamapups!!!!

    Too bad they can’t vote 🙁

    Get out and vote today!!!!

    I have an ulcerous knot in the bottom of my stomach that won’t go away until we know the results.

    My Mélange’s last blog post..Election ’08

    I’m with you, Robin…so hard to concentrate!

  20. 11.04.2008

    I’m so excited! To vote in Barack’s hometown of Chicago!!! Living here is a dream, to have the President be from here is even better! I’m so nervous!

    Geggie’s last blog post..Ain’t Gonna Study War No More

    I’m *so* ready for some returns! It’s already almost 4 pm here–I sure with the time difference was the other way around today!

  21. 11.04.2008

    I am so excited to vote today! I wanted to get in line early but our county requested that those of us able to vote during non-work hours do so as the lines are going to be insane, so I am drinking my coffee and waiting a bit. Hopefully by the end of the day we will have a democratic president!

    Courtney’s last blog post..Five Things I Miss About Michigan

    Good for you for helping out the line situation! And, of course, for voting 🙂

  22. 11.04.2008

    Here’s hoping… I cast my vote last Friday through early voting, and it’s been really hard to sit back and wait.

    It’s raining hard here in North Carolina today. Traditionally that means light voter turnout (how STOO-pid is that?!?), so it will be interesting to see if folks will suck it up and go out anyway this time around. We’ll know soon enough.

    *crosses fingers*



    shiborigirl’s last blog post..What’s it Gonna Be?

    Yes, let’s hope the rain doesn’t keep people away! It’s your country, people!

  23. for those about to Barack, we salute you


    judy haley (coffeejitters)’s last blog post..What Fuels Your Vote?

    Hah! Love it!

  24. 11.04.2008

    Blue is such a pretty color! I voted…got there at about 8:55 AM; there were no lines and lots of parking. I walked right in, got my ballot, walked right over to a non-curtained voting booth (hence no pictures) and voted my little heart out. As I submitted it, I looked to see what number my vote was…342 in the A-L section of my precinct. Woohoo!

    Janet’s last blog post..hands and feet

    Love the voting tale, Janet! Thanks for sharing…and for voting of course 🙂

  25. 11.04.2008

    I woke up this morning with so much excitment and hope!!!! I feel that good things are in our future.

    I love your puppies, I guess that’s how my Saci would look in an Obama shirt!

    GO OBAMA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eryn’s last blog post..Today is going to be a Good Day!

    Indeed, Eryn…Saci would be adorable 🙂 Gobama!

  26. 11.04.2008

    Just about to walk down the block and vote too … as my four-year old has been telling me for two days, “Mommy ‘Rock Obama’ is going to be president tomorrow!”

    Yeah! Go Rock go!

  27. 11.04.2008

    You tell ’em girls!

    Go Obama!!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    What can I say? My girls are smart 🙂

  28. Found your blog after you followed my twitter feed (http://www.dreamofitaly.com/dreamofitaly). Excited to find out about you! Obviously, I’m a fellow Italophile – but I’m also a huge dog lover and particularly concerned about abandoned dogs in Italy – and I went back to find my family’s ancestral village (in Campania) though haven’t moved there like you did. Perhaps you’d be interested in contributing an article to Dream of Italy (http://www.dreamofitaly.com)?

    Hi Kathy! Great to see you here…will definitely be in touch 🙂

  29. 11.05.2008

    Well, aren’t they the cutest little dogs? With good taste, in my opinion.

    Chel’s last blog post..All a tingle… that’s me. I voted.

    Thanks Chel 🙂

  30. I love the pooches. They are obviously BRILLIANT! Woof for Obama!! I’m watching the election right now. I’m so excited and I’m holding my breath!

    Salena of The Daily Rant’s last blog post..Holding My Breath

    Me too! Twitter’s been going crazy 🙂

  31. you know i love these girls!
    i’m just hoping for good for our country, for our people.
    this election is big news. it’s almost surreal in a way.
    history in the making for sure.
    mwah to the pooches.

    collette~all over the map’s last blog post..A Halloween Wish For You

    Mwah back at ya! History for sure. Loving this night.

  32. If I’d a seen this before last night I’d a posted it…

    Obviously the sap-a-thon continues b/c I teared up watching this…THREE days after the election. This was too cute!

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