stepping up while i sigh

The only time I really lament not having a car around here is on Sundays when there’s no bus service and I have somewhere to go. Like to the internet café in a nearby town to post something on my blog to keep my NaBloPoMo streak alive. Because my internet is still out.

And so I am relying on the kindness of friend and fellow She Who Blogs member Qualcosa di Bello of Piacere, Dog Blog, Write Away, and probably another in the works knowing her. If you want to talk to someone who knows a lot about time management, visit this homeschooling, Italian-class-taking, doggie-and-sometimes hedgehog-caretaking super mom.

Anyway since I get the feeling that she kind of likes to blog, I turned to her to save my NaBloPoMo hide and hit publish at the appropriate time. They say the internet will be fixed within 48 hours of Friday afternoon, but I wasn’t about to risk it.

Grazie Qualcosa!

So now what do I really have to say today? Hmm. How about we stick to a photo that reflects how I’m feeling.

watching the rain

I think that about sums it up.

30 days of thanks


Today I’m thankful for:


Qualcosa di Bello—the person (not only does she step in when I need her but she also sends me tahini and books!) but also the translation, which is “something beautiful.”

There are lots of beautiful things around me even as I’m typing this at the internet café, not the least of which are some pretty nice espresso beans waiting to be ground. Yum!


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15 Beans of Wisdom to “stepping up while i sigh”
  1. andie summerkiss

    Hey Michelle, I am tagging you to do a meme of Looking Back 5 Times! Please visit thispost!

  2. andie summerkiss

    Oops, sorry .. that’s the wrong link.

    This is the right one!

  3. cheeky

    Love the photo, of course.
    How nice is it to have wonderful friends, even if they are far away, and the feeling of being “filled up” with thankfulness for all the little things that could easily be missed.

  4. acumamakiki

    I’ve been meaning to visit again, glad I did.

  5. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    I like that photo. molto bella.

  6. Sara

    I am grateful for cute pictures of wistful puppy dogs. 🙂

  7. Giulia

    You are one dedicated lady! I’m sure all of your readers appreciate it!

  8. Shameless

    I hope the connection is roaring again soon! 🙂

  9. jennifer

    wow. i’m impressed that you are still in the nablopomo swing of things even though you have the added handicap of not having internet service at home. cheers to you!

  10. Sindhu

    Wonderful posts and Beautifully and really a well-organized blog. I will come back again.


  11. african vanielje

    espresso beans are good.
    BTW – I’m really sorry but I have moved to wordpress so you will need to change your links for your Apples & Tyme post. Sorry!! grovel grovel. My blogger account kept crashing

  12. Judith in Umbria

    Sogna, if you use WordPress you can tell it when to publish each post, which is absolutely great unless you screw up the hours and therefore get two posts on one day and none the next.
    I planned on doing this 30 day thing without the badge, but I’ve messed up the hours 2-3 times already! Vabbe. I will still have provided more than 30 posts during November.

    Yes, friends who back you up are something to treasure.

  13. sognatrice

    *Andie, thanks for thinking of me–fun meme!

    *Cheeky, it’s *so* wonderful, and I am so very thankful 🙂

    *Acumamakiki, glad you came back too!

    *NYC, thanks 🙂

    *Sara, can’t you just see how much she wants to get out there? *sigh*

    *Giulia, dedicated and stubborn are very closely related you know 😉

    *Shameless, as of today, we’re roaring ahead!

    *Jennifer, thanks! I’m not going down without a fight.

    *Sindhu, welcome, thanks for visiting, and I look forward to seeing you again 🙂

    *AV, the link changes have been completed! I’m on my way out of Blogger sooner or later too….

    *Judith, hmm, now I’m thinking differently about my WordPress comrades doing NaBlo…just kidding 😉

    I will eventually switch to WordPress, but it’ll be when I get my own domain up and running. I was shooting for the end of the year, but oh my, that’s here already isn’t it?

  14. qualcosa di bello

    prego, sognatrice!

  15. sognatrice

    Qualcosa, I’ll never stop thanking you if that’s OK 😉

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