Love Thursday: Family and Friends Edition

This week’s Love Thursday is quite special because the photos come from two friends made via Internet and my very own niece, Mia:

From L-R:

(1) My friend Beth’s daughter Sarah made a batch of  peanut butter cookies and this heart came out.

(2) My friend Lucy of On my way 2 work and Other Stuff spotted this branch-formed heart.

(3) My niece Mia caught this heart-shaped puddle before it dried up.

(4) Again, Mia’s eye saw a heart in this pork cutlet.

I have *no* idea who Mia takes after!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

Are you ready for the weekend?

I sure am.

18 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Family and Friends Edition”
  1. Gil

    In true Italian style, you are grooming the next generation of <3 finders!

    I couldn’t fix the symbol either…must be something funky about my comments. This was the best I could do 😉

  2. rel

    Love weekends!

    Me too! I’m ready!

  3. 07.08.2010

    Love all those hearts! <3

    Me too Saretta 😀

  4. awedree

    Awww…very sweet…there’s special bond between aunties and their nieces! Boy am I ready for la finesettimana. Exhausing week at work…non lo sopporto! Grazie per le cuore 🙂

    My pleasure Awedree 🙂

  5. 07.08.2010

    I love that heart formed by the branch, how cool!

  6. 07.08.2010

    p.s. happy weekend to you, too! 😉


  7. 07.08.2010

    OMG! Thanks for posting the pic! I love the heart shape pork chop…hmmm…yummy.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I’m going up north to cottage country Bala, Ontario Canada.
    Love to the goats and Pino!

    Enjoy! It’s Paolo, but I won’t tell him about Pino 😉

  8. Maya

    I sure do like Mia’s picture of the heart puddle.

    Happy Thursday!

    Thanks Maya!

  9. Beth

    How cool! Thanks for posting the pic! When I told Sarah, she was thrilled, but in true ‘future chef’ fashion, she asked me to thank you, but also asked if I could please let you know that the cookies were actually her twist on a chocolate chip recipe that she changed up by using butterscotch chips & reducing the amount of honey. 😮

    Ah, well…noted! They sure sound and look delicious 🙂

  10. Beth

    P.S. Happy weekend to you as well! Mine is today & tomorrow & after the beating I took at work last night, I NEED these two days off! 🙂


  11. 07.08.2010

    That tree branch shot gave me the chills!

    Adorable, I know!

  12. 07.09.2010

    My favorites are the puddle and the tree branch. The others could be surreptitiously cut into shapes. Guess I’m the suspicious type. Glad everyone is finding love all around them.

    Thanks for coming by, Paulita; guess you’ll just have to take our word for it that the others weren’t “staged” 😉 Part of love is trust!

  13. Gil

    I tried editing, deleting and then re-posted. The heart symbol keeps coming up as a question mark!

    In true Italian style, you are grooming the next generation of “heart” finders!

    I’ll see what I can do Gil 😉

  14. 07.10.2010

    The love Thursday idea is really great. I’ll start finding hearts in my photos too, and try and get one to send you!

    The real idea behind it is to remember that love is all around 🙂 Looking forward to your photos Jenny!

  15. 07.12.2010

    I love making heart shape objects, especially food. This post gives me some great ideas and also spread love in the world.

    Thanks for coming by, Mystic Kitty 🙂

  16. Claudia

    There can never be too many hearts in the world…and the heart between your niece and you makes me smile… and sing … and dance.

    Thanks Claudia 🙂

  17. Kristin

    You’ve trained Mia well 🙂 So happy to see her following in her (favorite) Aunt’s footsteps!

    Hee hee, thanks Kristin 🙂

  18. 07.16.2010

    love is in the air…thanks for sharing it…
    life and world is so much better when letting the small details fill your heart with joy,
    so the big problems become small and tiny…
    have a lovely weekend!

    Thanks Jana, you too!

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