A Norwegian Christmas at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station

Last week, I shared some New York City Christmas photos, and this week I hope you’ll come with me as I relive last year’s trip to Washington, D.C. Yes, a year ago today I was in Washington D.C. with my mom soaking in Christmas magic, and that included celebrating a Norwegian Christmas in Union Station — something I had never even knew existed before we landed there.

For 14 years counting, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the people of Norway have given Washington, D.C. officials a 30-foot tree that holds some 8,000 lights and added a decidedly Scandinavian flair to an already gorgeous train station.

Norwegian Christmas Tree at Union Station

Norwegian Christmas Tree at Union Station

Norwegian Christmas Tree at Union Station

Read more at Norway.org

Norwegian and U.S. Flags on Norwegian Christmas Tree

Norwegian and U.S. Flags on Norwegian Christmas Tree

Along with the tree, there is also an impressive model train display that includes Norwegian landscape and other traditional Norwegian sights.

Train display at Union Station

Train display at Union Station

Train display at Union Station

Train display at Union Station

Norwegian Gnome

Norwegian Gnome

Union Station is just beautiful on its own with its grand arches, white granite, marble, and gold leaf — which you can see a bit more of on my Washington, D.C. Flickr set, but you should also know that shopkeepers are never shy to play up their prime location either.

Festive President Obama

Festive President Obama

Festive Michelle Obama

Festive Michelle Obama

If you’re around Washington, D.C. at Christmastime, do stop into Union Station for at least a peek — and show Norway some love! I have lots more Washington, D.C. festive photos to share, including from the National Christmas Tree, the National Menorah, the Capitol Christmas Tree, and the U.S. Botanical Garden, so I hope you’ll come along and relive my travels from last year — and I promise I’ll get to my more recent travels to northern Italy soon as well!

13 Beans of Wisdom to “A Norwegian Christmas at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station”
  1. Gil

    Thanks for posting! Your pictures re just beautiful…

    Thanks Gil 🙂

  2. Cathy

    I agree with Gil, your pictures are just gorgeous.

    Thanks Cathy!

  3. I love what Christmas does to people and places. I think everything is just prettier when decked with holly!

    Completely agree Joanne; it’s always so sad for me to take down the decorations…everything looks so boring!

  4. Nell

    The festive first lady T was very funny, I did enjoy the Troll at the train station in the Norweigon Christmas display, although I thought they were much shorter .

    Yes I think they were just really mini trees around him 😉

  5. 12.13.2010

    My son made it very clear this year: decorations DON’T come down, period.

    Lovely holiday cheer and stunning photos. I love love love model trains.

    Auguri cara,
    E xx

    Hahaha I think that’s an excellent plan your son has!

  6. 12.13.2010

    So sweet! I am a great lover of the Northeast’s train stations. Grand Central, 30th Street, and Union Station are all beautiful spaces. At Christmas time, each takes on a magical atmosphere. Thanks for sharing, cara!

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in 30th around the holidays even though I lived just blocks away. Guess when you’re not traveling anywhere, you don’ think to just pop in and visit, although I’m with you in that it’s an absolutely gorgeous space! I’ll have to go there one of there years 🙂

  7. 12.13.2010

    thanks for sharing this, Michelle! I love going to Union Station, but it’s such a shame it’s been years since I’ve seen the Christmas exhibit. I remember it being so lovely, especially the huge and beautiful train! May go this year when I’m back for Christmas! 🙂


    Hope you get to stop in Bren! xx

  8. 12.13.2010

    Just beautiful! Love the Christmas decorations!
    And you know I want to make that wreath – it was awesome!!!

    The decorations are so *big* too — makes them even more impressive when you’re staring up at them 🙂

  9. 12.13.2010

    Oh How Cool! That tree is beautiful.

    This was our first stop in DC, and I was definitely impressed especially not having expected much from a train station 🙂

  10. 12.13.2010

    Thanks for reminding people about Union Station, Michelle. The whole city is decked out, of course. The tree at the Library of Congress is always lovely. I’ve had requests about that one from former residents & visitors…one in Vienna. So it does make an impression.

    I might’ve walked right past you & your mom last year. Oh, I hope not. xo

    Hmm it was a gloomy day so hopefully you were snuggled somewhere with Giulia Kitty (hey, she should really meet Giordano Kitty one of these days)….

  11. 12.13.2010

    Why my name came up as ‘Susanna’ – I have no idea.

    Hahaha that Italian is coming out!

  12. Caterina B

    This is so cool! I always appreciate any mention of Norway, the country of my ancestors. Norway is second on my list of must visit countries, after Italia!
    Those lucky Norwegians have a good life.

    I hope you get to both places soon, Caterina!

  13. Roy Drummond

    Does Union Station still do the Scandinavian Bazaar in December? I stumbled on it some 8 Christmases ago when I was working there. Found some fun gifts and caviar in a tube which sounds bad but was great on sliced egg Smørrebrød. 😛



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