Love Thursday: Emma’s Pasta Roni

One of the best parts about being back in America was that I got to spend time not only with my childhood friends, but also with some of their children. You know, their mini-mes — the ones who look just as you remember your friend looking at that age.

What an amazing experience, especially when the last time I was home some of them didn’t even exist…and now they’re actual people!

My friend Nicole and her husband Nathan (high school sweethearts!) have two daughters, Emma (8 in a couple weeks) and Ava (4), and new baby boy Colton. All ridiculously adorable, I assure you, and at least one of them is a writer/blogger in the making….

Yes, I got a little note on my Facebook page the other day that Emma noticed this in her Pasta Roni:

And it was Thursday.

Don’t you just *love* it?

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

7 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Emma’s Pasta Roni”
  1. Gil

    Doesn’t it make you feel good to have the next generation following in your footsteps?

    I was overjoyed when I got this on FB! So fun!

  2. 01.21.2010

    a bunch of babies is a bunch of love. i wonder how old my grandsons will be when i finally stop calling them the babies. what they don’t realize is that i still call all the parents “the kids”. great post.

    I think your baby is always your baby 🙂 Thanks for coming by Margie!

  3. 01.21.2010

    What a wonderful way to teach our little ones about love – that it really is all around if we open our eyes.

    Happy Love Thursday!

    Thanks, same to you Katie!

  4. SO CUTE!!!!

    Love is all around, Jenn!

  5. 01.21.2010

    Love that little pasta heart! Happy Love Thursday Michelle! ; )

    Thanks, same to you!

    .-= Anali´s last blog ..Massachusetts Senate Race =-.

  6. Paula

    Little Emma is famous !! Her work made it into your blog ….

    Hopefully she’ll thank me in the front of her book someday!

  7. 01.27.2010

    Aww, that’s so cute that she noticed and sent it to you.

    I know, isn’t it? She’s a darling little girl 🙂

    .-= Karina´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Sunset Flames =-.

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