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Goat Tears Cure Muscle Aches and Pains!

Did you know goat tears are an instant remedy for your aches and pains?

That’s what Thera-Gesic says:

I don’t care how magical goat tears are. I’ll never make my babies cry on purpose.

Nudging on Flickr

You wanna know why?

Happy Love Thursday!

Hug a kid!

And get in those O Foods Contest recipes!

Introducing Carmelina: Another Kid Joins the Herd

All three at the gate on Flickr

Today should rightfully be a Going Green post according to my schedule, but I’m under several deadlines and simply couldn’t do the planned topic of water conservation justice this week, so please try to suffer through these adorable photos of Carmelina, our newest kid, instead.

Yes, we have a new girl around here, this one via a friend of P’s who couldn’t keep her. Lucky us!

And in an interesting turn of events, the guy who originally had Carmelina (before P’s friend) seems to think she may already be carrying a new little kid or two. We have to get a blood test from the veterinarian to find out, but fingers crossed that there will be kids in a few months! Yay!

Carmelina! on FlickrAll the girls are getting along swimmingly and can often be found playing around and being silly with one another. I tried to get some video of their hijinks but my camera is acting up, jumping around, losing color, generally being disagreeable. I’ll keep trying though because it really is adorable to watch.

See more photos of the girls (and some other fun shots of our tomatoes, figs, grapes, a lone pomegranate that couldn’t, and more!) on my Flickr page–and feel free to friend me if you’ve got a Flickr account! That way you can always keep up with my latest photos, and I can keep an eye on yours as well.

Ah, and if you’re still in a goatish mood, check out this goat and dog pair that were wandering around Norristown, PA together (thanks Megan!). Too cute!

Buon weekend!

Love Thursday: Just Me and the Kids

Yes, I know the blog has been heavy on books and reviews lately, but that’s certainly not all we do around here. We also, for example, admire our baby goats.

Yes, the girls have been showing more sisterly love:

Insieme on Flickr

But there’s just nothing like a Mamma’s love is there?

The Kids and Me on Flickr

Look at those faces! on Flickr

Happy Love Thursday from our pen to yours!

The New Kid on the Block: Margherita

Since goats really don’t enjoy being alone–and since I can’t possibly stay by Pasqualina‘s side every minute of the day even though I would love to–we went ahead and got her a playmate.

Meet Margherita:

Margherita! on Flickr

Yes there was some headbutting the first day, but since then, the girls have been getting along quite well; I even peeked in on them one night to find them sleeping with Pasqualina’s head resting on Margherita’ bum.

They often sleep together in this little “cuccia” in the wall of their new pen:

Pasqualina in her "cuccia" on Flickr

Yes, P built them a brand new pen in our new garden area, so now they have their own outdoor space; I think Pasqualina especially appreciates the fresh air since before she was inside most of the day. Here she is ruminating:

Rumination on Flickr

Margherita has really taken to us rather quickly, which surprised me since she’s already three months old and wasn’t used to getting petties all the time (she comes from a herd of 100 or so goats). Oh but she *loves* petties now!

Margherita from above on Flickr

And indeed, our little ‘Rita and little ‘Lina have been getting along quite well:

The girls sharing a branch on Flickr

We’re all looking forward to many fun, faaaabulous times together.

That’s all from the kids today!

Dammi un bacio! on Flickr


P.S. I will announce the winners of La Bella Lingua on Thursday, May 21 (contest still ends the 19th though); there’s still time to enter!

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