World Nutella Day 2008 – Round-up Part 2

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It’s finally here!

Twenty-four hours dedicated to honoring and enjoying the chocolaty hazelnut spread that warms our hearts and souls!

World Nutella Day 2008

As you can see from the title of the post, this is Part 2 of the round-up, so head to Sara’s Ms. Adventures in Italy for Part I. All entries will also be listed at

Also check out all the fabulous photos in the Nutella Day Flickr Pool. Haven’t added your photo yet? Go right ahead!

Sara and I have also decided that we’d each choose a “World Nutella Day Co-Host’s Pick” from each of our round-ups, and those chosen would receive two bars of Fair Trade chocolate from Modica, Sicily.

I’ll start with my pick:

Paola’s Nutty Nutella Buns with Tia Maria GlazePaola of In My Life combined one of my favorite desserts, cinnamon buns, with Nutella–and just look at those results. Indeed, these Nutty Nutella Buns with Tia Maria Glaze spoke so loudly to me I just had to award it my World Nutella Day Co-Host Pick.

Congratulations Paola!

Now before I get to more delicious Nutella creations, we had two entries that waxed poetic about Nutella:

(1) La Casalinga talks about how her midwestern American family fell in love with Nutella in In Honor of World Nutella Day; and

(2) TACE of All Kinds of Stuff wrote a tale about a “young woman lost her Nutella innocence in the parking lot of a Trader Joe’s” in Why Some People Can’t Have Nutella. You *know* you want to read that.

Now, back to the recipes:

Banana and Nutella Cake for World Nutella Day 2008Remember the Banana & Nutella cake I made last week? You can find the recipe here at Bleeding Espresso but you won’t find even a crumb of the cake anymore, which means it’s time for more Nutella recipes. Good thing we happen to have some handy.

Carrie’s Butternut Squash Ravioli with Nutella Sauce Carrie of Carrie’s Cooking Adventures whipped up Butternut Squash Ravioli with Nutella Sauce with some help from Mom. I know that feeling–moms are the best! Especially when they’re bearing Nutella ideas!

Chocolate Chip-Nutella Cookies from Beatriz and Nicolas These fabulous Chocolate Chip-Nutella Cookies come from Beatriz and her son Nicolas over at Suitcase Contents. Nicolas had previously come up with Crepes with Nutella and Banana, and I asked if he wouldn’t mind coming up with something for World Nutella Day. Boy did he deliver!

Amanda’s Almond Nutella Cookie SandwichesAmanda of Slow Like Honey created these decadent Almond Nutella Cookie Sandwiches. I love the mixing of the nutty flavors here, and Amanda wasn’t kidding when she titled her post “Nectar of the Gods.”

Marie’s Nutella Sandwich Cookies and Nutella Hot ChocolateCheck out this double dose of Nutella goodness from Marie at Marie Muses. She offers great, easy recipes for Nutella Sandwich Cookies paired with Nutella hot chocolate. Great for a cold winter day!

Daphne’s Nutella Pound CakeIn creating her recipe for Hazelnut Nutella Pound Cake, Daphne of More than Words wanted to let Nutella shine and keep the rest simple. From the looks of her photos, it certainly looks like she succeeded. Looks great!

Sarah’s Hazelnut-Espresso FrostingSarah of What Smells So Good? offers up a recipe for Nutella Fibre Bread as well as one for Hazelnut-Espresso Frosting. You know I’m all over that espresso part!

Jennifer’s Hazelnut BlondiesJennifer of Bake or Break combined brown sugar, toasted hazelnuts, and Nutella to come up with Hazelnut Blondies. Just look at that gorgeous dollop of the good stuff on top!

Robin’s Nutella French ToastRobin of My Melange contributes Nutella French Toast–a delicious combination of eggs, bread, honey, Grand Marnier, Nutella and more. Seriously sinful.

Eryn’s Nutella TrifleEryn of Cappuccino Chit-Chat made this Nutella Trifle to help cheer on her beloved New York Giants in the Super Bowl–and it worked! Do I sense a new tradition?

Annemarie’s Nutella Ravioli with Chocolate Raspberry Sauce Annemarie of Ambrosia and Nectar made Chocolate and Hazelnut Ravioli with a Chocolate Raspberry Sauce without even knowing about World Nutella Day–she must’ve smelled all the Nutella in the air!

Cherrye’s Nutella Chocolate Chunk MousseMy fellow American in Calabria Cherrye of My Bella Vita whipped up, quite literally, this Nutella Chocolate Chunk Mousse. Looks great but as I asked Cherrye, why aren’t they served in the handy dandy Nutella drinking glasses?!

Jessica’s Babka MuffinsI never thought I’d see the day when babka met Nutella but Jessica Su of Su Good Sweets has done it. And look at those results! If I had anything to do with it, Nutella Babka would be in bakeries everywhere.

Meredith’s Nutella SandwichesMeredith of Poppy Fields laments the fact that her girls won’t even give American peanut butter a try–they’re hooked on Nutella! Check out Meredith’s Nutella Sandwiches.

Erin’s Italian Nutella Toast with Pear CompoteErin of The Olive Notes came through in a big way with her Italian Nutella Toasts with Pear Compote, showing, “No oven? No problem!” And the pears make it healthy, right?

Christina’s Nutella and Banana Whole Wheat PizzaChristina of Artichoke Heart contributes this Nutella and Banana Whole Wheat Pizza, again combining some of my favorite things. Check out another version at NYC/Caribbean Ragazza‘s place where she has Banana and Nutella Dessert Pizza.

Jenn’s Nutella-Date Pudding CupcakesJenn of The Leftover Queen took some inspiration from our friend Gina DePalma’s Dolce Italiano and came up with Nutella-Date Pudding Cupcakes. Don’t go over there hungry. Consider yourself warned.

Jill’s Nutella and peanut butterJill of Simple Daily Recipes shares her family’s favorite way to enjoy Nutella in what she calls “American + Italian = Pure Love.” Yes that’s peanut butter in there folks.

Jen’s Nutella Cheesecake CupcakesJen of A2eatwrite created Nutella Cheesecake Cupcakes using just a handful of ingredients including chocolate wafers to line the bottom of the cups for a crust, and adds that ricotta can be used as a substitute for the neufchatel cream cheese in the recipe.

Angie’s Nutella with homemade breadAngie Musci of Taralucci e . . . is a self-proclaimed Nutella purist and says “panennutella, forever and ever! ” which, of course, means Nutella on bread–homemade bread if possible, and Angie promises to let us in on how to make it soon (in Italian).

Stacy’s Nutella Sandwich CookiesStacy of Texas Espresso found a 3-ingredient recipe and ran with it to make these Nutella Sandwich Cookies–pay special attention to Stacy’s flour warning! I’m loving all these sandwiches!

Ricky’s Mexican Nutella CrepeIf there were a prize for most international recipe, Ricky of Blog001 would probably win it for his Mexican Nutella Crepe. It’s Mexican! It’s Italian! It’s French! It’s delicious.

Chocolate Mochi with Nutella filling by Wandering Chopsticks Another great recipe with international flair comes from Wandering Chopsticks with Chocolate Mochi with Nutella Filling. Just look at that Nutella all happy inside the chocolate Japanese sticky rice cakes! Yum!

Thé BrunThis is a photo of one of the ingredients of the “Kind of Tiramisu style cake to make with the kids and a HUGE jar of Nutella” submitted by Laure of Food like when I was little. From the sound of this so-called “Cake With No Name” you’re going to want to try it out and get your own photo.

Nutella EspressoLinda of make life sweeter! is clearly a girl after my own heart. She shares a recipe for Nutella Espresso; like me, she doesn’t have a fancy machine, but I’m betting the stovetop version does just fine. And I will soon know firsthand.

Peter’s grilled Merenda sandwich And here is a treat from Peter of Kalofagas – Pursuit of Delicious Foods. It’s made with Nutella’s sister spread in Greece called Merenda–a grilled Merenda sandwich that can easily be made with Nutella. Thanks for playing even without Nutella Peter!

And last but certainly not least, a fabulous photo of the Nutelleria in Bologna sent to us from Neil Recommended:

Nutelleria in Bologna, Italy

Buon World Nutella Day 2008!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in entries–you’ve made this a very special World Nutella Day for everyone. Also, a special thanks to Sara for inviting me to participate as a co-host this year in light of our amica Shelley‘s blogging hiatus. Ciao Shelley! You’re here in spirit!

P.S. If you’re in America and in a Super Tuesday state *or* registered through Democrats Abroad, VOTE!

P.P.S. And if you’re one of my paesani from the Coal Region, Happy Donut Day (Happy Shrove/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Pancake Day to the rest of you)!

Whew! What a day!


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52 Beans of Wisdom to “World Nutella Day 2008 – Round-up Part 2”
  1. Wow! What a round-up! Thanks to you and Sara for organizing this. I’ve got enough recipes to eat Nutella every week until next year. 😉

    Wandering Chopsticks’s last blog post..Chocolate Mochi with Nutella Filling

    Ciao Chopsticks! There are certainly an amazing amount of recipes here–thank *you* for sharing your fabulous chocolate mochi! They look so, so, so good 🙂

  2. 02.05.2008

    Thanks for co-hosting and I must say the entries were creative and dangerously tasty looking.

    I hope Nutella is fixing you up for a good supply!

    Peter’s last blog post..Fried Calamari (??????????? ????????)

    Peter, thanks for participating! We don’t have anything to do with Nutella, and it’s just as well as I can’t be trusted with any supply of it in the house 😉 I like it more each time I eat it.

  3. 02.05.2008

    I would have liked to join but for once was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I clearly had a severely deprived childhood (not) because Nutella just didn’t feature. Maybe because it wasn’t really available until I was much older. Never mind, there are plenty of ideas here so I’m all set for next year.

    african vanielje’s last blog post..Edible Art

    Hey you’re here, that’s enough! And there’s plenty of time to catch up on Nutella consumption 😉

  4. 02.05.2008

    thanks Michelle for being such a great host!

    erin’s last blog nutella day 08

    Thank you for participating Erin–there are even more non-oven recipes around here too 🙂

  5. 02.05.2008

    Great work Michelle (and Ms Adventures)…. all those recipes look amazing. So glad Nutella finally made it’s way to the US. I remember it being one of the things I looked forward to the most when going to Calabria as a kid. I was in Bologna when that Nutelleria opened. Are there others? Buona giornata!:) I’m off to vote!!

    Joe’s last blog post..SUPER

    Thanks Joe! I don’t know of any other Nutelleria, but admittedly, I probably wouldn’t…anyone know?

  6. 02.05.2008

    My mouth is watering.

    I knew I shouldn’t have read your blog until I was home and closer to my nutella.

    Minnie’s last blog post..Fat WHAT?

    Sorry Minnie!

  7. 02.05.2008

    Wow, that is a LOT of Nutella recipes!! A person could go on for weeks making all of those!

    kacey’s last blog post..The Difficult Amaryllis

    Very true…give us plenty of recipes to hold us over until next World Nutella Day!

  8. This is fantastic! Now I have many ideas of what to do with my Nutella. You and Sara were excellent hosts. Happy Nutella Day to you.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Super Tuesday and World Nutella Day!

    Glad you’re enjoying this year’s edition NYC–thanks for participating!

  9. 02.05.2008

    Happy Nutella Day!

    I wanted to join in, but I simply couldn’t trust myself with any of that wonder food in the house…or even within five feet of me!

    Susan’s last blog post..The Booger Robe

    I know the feeling Susan! I actually don’t keep Nutella in the house very often…I can’t!

  10. 02.05.2008

    Now this is a delicious day! : D

    Anali’s last blog post..LA Rally: Maria Shriver Announces Her Support for Barack

    I second that!

  11. 02.05.2008

    *FAINTS* It’s almost death by Nutella…

    Loving all of the recipes! Who knew that so much could be made with Nutella?!

    OT: I have made your chocolate cake twice now in six days! First, for Lina’s birthday, and now I am bringing one to a (Carnevale) dinner party tonight. While I am sure there will be tons of chiacchiere and zeppole to go around, my dessert will be the most memorable! 😉 Hmmm, I wonder how this cake would do with Nutella as one of the ingredients?! 😉

    Giulia’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Lina

    Giulia, I like the way you think! I’m so happy that the cake is such a hit–people love it whenever I make it down here too. Thus the request for translations of the recipe…which I still haven’t done.

  12. Maryann

    What a delicious, chocolatey roundup! Great job!

    Maryann’s last blog post..Mince Pies and Black Currant Jam Tarts

    Thanks Maryann! I hope you find something you like here 🙂

  13. 02.05.2008

    amazing work! so much nutella! i don’t know where to start!

    although I have to say that plain nutella and bread is still the ultimate.

    Us vs. Food’s last blog post..Super Bowl Snackdown I: Bagna Beans

    I tend to agree with you there–just so, so good on fresh bread. Which reminds me….

  14. 02.05.2008

    Darn, I meant to go to the grocery store last night and get some Nutella, but I was lazy and tired and went home instead. Would you believe I’ve never tried it?

    I did vote this morning though, so I feel accomplished!

    Karina’s last blog post..Super Fat Tuesday

    Woohoo for voting! Don’t worry–you can celebrate Nutella Day whenever you like 🙂

  15. 02.05.2008

    Thanks so much to you and Sara, Michelle! This was such fun and there are SO many mouthwatering recipes out there. YUM!

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video

    I’m quite excited myself about all these recipes–so many to try!

  16. Lilian

    I admit that I’m very impressed by the selection of Nutella recipes. So many delicious combinations…I will certainly be visiting some of these blogs for more details. I have to apologize, too, for initially having been a naysayer about Nutella. While in an Italian imports shop in New York City weekend before last, I discovered that the Italian Nutella does NOT contain hydrogenated oils (or else it’s just not listed as such)–so now I’m quite confused, as most of the Nutella sold elsewhere in the U.S. lists the hydrog. oils among the ingredients. What’s going on here? Are Americans being sold an inferior product? Hmmm…

    Lilian, I did look at our jar of Nutella, but I didn’t see hudrogenated oils–of course, like you said, maybe they aren’t listed as such. I do know that the US and Italian (and German, etc.) versions are a bit different, and apparently even versions within countries are as well–I just learned that from a comment on the post from yesterday. It’s an interesting question you pose, but I’m afraid I don’t have any answers 🙁

  17. Lilian

    Thanks, Michelle. I just read Pasticcera and Sara’s comments on yesterday’s post, and the sad reality has dawned on me. Nutella is not the same the world over! Alas. I shall just have to buy a jar of the original Italian version the next time I come across it. …You’re lucky to be living on the continent where more people are inclined to support healthier, and more ethical, food production practices. Not only have Americans been eating hydrogenated oils for years (as said oils are in so many products–mostly snack foods), but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s reported that the hydrogenated oils are coming from genetically modified soy and corn.

    Lilian, I have to admit that I’m surprised to learn of such big differences; but yes, food in Italy is *very* highly regulated including the food in my own house 😉 Seriously, I think it’s just one of those cultural things that some Italians grow up with–to be conscious of where food is coming from. For my P, for instance, anything “paesano” is prized. It’s a way of life, and yes, I’m very lucky.

  18. 02.05.2008

    The recipes are awesome…I am definitely going to venture away from the plain old baguette to try some of these goodies!

    poppy fields’s last blog post..Nutella Day

    You may venture Meredith, but I know you’ll be back…the basic baguette and Nutella is *so* good 🙂

  19. 02.05.2008

    Oooh! How awesome!!! Thanks so much for this! I’m totally honored! 🙂

    Looking forward to participating again next year!

    Paola’s last blog post..Nutella Day! A better- than- cinnamon buns challenge!

    Our pleasure Paola; thanks so much for participating 🙂

  20. 02.05.2008

    How very, very decadent.

    We use it for fondue in our house. Warm it up in a mini-dipper crockpot and mmmm….luverly. I remember when I was pregnant with Emma I used to microwave a small bowl of it and dip chopped up bananas in it. Oh my…drooling now…

    Kimberly’s last blog post..Blind

    Yes Kimberly! Nutella is great for fondue. In fact, even features one: Nutella Fondue 🙂

  21. 02.05.2008

    I just gained 20 pounds reading this.

    OMG!!! What are you trying to do to me?


    Oddly enough, I don’t eat any Nutella unless I’m in Italty.

    What’s with that?

    karen cole’s last blog post..MY MOMMY TAUGHT ME TO SHARE

    Karen, a lot of people only drink coffee when they’re in Italy, so this makes sense to me! Also, judging from what others have said, Nutella is just tastier here, so you’re going about it the right way 😉

  22. Thanks for hosting this fabulous event!!!
    All the entries are GREAT and I want to eat them ALL!!!

    JennDZ_The Leftover Queen’s last blog post..World Nutella Day 2008: Nutella-Date Pudding Cupcakes

    Thanks so much for participating Jenn; it’s been so much fun for me too!

  23. Bobbie in Alaska

    It’s sad to say, but I must admit that I have never, ever tried Nutella. It appears to be quite the rage worldwide. I don’t ever remember seeing Nutella when I was growing up. Do you think it is a regional thing in the U.S.?

    I now see it in gigantic jars at Costco. With all of these yummy looking recipes I am going to buckle and buy a jar. What can it be used for other than in recipes?

    Sognatrice, your bread looks wonderful!

    Bobbie I didn’t try Nutella until I first came to Italy 6 years ago–yes I definitely think it was a regional thing in the US years ago. Yesou could apparently find it, say, in Italian neighborhoods of cities, but not so widely as now. If you get one of those ginormous jars, you’ll probably be thankful for all these recipes!

    The best way to eat it, though, IMHO, is spread on fresh bread–think of it like peanut butter. Whatever you might use that for you can use Nutella for too, more or less. It’s also great with a variety of fruits (I love it with banana *and* peanut butter), and as a kick to hot chocolate 🙂

  24. 02.05.2008

    I want to eat all of these recipes at least 55 times, each.

    That’s around 4 years of eating Nutella, solidly. (Solidly 4 years, I mean, rather than eating Nutella that is solid. Although that’s good too…..put it in the fridge, and after a few hours, get a spoon and scrape a few delicious-looking curls of chocolatey goodness off the top – just as good as a cold chocolate bar).

    Anyway, I’m no cook, so here’s my slapdash contribution:

    Mike’s Nutella Brownies

    Happy World Nutella Day, everyone!

    Mikeachim’s last blog post..Look down

    That’s more than slapdash, that’s darn good. And yes, I’ve had chilled Nutella as well–quite by accident–gets a bit frustrating though, when you want a big ole spoonful….

  25. 02.06.2008

    Yum. Happy Nutella Day everyone.

    Nate’s last blog post..Untangle

    Thanks Nate! Hope you had a great one 🙂

  26. 02.06.2008

    Holy Moses!! These all look so delicious!! There are enough great Nutella recipes here to last us all year. I think we should have a year long nutella-fest!!!!

    Thanks everyone…and Happy Nutella Day!!!

    My Melange’s last blog post..A trip to Provence…

    You’re right Robin–with all of these recipes, we really could celebrate all year. You game?

  27. anna l'americana

    Thanks so much Michelle, now EVERY day can be Nutella Day!
    Unfortunately I found the jar with only a teaspoonful left as I sat down to read this and snow piling up outside with winter storm weather predicted for the next 4 days…..After reading this I will have to throw caution to the wind – I have no choice but to brave the elements and stock up so I can start cooking. Thank God for bulky winter clothing (trans: hides the bulges)!

    Oh, and Bobbie from Alaska: It never occurred to me to look for Nutella at CostCo – my next trip out of state (we are bereft of CostCo in Maine) to a friend with membership will include a stop to pick up a barrel or 2. Thanks for the tip!!!!

    Gah, that’s the worst Anna! I hope you got out and back safely with your Nutella! I didn’t realize Nutella was at CostCo either…that must be *a lot* of Nutella…anyone care to take a photo of the shelves of ginormous Nutella jars at CostCo for next year?!

  28. 02.06.2008

    Oh, how I love Nutella. I used to adore having it on a piece of fresh baguette, with a caffe latte, for breakfast. I had it on plain oat hobnobs (don’t knock it until you try it) as a late night treat. How I looooved gianduja (spelling?) gelato. And then… my daughter’s severe nut allergy was unpleasantly discovered, and I just can’t bring myself to eat it any more. Sigh. And now, of course, there’s a whole week devoted to it. Okay, my life isn’t exactly hard, but still: what a total bummer.

    Meg’s last blog post..Spremuta (d’arancia)

    Meg, I won’t knock it until I look up what hobnobs are…OK done. I see they are mainly sold in the UK (for anyone else curious, go here–too bad because they look like they’d go fabulously with Nutella. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s allergy–that *is* a bummer 🙁

  29. 02.06.2008

    MMmmmm…. this post is simply delicious! My favorite Nutella recipe is very complex -I left the recipe on my blog. Thank you for reminding us all of this delicious day!

    Alex’s last blog post..It’s a World of Nutella

    Thanks Alex! I’m definitely with you on your recipe 🙂

  30. Oh my goodness. I had no idea there were people who loved this stuff as much as I do. Spread on a crepe with whipped cream and hazlenuts on top. MMMMM

    Michelle at Scribbit’s last blog post..Cheesy Little Valentines

    Mmmmm indeed. I love whipped cream with pretty much anything, but it’s especially good with Nutella 🙂

  31. Gil

    Is it all right to submit these recipes to my local diabetic cooking class? One great post. These things must be a lot of work. Funny about ‘Donut Day’ as Nikki in Positino had a post on her blog about some kind of donut day in Positino a few weeks ago.

    Oh Gil, you might have a revolt on your hands!

    As for Donut Day, from what I know this actually comes from Germany’s Fastnacht Day, which the Pennsylvania Dutch in my area (of which my mom is part!) celebrate as Donut Day–there is a particular type of donut to be eaten (I’m working on getting the recipe from my mom’s cousin who makes *fabulous* fastnachts, as they’re called); these donuts are then supposed to be smothered in molasses/syrup and eaten with a fork and knife. Anyway, my guess is that from that tradition, it turned into basically any kind of donut for the day…Dunkin’ included.

  32. michelle

    I just wanted to add one other Nutella entry from Peacock Blue:

    Nutella Rolls

    They look fabulous!

  33. 02.06.2008

    I am going to try some of these recipes, I am sitting here drooling onto the keyboard!

    Nicisme’s last blog post..Nutella Filo Cups

    Hah! I just bought some Nutella today in fact….

  34. 02.06.2008

    Oh. My. God. I haven’t made it over to Sara’s yet and I am already hungry!

    This is a bad, bad thing…

    Cherrye’s last blog post..Auguri, Friends…

    This is definitely not a place to go on an empty stomach. Or when PMS’in! I’m just sayin 😉

  35. 02.06.2008

    Yep, its Fauschnaut Day, where I come from too,
    the kind of doughnut you talk of, sounds much better than the one I ate.

    Though of course I am not hungry for one now, no, I’m thinking..hmm…maybe I should go buy me some Nutella.

    Taffiny when I get the recipe from my mom’s cousin, I’ll definitely make them and post it. They are *so* good 🙂

    As is anything with Nutella. Wonder what made you think of that?

  36. michelle

    Another great recipe folks! This one at Mixed Salad Annie:

    Peanut Butter Blossom Surprises

    I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but there *might* be Nutella inside!

  37. Joanne

    Everything looks so amazing – I can’t believe I missed it. Chalk it up to everyone here – me included – getting the worst flu ever. Wow, couldn’t even think of Nutella – or anything else – for days. Now that I’m back on my feet I’m going to try all of these to get my family back on theirs ; D

    Joanne’s last blog post..Wanna be Nutella Cookies

    So sorry to hear that everyone’s been sick Joanne! Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and hopefully everyone else will follow suit immediately! And then you can all enjoy Nutella again 🙂

  38. 02.08.2008

    This is a great part 2! Between 1& 2 – I am just happy Costco sells Nutella in bulk! 🙂 lots of recipes to try…Thanks for all your hard work!

    Chris’s last blog post..Orange Chocolate Tart

    Hah! I keep hearing about these bulk jars; I really hope someone takes a photo and posts it 🙂

  39. annie

    Hi Michele, Thanks so much for finding my blog and letting me know about this great event. I can’t believe all the things that you can do with nutella. All the recipe look great. I’m glad because I just bought another jar!

    I think it’s great that you followed your heart and moved to Italy! My roots are there as well. I’ve only been once but hope to go back again someday.

    I hope you visit my blog again it was nice hearing from you and it’s great to see what’s happening in Italia! Ciao bella, Annie

    Annie, glad to see you here! I’ll be back around your place for sure…you’ll supply the Nutella right?!

  40. 02.08.2008

    Oh my – that is one fantastic photographic line-up (DROOOOOL!). I was having a hard time battling the Nutella demon, so I must confess my apartment is currently Nutella (and peanut butter) free. Sometimes I have no self restraint 🙂

    Oh I hear you! I definitely go on kicks with Nutella and peanut butter, so I then go for looooong stretches without them because I can’t be trusted!

  41. 02.09.2008

    What a great tribute to a culinary heritage! I posted my tribute to Nutella on the 6th of february…mmnnn,,and it was sooo good!

    Laurie’s last blog post..Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

    Laurie, thanks for coming over and letting us know! Looks fabulous!

  42. 02.10.2008

    Ohhhh! What a great idea! I’m sorry I missed it this year, but I’ll mark my calendar for next year!

    Pannifer’s’s last blog post..Lazy Sunday Links

    Happy to have you along Pannifer’s!

  43. paula

    Wow!! I wish I could sample each one of those recipes, now! Right now! My mouth is watering just reading the recipes, and then the pictures ….. umm! umm! umm!! Can’t wait to try a few!

    Be sure to let me know how they come out…I bet you’re eying the cookies….

  44. 02.12.2008

    Great roundup! It is filled with lots of tasty looking ways of using nutella!

    Kevin’s last blog post..Shrimp Tom Yum Goong Soup

    Thanks Kevin! Hope you’ll give some of these a try and post about it 🙂

  45. michelle

    And here’s another recipe:

    Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream

    from Clotilde at Chocolate & Zucchini. Looks delicious!

  46. 02.06.2009

    I sent you an email with my entry this morning, did you not get it? You emailed back to let me know the picture didn’t come through and I resent it. Since I never heard from you, I assumed you got it okay. Bummer! Check out my Nutella Smores with Homemade Chocolate/Nutella Graham Crackers and toasted Marshmallow Creme. SO good! Yum to all the Nutella creations!

    Katrina’s last blog post..World Nutella Day, Celebrate With Chocolate Graham Cracker Nutella S’mores!

    I believe my co-host Sara must have handled your entry, but I’m sure everything is fine if you haven’t heard anything…we’ve gotten so many this year! Yay! Thanks for participating 🙂

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Michelle KaminskyMichelle Kaminsky is an American attorney-turned-freelance writer who lived in her family's ancestral village in Calabria, Italy for 15 years. This blog is now archived. 

Calabria Guidebook

Calabria travel guide by Michelle Fabio



Homemade apple butter
Green beans, potatoes, and pancetta
Glazed Apple Oatmeal Cinnamon Muffins
Pasta with snails alla calabrese
Onion, Oregano, and Thyme Focaccia
Oatmeal Banana Craisin Muffins
Prosciutto wrapped watermelon with bel paese cheese
Fried eggs with red onion and cheese
Calabrian sausage and fava beans
Ricotta Pound Cake