love thursday: too many flowers are never enough

It’s spring, and flowers are most definitely in bloom in the blogosphere.

Cherrye and Christina recently posted lovely photos of flowers they received; Alexandra shared a photo of gorgeous tulips that were waiting for her when she arrived in Holland. I’m sure there are many more floating around out there that I’m neglecting to link to–if you know of some, do share them in the comments. I love flower photos!

Turns out that not even my doggie is left out. You remember Helen, the flower-giving girl I’ve written about before?

Here’s Helen giving Luna a wonderful bouquet:

FYI, because Helen is so dedicated to her flower delivery, it took her 15 minutes to scour the piazza to find all different colors of flowers.

As always, click to enlarge the photos for a better view.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!


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30 Beans of Wisdom to “love thursday: too many flowers are never enough”
  1. cheeky

    Sweet of her to make such an effort for Luna. What a wonderful spirit she has.
    Thanks for sharing the love.

  2. nikinpos

    FLowery dog collars…maybe she’s on to something there!

  3. Vee

    What pretty little flowers for Luna.
    Very cute.

  4. bella

    15 minutes to find the perfect flower for your dog is pure love.
    Wish things were starting to bloom here!

  5. Tabitha

    “Puppy – Love” is one of my favorite types. It is so wonderful that Helen took the time for Luna. πŸ™‚

  6. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    That is so sweet!

  7. Jane

    Luna looks lovely! Fresh flowers really do brighten our days, don’t they?!

  8. Johnaesthetica

    Luna looks quite elegant, if I do so say so myself.

    All of the flowers that bloomed in front of my apartment during our brief clement weather streak have since died πŸ™ .

    Boo to Ohio and it’s indecisive weather patterns.

  9. Cherrye

    What a sweet little girl!! Those colors look great on Luna! πŸ™‚

  10. Christine

    Such a sweet girl.

  11. 1lifelonglearner

    Spring cannot come soon enough for me. It was snowing here again this morning. Aaarrrgghhhh!!! I am glad to hear that it will be spring when I arrive in Italy next week. If you are looking for a breath of spring, check out my Blog for some pictures from my Aunt’s garden last summer.

  12. it's me, Val

    Aww! Giving people are the best gift to this world πŸ™‚

  13. Bongga Mom

    What a sweet little girl you’ve befriended. And what pretty flowers! Happy springtime!

  14. Sara



    The sweetness — oh, my heart! πŸ™‚

  15. Tori

    You Spring looks so lovely.
    I am so anxious for that vibrant green. Right now we are having a snow storm!

  16. PastorMac's Ann

    How sweet that she went to so much work to decorate Helen in just the right way. Flowers are wonderful where ever. Happy LT.

  17. goodthomas

    Lovely posts, the last few days, songatrice. Sorry I have not been around. Your blog always makes me happy.

    I especially loved the post-Easter post and the wonderful images you took. I absolutely adored the bocce shot from above and the three arms extended, pointing. That made me giggle. Hard.

  18. Catherine

    I must again express(o) my jealousy….it snowed this week in Chicagoland. πŸ™

  19. The Other Girl

    How sweet! You have the nicest friends. And Luna, I always like to see.

  20. Shan

    What a sweetie.

  21. Marmite Breath or Nat (Don't call me Natalie).

    I’m sure that Luna appreciates her buddy!

  22. Heidi

    So cute, Luna looks like such a sweetie!!! Love the flowers!

  23. plongstocking

    I saw your sign over the McD burger, but trust me. – NOTHING compares to the wonderful food cooked in Italy. I was there last fall and the food was sooooo excellent. My sister and I are still trying to replicate what we ate and haven’t been able to yet.

  24. AnnieElf

    Good morning! I’ve been slowly and thoroughly exploring your blog. Just finished reading your expat interview. Loved it and heard the echo of many of my son’s experiences when he lived in Rome for four months.

  25. MinaLina

    What a sweet and beautiful little girl.

  26. Alexandra

    wooohooo!!!! (funny ‘luna’was actually my online nickname waaay back in highschool when aol was just getting big

  27. Waspgoddess

    long time no see sognatrice. i hope you’re well.

  28. Giulia

    “long time no see sognatrice. i hope you’re well.”


    I have noticed her absence too. Hopefully, it’s just computer/internet problems and nothing more. We miss you, Michelle. Hope everything is ok!

  29. Gina

    I love Luna’s ears! She’s so adorable! I love reading your blog, too!

  30. KC

    “I have noticed her absence too. Hopefully, it’s just computer/internet problems and nothing more. We miss you, Michelle. Hope everything is ok!”

    It’s been a while since she last posted on expats too.

    I hope you’re ok Michelle!

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