Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

I’ve written a bit about Going Green, so be sure to check out those posts for specific things you can do to help climate change for Blog Action Day 2009, but I really couldn’t say it any better than, the UN-led campaign aiming “to galvanize political will and public support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December”:

Sign the petition for a fair climate change agreement at the Copenhagen Conference, let the U.S. government know it’s time to act on climate change, and of course incorporate as many green changes into your lifestyle as you can.

“One day. One issue. Thousands of voices.”

7 Beans of Wisdom to “Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change”
  1. 10.15.2009

    Here’s my post for Blog Action Day:

    Everyone else go make one too!

    Excellent advice Canada Guy; thanks for coming by 🙂

    .-= Canada Guy´s last blog ..Wake Up Humanity! =-.

  2. Gil

    Speaking of going Green, a few days ago I read an article about one of the Indian tribes banning environmentalists from their Res… because they do not want anyone interfering with the coal mining operations!!! This is so hard for me to believe as I remember the harm that was done to their lands by uranium, gold, coal and other mining operations in the past. Anne is nearly as Green as Deidre Imus these days, even buys her products.

    Oh that’s so interesting; yeah were I’m from was all reservation at one point way back when and the coal mining companies have definitely done a job there…go Anne!!!!

  3. 10.15.2009

    Hi, was curious about your post today.
    These days, I am reading a book from a member of the Club of Rome (it is in German). The title in English would be: Surviving the 21st century. It is so interesting to get the whole picture, the problems are so complex and all interchanging. I hope they get heard, the club of Rome, the marchall plan organisation, al gore and everybody envolved.
    I posted some actions everyone can take on my blog…
    have a good day !

    The book sounds great; thanks for stopping by and leaving your link 🙂

    .-= Suzie´s last blog ..Blog Action Day in your shower =-.

  4. thanks for the reminder Michelle – I put my blog action day post up too. And I borrowed the awesome video you put up as well. grazie

    Excellent Judy; glad you enjoyed the video too 🙂

    .-= coffeejitters (Judy Haley)´s last blog ..Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change =-.

  5. 10.18.2009

    I wanted to wish you Buon Compleanno!, and tanti tanti auguri-per domani! We share the same birthday so I never forget yours! I hope it is a very special day for you and that you get to eat chocolate!

    Thanks Amber, also to you!

    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Sette Colori- Seven Colors =-.

  6. 10.18.2009

    Happy Birthday.

    .-= Esme´s last blog ..Happy Diwali =-.

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you!

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