getting to know luna

In the comments to yesterday’s post, Ally Bean asked me whether my most perfect puppy Luna is bilingual. HeartinSanFrancisco praised her ability to bark in Italian.

I now realize that you all know far too little about this Furball o’ Love, and lucky for you, I found this great meme filled out by Mushu the Bichon Frise over at A Spot of T, my fellow She Who Blogs member, so you can get to know Luna a bit more (I added the last question, though, just for my pooch).

Oh, and if you’re one of those people who hate when bloggers write about their animal friends, I forgive you, and I invite you back tomorrow when there (probably) won’t be a mention of Luna.

But I make no promises. Look at this face!

1. What kind of dog are you? A really really cute one. Some say I resemble a Basenji, and indeed, my tail does curve in a most peculiar way.

2. Are you a boy or a girl? Girl power! You can read about some, um, complications of being a girl dog here.

3. How old are you? I’m 2 ½ years old but I don’t feel a day over 2 ¼.

4. Name one thing you received as a gift on your last birthday. Nothing. I hate my humans. No, seriously, my birthday is two days after Christmas, so I get a few days of fun—my favorite is always a raw hidey kind of bone thing (not actually raw hide but I don’t know how else to describe it) and beef jerky treats from my Nana in America.

5. Choose one word to best describe your physique. Forte (strong)

6. Share a quote. “I spilled spot remover on my dog. He’s gone now.” (Steven Wright)

7. Have you ever been stung by a bee? If so, where? No, knock on wood. Dang sometimes I wish I had knuckles.

8. Who’s your strangest family member? I’m going to have to go with Papà P because the shorter one with the longer hair usually feeds me (plus she’s typing this).

9. Who’s your favorite family member? See Number 8.

10. Do you make an effort to be environmentally friendly? I do keep my own “compost” pile.

11. If you were given a blank canvas and water colours, what would you paint? Il mare (the sea) that I have yet to set paw in.

12. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? This is a trick question, isn’t it, because when *isn’t* it a good time for a snooze?

13. Your hair? Floating about the house right now because of shedding. Oh, like the color and stuff? Caramel but for my white paws and strip down my chest.

14. What do you want to be in 10 years? A sly old bitch.

15. What you’re not good at. Playing nice with other bitches. And believe you me, they’re all bitches.

16. What are you wearing? A black leather collar with my name in faux-diamond studs.

17. What aren’t you wearing? My harness, which is only for walkies.

18. Your mood? Chill. Except that it’s boiling hot.

19. Your kitchen? My home, actually, since I don’t do the steps to go downstairs–they’re kinda scary. My food and water is in the kitchen and Mamma also put a bed in there just for me, so I don’t miss the downstairs at all.

20. What are you thinking about right now? How freaking hot it is.

21. Love? I’m full of it.

22. Foreign languages? I consider English my fourth language. Doggie is, obviously, my first. Italian is second, and Calabrese dialect is my third.

If any other animal friends would like to play, please do and link to me and to A Spot of T.

Oh, and Happy Love Thursday everyone!


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47 Beans of Wisdom to “getting to know luna”
  1. jennifer

    I’m also the proud owner of a mutt, and you’ve inspired me to dedicate a post to him.
    Let me know if you still need the article- I think Jennifer forwarded it to you, too!

  2. qualcosa di bello

    wow Luna, that is quite a provocative pose! my owner thought she landed on by mistake. for tomorrow i am begging her do a post on me…do you think luna would be interested?? toodles, Phil the yellow lab

  3. Giulia

    “What do you want to be in 10 years? A sly old bitch.”

    Don’t we all Luna…don’t we all!

    Cute, very cute post. Luna looks like (a)she did something very bad or (b) she is thinking to herself, “Mommy, not another photo? Put the camera down already!” 😉

  4. sognatrice

    Jennifer, can’t wait to meet your mutt! Yes, Jennifer did forward the article–thanks 🙂

    Qualcosa di bello, wonderful name (signed Sognatrice), and Phil, why don’t you come down and…see me sometime (signed Luna)? LUNA (signed Mamma)!

    Giulia, Luna’s very wise for her age, isn’t she? And the photo? Definitely the latter of your two choices, punctuated with “It’s too damn hot for photos, lady.”

  5. Ally Bean

    Thank you for allowing Luna to answer my question and lots more! She is a very articulate dog. I love the answers to #14 and #15!! Such a wise doggie.

  6. sognatrice

    Ally, Luna has been bugging to be a bloggie doggie for sometime now, and luckily the meme came up just when the questions did. And yes, she is rather wise–she taught me everything I know 🙂

  7. pat

    Calabrese isn’t a dialect, it’s a language. Not like anyone really cares…

  8. The Other Girl

    Luna! I never noticed that she wears socks. And she has a french manicure! What a cutie.

  9. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    haha, I am so not into dogs but this was hilarious and Luna is so bella!

  10. sognatrice

    Pat, I care, and you’ll see that I actually referred to Calabrese as one of Luna’s “languages”–I personally consider Sicilian/Calabrese as a language of its own (linguists are all over the place on this), but I referred to it as dialect here for ease of reference, mostly so people outside of Italy (and outside of the discussion of language vs. dialect) have a clue as to what I’m talking about. I’ve debated this subject many times with many people, indeed, and the widely accepted view is still that Calabrese and Sicilian are dialects. In my personal opinion, this was a political decision made many years ago and needs to revisited, but this topic deserves more than a quick mention in a post or in the comments–perhaps someday I’ll write about it in depth.

    But anyway, if you want to really particular, Luna actually “speaks” Badolatese 😉

    TheOG, yes, Luna’s nickname is actually “calzini bianchi,” or white socks. And the French manicure? It’s almost breeding time. ‘Nuff said.

  11. sognatrice

    NYC, Luna can make a convert out of anyone methinks 😉

  12. somepinkflowers

    both you & pup are
    molto intelligente!

    [did i get the italian right?
    i know the sentiment is spot on.]


  13. sognatrice

    SPF, why thank you, and brava 🙂

  14. goodthomas

    How can you NOT love a dog that says, “How freakin hot it is” — Bella Luna indeed.

  15. Jessica

    Hey there!
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I just wanted to say I really enjoy it! It’s nice to read about other Italy expats. Cute dog btw..

  16. sognatrice

    Jessica, thanks for saying hello, and of course for the compliments on Luna, which are always appreciated. Are you Jessica in Rome by any chance?

  17. Shelby

    very cute post 🙂

  18. Joy T.

    Mushu gives two paws up for an excellent meme! But can’t understand why Luna doesn’t like bitches. Mushu looooooooves bitches. Such a guy. Loved this, LOVE your blog!

  19. Jessica

    Yes that’s me! I’m kinda new to the blogging thing…I have had my online diary since I was 17, but most of it was really lame. I enjoy reading really good blogs such as yours and the other Italy expats.

  20. sognatrice

    Shelby, thanks 🙂

    Joy, praise from Mushu? We’re not worthy! Luna, for her part, very much enjoys male dogs; it’s those bitches that cause so much trouble. I think she and Mushu would get along very well together.

    Jessica, oh my, you’re a veteran, and I have to say that I’m *so* happy blogging wasn’t popular when I was 17. I can only imagine what I would’ve written. Eek!

  21. jennifer

    A sly old bitch!I like that (and your quote)! And thanks for reminding me that it was Love Thursday!

  22. Wanderlust Scarlett

    That’s so cute! Loved it. Giggled all the way through.

    When is she going to put a paw in the sea?

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    …ps, I LOVED the Smoke Jumper.

  23. pat

    BRAVA! I knew that I was one of your biggest fans for a reason. I grew up with kids from Gasparina, Provincia di Catanzaro and I fell in love with their language…one time I go over the house and I hear the cousins in the yard over the barbecue…Haccimma ‘na hesta…hacciemini hamburghi e hotdogghi! What’s there not to love? The difference between a dialect and a language is who wins the war. Now that you’re in the town do you pick up and y of the dialect from things your grandmother used to say…like oh that sounds familiar moments…it always happens to me when I’m in my ancestral town.

  24. Scribbit

    I’ve posted about goldfish so I’m okay with posts about pets 🙂

    Luna’s a great name too, btw.

  25. Betty C.

    Everywhere I go I’m getting puppy posts! I know they’re cute…

  26. sognatrice

    Jennifer, Luna never tires of calling herself a bitch. Can’t say I blame her 😉

    Scarlett, perhaps this will be the summer when Luna is “baptized” in the sea. I don’t have a car, so I have to find someone willing to cover theirs in dog hair 😉 On The Smoke Jumper, I’m about halfway through–I’m liking it too 🙂

    Pat, it’s funny that Gasparina isn’t very far from here, but already I can see differences in the language/dialect. So in some sense, perhaps Calabrese is the language, and then the little changes from village to village are the dialects? Don’t know, but here they’d say “faccimu ‘na festa,” BUT I’ve noticed that when they say “caffé” the ff’s become subtle h’s. “U voi ‘nu cahé?” And yet I think this is an example of the old dialect here because the younger kids don’t seem to do it as much (although admittedly I’m no expert). It’s fascinating for me, and I’m absolutely learning their language in addition to Italian (my inlaws speak almost entirely in Calabrese). I don’t speak it much unless I have to, but it’s a great exercise of the mind. Ah, and you asked about my grandmother…the only thing that I really had an “aha!” moment over was when I heard “manaya” (no idea how to spell it in Calabrese, so this is phonetical for us) instead of “managgia.” I never even realized that phrase came from Italy, let alone from my ancestors’ region, so that was a cool moment 🙂

    Scribbit, P, my OH, gets all the credit for the name, and I like goldfish too 🙂

    Betty, I think you just need to ride out this wave–the Internet tends to go in phases, and it seems we’re in a pet phase right now. This too shall pass 😉

  27. Sara

    Oh, she’s so cute! Look at those paws!

    Tummy rubs! Tummy rubs!

    (Yeah, I’m this weird in person, too.)

  28. sognatrice

    Sara, well that explains why I like you so much! Luna appreciates the belly thoughts very much 🙂

  29. marybary

    Love your choices, especially “I fell good”. And no, it wasn’t an evil plan to double-tag you. I missed that she tagged you too.

  30. marybary

    OK, delete that last comment. For some reason, my old comments keep coming back to haunt me.

    Luna is a cutie!

  31. sognatrice

    Mary, thanks for stopping by. I’m leaving your other comment up as a testament to how much Blogger can suck sometimes (and I do blame Blogger) 😉

  32. JennieBoo

    Cleo Ann, our kitty, says, “Well done Luna! MEOW!” She answered Mushu’s meme, too! (Even if she IS a kitty)

    I enjoyed learning about your BITCH!

    Happy weekend!

  33. sognatrice

    Jennie, and Luna enjoyed Cleo Ann’s as well! And now she’d like to schedule a “play date.” 😉

  34. alicia

    Haha, what a great meme, and a great dog you have there 😉

  35. michelle/midnightbunny

    Love for Luna … always. Her pictures always make me smile. This particular post with getting to know her is especially cute. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  36. sognatrice

    Alicia, thanks, and thanks!

    Michelle, soon Luna will want a blog of her own with all this praise….thanks for stopping by 🙂

  37. Shan

    What a cute post for such a cute pooch!

  38. ~laurie

    lol I’ve been finding this meme everywhere too. Made my pup’s answers on my blog a couple of days ago. Luna is so cute!

  39. sognatrice

    Shan, thanks (from Luna and me)!

    Laurie, your Eddie is just adorable too–and so witty 🙂

  40. Caroline in Rome

    I’m a cat person, myself.

  41. sognatrice

    Caroline, I like kitties too–and I’ve posted some photos of them here and here 🙂

  42. BecsLifeOnline

    Aw Luna must experience the sea!!! 🙂

  43. sognatrice

    Bec, you are very right. A trip is in the works….

  44. Nell

    That was so hysterically funny, she obviously has a high intellect this Luna of yours, our hamsters were previous Cirque De sole runaways.
    Not very bright, every village needs a fool!
    Your Luna knows how to brown nose the hand that feeds her{ pardon the Pun}
    Our hamster couldn’t give a rats a….s , but if the food was not there at the appointed time the wheel from hell started to spin erratically.
    Our little prisoners of Zenda, were a joy.
    Luna has a sweet looking face as does Stella , its a shame they don’t venture down the stairs, and explore .
    my best friend Marion has a beautiful black lab. Hope, she is sweet and silly and loves her puppy love rubs.
    Saint Francis bless them all.

    On the bright side, we’ve since moved and they both love running up and down the steps!

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