The Four Seasons in Calabria

A while back, NYC/Caribbean Ragazza asked about my favorite season in Calabria.

Every time I started to write a response, I kept thinking of reasons why I liked another season, so here is why I love all le quattro stagioni in Calabria (hey, they’re more than just concertos or pizza toppings!):


Peach blossoms on FlickrWhat is not to love about Spring?

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining more, which means perfect conditions for long walks with the dogs (and now with the kid) and just sitting outside, reading, taking photos, and generally enjoying the fresh air.

After all the rain and wind of winter, it’s always so wonderful to get out for long stretches of time, drinking in the sunshine and enjoying the deep blues of the sky and the sea contrasted against the green grass and yellow flowers sprouting up everywhere.

I just love when Spring is springing in Calabria!


Ionian Sea, Badolato, Calabria, Italy on FlickrI’ll admit that the Summer is probably my least favorite of the seasons here because it can (and does) get *so* stinking hot, but it’s still a great time to be in Calabria.

I’m not much of a beach person, but it *is* rather nice to have the option so close.

And I especially appreciate summer evenings when the stars are twinkling bright overhead and the moonlight leads the way.

And since we do live in stone, brick, and tile houses, certain rooms can provide a bit of respite from the most debilitating heat—usually the bedroom as Calabrians were smart to put them on the bottom floors.


Basket o' chestnuts on FlickrI’m a Fall baby, so I’ve always loved the crisp air and changing leaves, but in Calabria, it also brings much needed and desired rain–and I happen to be a huge fan of rain.

Also, since I’ve spent the majority of my years going back to school in the Fall, right around September, I get recharged and remotivated to look back on what I had planned for the year, evaluate how far I’ve come, and decide how much I still have to do.

I also get inspired to get back into the kitchen after the scorching summer months, and that always energizes me (and my stomach) as well.


Fire fire fire! on FlickrSome people don’t enjoy Calabria in the Winter because it seems so, well, dead as there are few tourists around compared to the rest of the year. Me?

I *love* the quiet that comes not only from the lack of people but also from the lack of construction in the village.

Can’t work on houses in the rain and wind!

And of course, since it gets dark so early, every evening has a fighting chance to be an intimate one, sitting by the fire with a glass a wine, P, the pooches, and a good movie or book.

I’m a homebody at heart, and Winter gives me the perfect excuse to indulge.

What’s your favorite season where you live and why?

15 Beans of Wisdom to “The Four Seasons in Calabria”
  1. Gil

    I used to love winter the best in my younger days. I especially loved snow and would take it any day over rain as it didn’t run down your neck like rain did. Now to quote an old Polish friend “snow just means more work”! When people would ask me if a hot Spring, Summer or Fall day was hot enough for me. I’d always answer that it is hot enough for me on a cold day in Winter. Now that I’m older the skin is thinner and the circulation has slowed down I think that I too prefer Fall and Summer as Spring has too many allergies floating around.

  2. 05.09.2009

    I live in Puglia, which is on the East side of Calabria (the heel of the boot). My favorite season is Primavera (Spring) because of its smells, light and colors! I just love the smell of fava beans in the countryside; the colors of strawberries and cherries at every corner at the markets; the landscape which is a red carpet of poppies with the blue sea in the back. I love walking on beach before all the tourists arrive in August.

  3. 05.09.2009

    Spring and fall are a tie for me – then summer and then winter – it’s been so brutally cold this last winter, summer actually passed winter in my affections.

  4. Thanks for answering my question Michelle.

    Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons in Rome.

    Summer is just too hot, too many tourists and all my friends are traveling.

    Winter is nice because the city does get a little quieter.

  5. 05.09.2009

    Spring and Fall are my favorites. Spring for the weather, new blooms and the green grass. Fall for the beautiful colors of the leaves and the cool crisp sleeping weather.

    My Melange’s last blog post..Foodie French Friday: Pain Poilâne

  6. 05.09.2009

    How fun it is to know you a little through the season. I don’t like to go places where summer can get too hot either.

    elra’s last blog post..Savarin With Berries and Crème Chantilly

  7. Trina

    I live in Seattle. I love the summer here. The summer doesn’t last very long here but the few months we get are awesome. The running joke around here is summer doesn’t start until July 5th. It’s usually true.

  8. 05.10.2009

    I love all of the in between seasons because I cannot think if there are extremities either way, oddly emotionally I am always extremes! Hot or Cold!


  9. 05.10.2009

    I love summer in the Regensburg area because all the biergartens are open, along with the touristy areas. I love to visit different castles that have been renovated or are still ruins. Two years ago I was in Calabria and visited Santa Severina and Le Castella. They were absolutely beautiful. The only thing I don’t like about the summer is the heat. 🙂

    Rosa’s last blog post..Happy 1st Birthday, Emil!

    I’m with you, Rosa…if it were about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler all summer long I’d *love* it here 🙂

  10. 05.10.2009

    Oh, definitely summer. I *love* the heat. The color pots are in full bloom, cut flowers from the garden come into the house, the fruit trees and squash produce fruit and the days are long. There is less work and more time to spend outside. In the morning, for what seems like just a fleeting moment before I close all the windows in the house, it is calm, quiet and cool outside. In the evening, I love to go for a walk just before dusk when the day’s heat is starting to subside, but here and there, you walk into a cool breeze until finally the cool breezes overtake the day’s heat and the evening temperature reaches that perfect blend before night falls and it’s time to open all the windows in the house. Oh, definitely, the summer!

    I wish I could pass just a *wee* bit of our summer your way 😉

  11. joanne at frutto della passione

    Fall, no matter where I am. I love the colours and the crispness in the air.

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..Amatriciana

    Ah, I can feel it now Joanne!

  12. 05.11.2009

    Hi Michelle,
    I live in Pickering, Ontario. My favourite season is fall.
    We still get the hot weather, I can make it to the lake for the sunrises and the leaves changing colours are magnificent up here in the north!

    Lucy’s last blog post..

    I definitely miss the really vibrant changing leaves….

  13. 05.11.2009

    Here in Northern California, each season has much to love (and hate).

    Spring flowers are beautiful, but the pollen is murder on the allergies.
    Summer brings the abundance of fruits but the weather is so dry.
    Fall of course is the peak of tomato season but the days start to get shorter.
    Winter rains green everything back up but the heating bill…ouch!

    Nate’s last blog post..Pavlova Recipe

    Excellent observations, Nate…and I love your mention of tomatoes 🙂

  14. 05.13.2009

    Fall is definitely my favorite time of year in Italy; I’ve been fortunate enough to visit during all four seasons and fall … the smells, the air, all of it … is amazing.

    BeanMa’s last blog post..Beauty

    Have to agree that it’s *so* lovely indeed….

  15. 05.15.2009

    For me, it’s spring, spring, spring. The hills are still green from all the winter rains, and there are flowers everywhere. The sun shines and the air is cool and fresh. I heart California in the spring!

    bonggamom’s last blog post..Painted

    I hear you on those green hills…makes all that rain worthwhile 🙂

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