A Fresco Painter’s Love Letter to Calabria

The other day I got a wonderful comment on an old post about my village, Badolato, and was introduced to what is sure to be a new friend.

Liana Sofia Tumino is an Italian-Canadian fresco painter who not only has amazing southern Italian scenes in her repertoire, she also has the video below, which I’m calling “A Fresco Painter’s Love Letter to Calabria.”

Because it very much is.

You see Liana Sofia also has deep roots in Calabria, and she has been painting scenes from this gorgeous land for nearly 20 years.

As Liana Sofia wrote in her comment:

My mother and grandmother are from Ferruzzano…I think it must be close in proximity to Badolato and so beautiful as all of Calabria is! I look forward to following this blog and admire your ability to move back…perhaps reversing in a small way the exodus you spoke about that has left so many villages in various stages of abandonment. For this reason I have been painting Calabria for over 17 years in fresco with love and passion for a place that I hold very dear…this summer I created a short video called “My Italy” . . . that showcases the beauty of this place so many love but as you mentioned, perhaps they only return to once a year in August…please watch it as I know you will enjoy it and share it with those that would like another “taste” of Calabria and its beauty!

I will warn you, the beauty of this video made me cry, and I live here and see very similar sights every day. Just a gorgeous work of art, this film . . . I know you will enjoy.

Please do visit Liana Sofia at her website, LianaSofia.com, check out her frescoes, and say hello (she also has a blog there).

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

23 Beans of Wisdom to “A Fresco Painter’s Love Letter to Calabria”
  1. 04.22.2010

    Really lovely post and video. Look forward to visiting Liana’s site and seeing more of her work.

    You’re going to love visiting Liana’s site, Melissa!

    .-= Melissa Muldoon´s last blog ..• interrompiamo questo blog per darvi notizia importante =-.

  2. Cristina

    Beautiful video. the town and landscape looks very similar to my town, Orsara di Puglia!

    Thanks for coming by Cristina 😀

  3. 04.22.2010

    so beautiful. A lovely reminder of all I hold dear about Italy.

    Always nice to have reminders, isn’t it?

    .-= Diana Strinati Baur´s last blog ..Finishing up the Details… =-.

  4. Gil

    Great post and video. She looks too young to have been creating such beautiful art for 20 years! Unless of course she was a child prodigy.

    Agreed Gil! I think Liana Sofia has been painting for most of her life 🙂

  5. 04.22.2010

    Just beautiful!

    Thanks for watching LindyLou!

    .-= LindyLouMac´s last blog ..Earth Day 2010 =-.

  6. 04.22.2010

    Great video and post! I’m looking forward to Liana’s site and checking out more of her artwork. Wonderful spotlight once again, Michelle.
    E xx

    Thanks Ele!

  7. 04.22.2010

    Yes, yes. Sniff, I started sniffing at the apricots. Very moving. Was up most of the night working on Italian fresco poem…talk about synchronicity (I was–just yesterday). Thank you so much, Michelle, for posting Liana Sofia’s visual love poem & linking to her site. I shall absolutely visit her later today. (Back to bed without so much as one thimble of espresso.)



    Oh Susan, I do hope you’re feeling better soon 🙁

    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Flower Bracelets =-.

  8. 04.22.2010

    Bellissimo! Sembrava di tornare a casa e` non c’e` meglio di questo. Beautiful paintings too…

    So glad you enjoyed 😀

    .-= Scintilla´s last blog ..Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane – Eat your heart out! =-.

  9. 04.22.2010

    How lovely of you to share my video in such a gracious way and to read the beautiful comments…for someone who only gets to return to Italy once in a while I watch it every now and then when I need a reminder of why I do what I do. A deep breath and a sigh and I am there..I love that it may do the same for others! Viva la Calabria and thank you again!

    It’s truly a pleasure, Liana Sofia…your work is gorgeous 🙂

    .-= Liana Sofia Tumino´s last blog ..Eating meals “in the RAW”? =-.

  10. Beth Krempasky

    Absolutely beautiful! I don’t know which had me crying more, the scenery or the paintings! Thank you Michelle for introducing us to Liana Sofia. I am on my way to view more of her wonderful work!

    I know…I’m with you Beth!

  11. 04.23.2010

    Thanks for posting this video! Beautiful! It brightened my Day! I have some family who settled in Toronto from Vita, Sicily also.

    So glad you enjoyed Rosina!

  12. awedree

    So lovely! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    Thanks for watching Awedree!

  13. Leslie

    Grazie Tanto! – Michelle and Liana. Huge lump in my throat but a very peaceful one!

    Aw, how wonderful 🙂 Thanks Leslie!

  14. Sandy

    I really enjoyed the video. I can see why you love living in Calabria. The simple things in life make it so peaceful and beautiful!!

    Simple can definitely be good, Sandy 🙂

  15. ally bean

    Such a gentle and beautiful way of life. *sigh* It makes me happy to know that such places exist on this earth. Thx for sharing this video.

    Thanks for coming by Ally!

  16. AmyEmilia

    Thanks for the new blog, Michelle… like I need another thing to read!!! 🙂 The video is beautiful and I’ll try to see if I can find that music.

    The song is Fabio Concato’s “Ti Ricordo Ancora” (I Still Remember You) 🙂

  17. What more can I say than WOW! I really need to get back down to Calabria!

    We’ll be waiting, Michael!

    .-= Michael @ Culture Discovery´s last blog ..Welcome To Italy… There’s a Tax For That =-.

  18. 04.24.2010

    I visited where my family is from in Ireland a few years ago. Not a lot there. I can see why they all decamped for USA!

    I’m sure it was a wonderful experience for you, Dave! Thanks for coming by 🙂

    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..3 Ways Daily Blog Posting Benefits You (and your readers) =-.

  19. Gorgeous film! It reminds me of my husband’s town –I have to show this film to him…beautiful!


    Oh please do, Pat! And let us know what he thinks 🙂

    .-= Pat –Mille Fiori Favoriti´s last blog ..Heart Attacks In Women =-.

  20. 04.25.2010

    Hello, Michelle! You can visit:


    To see the award I just gave you. Thanks for putting so much into your wonderful blog.


    Grazie mille Jennifer!
    .-= Jennifer ´s last blog ..I’m Ancestor Approved =-.

  21. 04.28.2010

    absolutely wonderful… what a great video!

    I knew you’d enjoy, Joe 🙂

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