A Moment of Thanks: Losing Subscribers Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Since changing the direction of Bleeding Espresso to write more deeply about my personal journey, mindfulness, and savoring simplicity, every time I’ve written a post, I’ve received anywhere from one to five notices that people have unsubscribed from the blog. I don’t particularly keep my eye on RSS numbers, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting just a bit every time I see one of those messages in my inbox.

While everyone has his or her own reasons when the unsubscribe from websites and newsletters, I think at least some people who have unsubscribed from Bleeding Espresso were probably long-time readers looking for things I simply can’t offer here anymore as that’s just not where my life is right now.

And I’m OK with that.

I’m not aiming to write posts I think could go viral, lists of 5 reasons why you should (fill-in-the-magic-SEO-word), stir the pot on popular topics in the hopes of increasing traffic and site revenue, or detail the must-see sights in Italy–not that there’s anything wrong with these things, but they are just not my things for Bleeding Espresso.

pink oleander / oleandro rosa

pink oleander / oleandro rosa

Truth be told, I do wish I had more time to write about Calabria, food, books, and other niche topics close to my heart (and perhaps some day I will again).

Regardless, when I share something with you, I always have the same goal:

I aim to add value to your lives.

And if you’re not getting that, well yes, it’s probably time to unsubscribe.

It’s OK if we’re just not a good match here at Bleeding Espresso any more. No hard feelings! Really! I greatly appreciate all the time you’ve stuck with me, and I’m sorry to lose you–but there’s also a huge bright side for me.

I feel like over the past two years, we’ve really tightened the circle of Bleeding Espresso readers.

When I read through the comments on these more recent posts, the comments on Facebook, and the personal emails, I know there are plenty of you out there who just get it.

You get me, you get what I’m trying to do, and you get why I’m writing the things I’m writing about.

And I love having a conversation about such things with you each and every time I post. That is why I continue to write here.

And it does take the sting out of those unsubscription notices, because I know that we are really, truly communicating, sharing, and building something—gleaning advice and inspiration from each other as we each continue our individual journeys, no matter which stage we’re currently at.

So I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, loyal readers, for being so generous with your time, not only when reading posts but also when commenting and sending your thoughts via email.

Your words resonate inside of me each and every day and are very much appreciated. And this is exactly the kind of simple pleasure I wanted to write about all along.

Don’t you just love when things come full circle?

109 Beans of Wisdom to “A Moment of Thanks: Losing Subscribers Isn’t Always a Bad Thing”
  1. Gil

    I never could figure out how you made a living with your blog. I remember that when you had a Google link on BE I would use that for my Google searches as I was trying to send you some business. Don’t worry about me unsubscribing. Well, unless your ‘Yellow Dog’ turns red!!! Some of your current writing takes me a bit longer to read, but all serious writing is like that for me. Keep your head up high and don’t lose sleep over this. I’m sure that you know it is impossible to please everybody!

    michelle Reply:

    Aw thanks Gil; I do more direct advertising sales as well as affiliate links now (Amazon, for instance)…pays for the site maintenance at least 🙂

  2. 07.23.2012

    The older we get the more we realize that we cannot please everyone…and should never try. I can’t imagine the drudgery of trying to write what we think others want to read (or what the “rankings” are looking for) rather than what we, each of us a unique human being, want to ponder, reflect upon, posit or question. Anything other than that seems to me to be a “sell-out”.

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille, Mary xx

  3. 07.23.2012

    As much as I enjoyed the old BE, I LOVE the direction BE has taken. There are plenty of bloggers who can write about the “to-do’s in Italy”, “my oh-so-bella-vita in Italy”, etc.. but it takes much more time and heart to write about enjoying the simple pleasures and self reflection of life, regardless of your location. If by chance that includes a fun recipe or travel tips… then that’s double the fun! 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much as always for your support, Sonia xx

  4. You go, Michelle! You’re wise to follow where your path is leading you. Those of us who continue to read and follow, as well as the new people finding Bleeding Espresso, are lucky to read and share the experiences you write about here. I for one am grateful that you write so honestly and beautifully. Thank you!

    This post made me think of the Italian expression “le cose cambiano” – and how it has been going through my head so often lately. Things always change, interests come and go in our lives and people often do the same. Some are hard to let go of and some are hard to hold onto – even if we have to. They all make us grow in different ways. But I don’t think it’s wise to try to hold on to it all. As Gil said, you can’t please everyone! 🙂

    As always, I look forward to reading your writing in whatever direction it takes you!

    michelle Reply:

    Le cose cambiano indeed…goodness Italian is such a pretty language, isn’t it? 😉

  5. 07.23.2012

    We all change and grow with the passing of time. I for one enjoy watching, and listening to the changes. That’s why I enjoy living in a part of the country with 4 distinct seasons. We met on line a long while ago (in blogging time) in the “Shameless Lion’s writing circle. You’ve been a joy to follow!

    michelle Reply:

    Seems like the lions were so long ago! Happy to still be in touch, rel 🙂

  6. 07.23.2012

    Better to hang out with the people who really get you and not just the masses. Quality not quantity, it’s an old adage that I feel is ever more important in this era of media/technology overload. Virtual hugs!

    michelle Reply:

    So true! Grazie cara 🙂

  7. Marie Mancini

    Love your words, your heart, your goats, Italy, your blog… don’t stop writing Michelle, you have important things to say.

    michelle Reply:

    Aw thank you, Marie xx

  8. 07.23.2012

    Michelle -I still continue to follow you -and lots of others too that I “picked up” over the 6 years now since I started blogging. But I operate a whole lot differently now with those I follow. Seems frequently -not just with my blog writing but also my reading and commenting -I have a whole lot of days when I feel very braindead and either nothing to say or not enough time to say it. Maybe it’s just aging and senility junk -I dunno -but I think the hours in the days now seem to be shrinking and I just don’t have time -or perhaps I’m just not balancing my time properly. But, Kiddo -I’m still here anyway! BTW -love the floral pic in this post -makes me wish I could cultivate a green thumb.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Jeni! Blogging really isn’t how it used to be, but I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch 🙂

  9. 07.23.2012

    You are so insightful and special…I discovered you and your blog at a time that was right, perfect and important for me and have been following ever since. It was the ‘current’ BE. I suppose that’s the point- that you are where you are, doing what you’re for the exact right reasons for you and if it’s also right for others, they’ll stick around to share your inspiration, your struggles and your joys. I know what you mean about readers losing or gaining interest being something that smarts a bit, but like all loss, coming out the other side usually feels better than before it, especially if it’s a loss that means you gain more of yourself…thank you for sharing Michelle.

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you so much for this, Dianna; really lovely to know xx

  10. 07.23.2012

    My name is Felix and I’m a subscriber!

    There, I’ve gotten that off my chest.

    The thing is a while back my name was Bodach and I was a subscriber.

    You see things change. You’ve changed, I’ve changed the world has changed so it’s not a surprise that people’s interests change.

    After all once upon a time I just didn’t get ABBA!

    My name is Noel McCarthy and I write two blogs for fun, using the above pen names.

    When you wrote about things to do in Calabria I read as Bodach (aboutabruzzo.com) and now as you write about your personal journey I read as Felix (blogofgoodcheer.com).

    I still feel privileged to read what you write.

    Don’t give up.

    michelle Reply:

    Haha…thank you Felix 🙂

  11. Lucy

    Hi Michele

    If I ever unsubscribe it will only be to resubscribe with a new email…because this email is a work email…xo


    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Lucy!

  12. 07.23.2012

    Plus those of us that unsubscribed because we get you on our FB feed – where we can join in (or not) the ensuing online conversation too – a little like viewing Stewart on the web instead of on TV to get the extra off-air segment with his more interesting guests… 😉

    michelle Reply:

    Ha…comparison to Stewart. Yup, that’s a good thing 😉 xx

  13. J.F. Constantine

    I’m a *new* subscriber to your blog in the last month. I used to surf by from time to time but hooked you up to my RSS feed. I get lots of RSS feeds, but this morning when I booted up Outlook and your blog was there, I said “Oh goodie, another one from Bleeding Espresso”!

    It was my Monday morning “perk up”. 🙂

    You just keep those posts coming, Michelle. Those of us who are here are very happy you are here. 🙂


    michelle Reply:

    Aw thank you so much, J.F. and welcome!

  14. 07.23.2012

    I agree that losing subscribers isn’t a bad thing. If your thoughts are too challenging for some people, then it’s a good thing for them to leave. I, however, adore the direction your blog has taken. Don’t know that my support makes up for the lost readers, but it’s there for you nonetheless. Keep on, keeping on.

    michelle Reply:

    Your support is always most appreciated, Ally! Grazie mille 🙂

  15. 07.23.2012

    And thank you for your posts!

    I’m big believer in quality over quantity.

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille, carissima xx

  16. 07.23.2012

    Your posts are always enjoyable, Michelle ! So don’t get discouraged. I love your writing and your friendship, especially as we both love goats and sheep and Italy, even if the latter is from a different vantage point 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much Barbara 🙂

  17. 07.23.2012

    love to read about your journey…as i walk a similar one – and it is richer to do so in good company. 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Richer indeed, carissima xx

  18. 07.23.2012

    Have always preferred depth to surface area! Keep writing from your heart MIchelle…it is a gift! Why does this remind me of when Oprah started getting spiritual on her show so many years ago!? Unsurprisingly she got a lot of flack for it but look at her now! We have enough sheep in the world…I love an adorable goat now and then! (eek, my attempt at humor) : ]

    michelle Reply:

    Ha, being compared to Oprah is a first…I’ll take it! 😉 Grazie cara xx

  19. Laura

    And then there are those of us who look forward to every one of your posts. Today I saved this all morning for when I needed an escape from work. Your blog lets me step out of my own life for brief breaths of beauty. Thank you.

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you, as always, Laura xx

  20. M.

    I am not a subscriber. Although I have followed your blog since the spring of 2009. Do not get discourage. Your early writings inspired me to pursue a return to Italy. The way your writings are evolving is genuine. I’ve found myself identifying with your posts. Since we have a similar background. Although I am from the better side of Pennsylvania and a year younger.

    Keep writing, because many of us cannot.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, M 🙂

  21. 07.24.2012

    Hello Michelle,

    Just writing to say I simply love your blog because of exactly what you mention. It is honest and quite simply I can relate to and learn from so much of what you write. I must say, I am not a subscriber only because I check in here often enough to read the posts, and comments, so I thought I would chime in as someone not in the numbers, but quietly reading and deeply appreciating:)


    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille Sophia; peace to you as well xx

  22. Alex

    Well..well..well…what a timely piece. As I have said in the past, I am developing the concept of my blog. In doing so, I reference yours the most, as my journey is identical to yours in so many ways. I have read better than 90% of your posts (I pass on the recipes..would rather eat than make) and I can honestly say I see the metamorphosis from the mid 20ish to the now 30ish woman, when in the beginning you were sharing your excitement with this new world you entered. I think your earliest posts were more a validation of your decision to make this move and it came across to me that your posts were more reinforcements to stay the course. Today, I see the inner beauty of a day to day life coupled with inner solitude to rest your mind and absorb as opposed to pushing………..it’s an inner calm that I feel in your writing. It’s a peace that many expats cannot find regardless of how hard they try. I don’t thing even you realize the degree to which you have come to total acceptance of your life today. Yours is not a venture, an adventure or even a journey anymore. You have arrived, you are at peace with your life, your surroundings and your family there in Italy. I felt that with your last post about your trip back to the states……the USA is no longer your HOME, Calabria is your home and I would bet a kings ransom that it would be very difficult to change that….I think you have come to realize that and it shows so much in your writing. NOW you are writing about home…your real home, your real life, your real family…..and it is way to late to even conceive of anything else…….Keep writing now about your real home, your real life and your real family…….It is so clear to me when I read your posts then and now, how my life will TRANSITION over time when I arrive there in just a few short months. I also think you are struggling with your willingness to writing on this blog because of your belief that what you have to say will not ring the bells and blow the whistles of those looking for the dream. Just keep in mind that we all know the dream is a dream and we want to know what the real beauty of Italy is….and you my friend have found it…..now let us all know about it…

    michelle Reply:

    So amazing to read this, Alex; thanks so much for taking the time to share…and best of luck to you as you develop your own space on the Interwebs 🙂

  23. marie

    I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled on your blog on facebook, but am so glad I did. I love reading about the simple Calabrian life. I have lots of extended family there as well as my dad and my brother along with his wife and boys. I was hooked when I read about how you moved back to a land where your ancestors once walked. Thank you for sharing so much.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Marie; I love writing about life in Calabria especially as it has enabled me to live more simply and mindfully 🙂

  24. 07.24.2012

    I’ve been here on and off for the past several years. Found you first, I think, through Love Thursday. And I lurk on your Goat Berries blog because I want goats! I do love Italy and am very hopeful to return for a trip this fall. And of course it’s fun to hear about your life as an expat. But I really like your other themes — universal themes — simplicity and being present. I, for one, will not jump ship. :o)

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Shalet! Appropriately so, Love Thursday has brought so many wonderful people into my life 🙂

  25. SW

    Michelle, I’d subscribe if I knew how, lol!

    I, personally, love your blog’s current style; I’m always monitoring it to see if you’ve posted, recently, because your posts are always a breath of fresh air – I always find myself thinking “Well, that’s just what I need to hear, right now”. I enjoy reading older posts about tidbits on Calabrian life, too, but I find your new format much more meaningful.

    Keep up the good work!

    michelle Reply:

    SW, if you go to the home page, on the left there is a little box on the right to subscribe by email or you can click the orange box on the far upper right of any page if you do RSS feeds through a feedreader like Google Reader, etc. Thanks for your continued support! xx

  26. Karin

    I am a new, no mother tongue english, reader and I am very inspired by your words and I like the place where you live in Calabria. Also I moved to Italy a long time ago and I have a special connection with Calabria. Someone else already said it’s about quality and not quantity, and I completely agree!

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Karin! And benvenuta 🙂

  27. 07.24.2012

    Michelle, I get you and have enjoyed the journey as you have grown along with your blog. Of course I am still enjoying the ride as well. :)Take Care xx

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille, LLM 🙂

  28. 07.24.2012

    Great post Michelle. There are some of us who have followed you for years who love your work, your previous posts, your new direction who will always follow you. I plead guilty to being such a follower 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille Cathy!

  29. 07.24.2012

    Wow Michelle, I’m sure you don’t need my comment to realise how much this post resonates. But here’s my two cents worth anyway! I’ve long said anyone who cares to do so is welcome to inscribe ‘quality not quantity’ on my final resting place. Hopefully that will read qualita’, non quantita’ se ci penso…. Still you know what I mean. Watching change and transformation as it happens is a huge part of writing and reading a blog. What really counts is that it comes from the heart. But you know all about that. Jxx

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Janine; I’ve always been a big believer in quality over quantity as well…funny how without even thinking about it, that concept has manifested itself in my life again and again 🙂

  30. 07.24.2012


    Kinda amazing to realize there is a depth to us that we did not know about eh?

    Life is truly and inside job and looking in can be a lot of fun. of

    I so thoroughly enjoy writing my blog that I made a pact with myself to never ever count or look at readers except to respond to comments or queries. With my EGO I would have to go after more readers and spoil the fun.

    Thanks for Being what you are. A person of integrity in writing. Living a congruous life is the most rewarding thing we humans can do I think.

    Love and light,

    michelle Reply:

    And thank you, Richard, for your continued support…and writing!

  31. Anna

    Hi Michelle,
    I came across your blog about eight months ago and I have been following it ever since. I am also an expat (I moved in the opposite direction – I moved from Europe to the US) and I also changed careers. I absolutely love your blog, its aesthetics and its content. I am sure I am one of many people for whom your blog is a source of inspiration, joy and, as one of the other readers said, “a breath of fresh air”. I often think how lucky I am to be able to share your experiences. thoughts, ideas and ponder over questions you ask yourself. I think what you do is a gift to many and I hope that you continue writing and sharing with us!

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Anna; best of luck to you on your journey 🙂

  32. 07.24.2012

    I’m not going to unsubscribe. I feel like you and I are kin.

    michelle Reply:

    Un bacione, Mimi xx

  33. 07.25.2012

    Don’t change a thing, just write about what’s important to you; those who don’t understand aren’t meant to. Your honest keeps me reading. thanks. toni

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie mille, Toni 🙂

  34. Lorrie

    Had you written nothing today, the photo of the oleander alone was enough to fill me with joy this morning. Thank you!

    michelle Reply:

    Aren’t they gorgeous? They are in our piazza here in the village 🙂

  35. KC Jay

    The glimpses into your personal life and the eerie similarities are what brought me to your blog. I always enjoy taking time to sit and read your posts, it reminds me to dedicate some time to slow down and enjoy the present. Even though I rarely post know your writings have meaning and i feel the energy vibrate through me.
    I hope you continue to carve your own path in life, and when someone’s standing in your way pointing in the direction they want you to go, you walk around them.

    Keep smiling.

    michelle Reply:

    I love that, KC Jay…to walk around them. Lovely!

  36. Imani

    HA HA HA! Poor you, Michelle. You are stuck with me ;-). Though I rarely post comments, I am a loyal reader, sooooooooooooooooo you are STUCK with me. Hee hee!

    AND I read Goat Berries too….double stuck.

    michelle Reply:

    Ha! I very much appreciate being “stuck” 😉

  37. 07.26.2012

    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few years, and I don’t think I ever posted, but I love the direction that yours has taken, if this is how you are feeling, don’t ever question losing subscribers…there are just as many people who want to hear your thoughts and the depth of your writing…people change, blogs change, keep doing what you are doing!

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Linda 🙂

  38. bill

    i don’t subscribe..i simply check in regularly. my only wish is that you’d post more often!

    michelle Reply:

    I wish I could post more often too, Bill! These posts take a lot out of me, to be honest…they need time to percolate 😉

  39. Rebecca

    I don’t subscribe either, but I echo the sentiments above. I started reading your blog when preparing for a trip to Italy but I’ve continued reading it because of the direction you’ve taken. Looking forward to more.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much Rebecca!

  40. Calabrian Kathleen

    Please don’t be discouraged, Michelle. Your words, your blog are inspirational and I love the direction that you are taking in your life and in your writing. Know that those who are meant to follow will follow! I think the process of personal expansion is often paradoxically usually linked with simultaneously letting go – of both things and people. I know personally I have been going thru a similar process in my life. It is not familiar or easy often yet it is rewarding and empowering in the long run.

    Thanks again – I look forward to your next post.

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you Kathleen; if I were concerned with things like subscriber numbers, I would have stopped blogging long ago…so long as I continue to feel inspired to write, I will do so 🙂

  41. 08.04.2012

    Yes, I agree when I get that email from an unsubscriber, I get a bit upset. But really if they have no interest in what I am saying, better they leave. I also have the issue that I do many giveaways and I think people subscribe to win the item, then when they lose, they unsubscribe. I am getting better with it, as I do have many new readers as well which I am sure you do too since changing your direction. We just cannot take it personally and continue to do what makes us feel good.

  42. 08.08.2012

    I am a new reader from Certain Simplicity and I love what you are writing. Thank you

  43. 08.08.2012

    I don’t subscribe to RSS feeds (not even sure if I offer that on my own blog – if I do it’s because wordpress offers it, not because I set it up) but wanted to let you know I continue to read and enjoy your site tremendously. Blogging has changed dramatically in the last several years…I actually can’t stand those SEO posts of lists and slide shows – THOSE are the blogs I’m not reading anymore…

  44. 08.09.2012

    ha, I wouldn’t even know how to check my RSS feed, and I have no intention of finding out. for me it’s bloglovin and google reader subscriptions that have been stalling or going down since I’ve deleted most of what I used to post about.

    change is good. and change is scary. not just for oneself but also for others. especially for others. I notice this more acutely with real life friends and acquaintances. I’m not even doing anything that directly affects them, but some of the reactions are harsh, to say the least.

    I like your blog. now probably better than before. not sure if that’s worth something 😉

    michelle Reply:

    It’s worth quite a bit, Petra, grazie mille 🙂

  45. 08.09.2012

    Ciao Michelle, this is my promise (committment?) to become an active member of your blog when, very soon, I’ll have to close down my own activity. I will then hopefully have more time to read and write than now. For the time being I know that you’re doing a great job, for Badolato and for a lot of people. Thank you.

    michelle Reply:

    Grazie Franco! Hopefully you won’t have to close though….

  46. MY hubby is a stats freak and loves to look at my google analytics (which I never do) and usually the first thing he tells me is how many people unsubscribed since last he looked. Even if only one he will go on about it, I think I will ban him from analytics LOL.

    I do so love your conversations and knowing you are there typing away, creating your life and sharing your soul. It does make a difference and I can easily think of all the posts that you have given me something at just that moment I needed it most.

    I find that in trying to please everyone ( a failing of mine) I am pleasing nobody not even myself. So tighten that circle, and worry not about the ones that drift away.

    sending love
    Lisa x

    michelle Reply:

    No to the stats freak! You definitely should ban him from Analytics hahaha 😉 I think when you’re first starting out, looking at numbers can be a good thing to give you an idea of whether you’re reaching people, more people, etc…but it does depend on your blogging goals, of course 🙂

  47. 08.12.2012

    Hi Michelle,

    I meant to write a comment when I first read this but somehow it totally slipped my mind. I love your blog, always have, and even if I don’t comment as much as I used to anymore, I still read it regularly. Your blog is one of my first ones that I’ve followed years ago and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for sharing all your stories and for being true.


    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Odessa; your support is always appreciated!

  48. 08.12.2012

    Hi Michelle, I am pretty much a novice when it comes to blogging. I have my photo page but still don’t dare call it ” my blog.” Have I not subscribed? I don’t recall how or where to do it. I like what you write and also I am fascinated by Calabria. It’s where my oldest son’s ancestors came from. Someday son David and I will travel there.

    michelle Reply:

    I hope you do get here, Caterina; Calabria is a lovely place 🙂 Don’t worry about subscribing — it’s not a big deal one way or the other. I’m just happy that people continue to read 🙂

  49. 08.12.2012

    I think my Flickr address was/is not correct. Now maybe it is. I just don’t understand this stuff. I figure it out “in the dark.”

    michelle Reply:

    We’ll get it Caterina 🙂

  50. 08.12.2012

    Phooey, let me try again. Sorry.

    michelle Reply:

    Ha! I feel your pain Caterina!

  51. Anne

    A fantastic post , all so true. I have been following you for a long time, might not comment much, but you are in my Google Reader .. I have gone through my lists of blogs and have stopped following some too. Changes in me and them (their blogs too) stopped me reading them. We do all change 🙂 Keep up your wonderful work. xo

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much, Anne; your continued support is much appreciated 🙂

  52. 08.13.2012

    Sorry once again. Something weird seems to be happening with the blogs I usually read.
    I resubscribed to your blog but do not know yet if it worked. Then, on another blog I read every day I suddenly am not permitted to read it. I don’t know why. Although I have my photo page on Flickr, I am not very well versed in the ins and outs of blogging. Mine is just my photo page, not a blog, although I like comments when I get them.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks for your comments, Caterina 🙂 Hope you get your blog reading situation figured out!

  53. 08.16.2012

    As you so rightly say content is more important than hits. I’ve lost count of the amount of blogs I’ve seen where you can tell it has just been written to maximise hits and the content is secondary. Pleased yours is most certainly not one of those!

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you MIM! 🙂

  54. 10.15.2012

    ciao Michelle,
    I just came across this post … ha ha! I do never get unsubscriber notices, maybe because I don’t have any subscribers? Anyway, I am not subscribed to your blog (or to any others) but I have a fav list on my blog – so you are still there, and I am still reading you – from time to time 😉
    And yes, I appreciate your quality!

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks so much Suzie! Hope all is well with you 🙂

  55. Beverly

    Oh goodness! I have your blog saved as a favorite in my computer and check in every couple of weeks. Just checked in now, saw this post, and immediately subscribed! So happy day to you and thanks for always taking the time to provide a bright spot in my day as well! XXXOOO

    michelle Reply:

    Aw, thanks so much Beverly 🙂 xx

  56. 02.04.2013

    First I love your blog. Second just some of my two beans of wisdom. I have a blog, with a facebook page, twitter account, weekly newsletter, 2 discussion forums and more. My point is with everything connected now a days maybe you are not really losing them they have decided to just get these great posts by one of these options. I know for myself that it is overwhelming with many of the same post coming through my email, FB, and Google reader. I have been trying to simplify the way I get them for the best way to actually get the new posts and not miss them. Believe me they go through so quick on these options that many of them that I am subscribed to get missed. So though the numbers might look like they are going down, maybe they are not and your readers are still really happy and following you just in a different way.

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Kim! This is very true — I myself never look at my Google Reader anymore (kind of afraid to at this point) because for the sites I really follow, I get the info on new posts via Facebook. I haven’t taken that step to unsubscribe, but that’s just laziness…so perhaps kudos are in order for readers who aren’t so lazy hahaha 😉



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Green beans, potatoes, and pancetta
Glazed Apple Oatmeal Cinnamon Muffins
Pasta with snails alla calabrese
Onion, Oregano, and Thyme Focaccia
Oatmeal Banana Craisin Muffins
Prosciutto wrapped watermelon with bel paese cheese
Fried eggs with red onion and cheese
Calabrian sausage and fava beans
Ricotta Pound Cake