Love Thursday: Kitty Noses and Cookies

OK, just one kitty nose, but look how cute it is with the heart on it!

Abbie and her heart shaped nose spot by Maggiehc on Flickr

This is a photo of Abbie, whose human is Maggie of Dog Hill Kitchen, a *fabulous* blog with recipes like Chocolate Espresso Pudding Cupcakes with Caramel Milk Foam and Strawberry Jello Heart Cookies:

Strawberry jello heart cookies at Dog Hill Kitchen

Can’t you feel the love?

Then go tell Maggie at Dog Hill Kitchen you
*heart* her photos and recipes!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

13 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Kitty Noses and Cookies”
  1. Gil

    Love the kitty! Reminds me of my stray when he was real young and had a dirty nose.

    Hah, yes, it does resemble dirty kitty noses…always so cute 🙂

  2. I love zee kitty.

    Seriously I love cats and I’m so sad that I’m allergic to them. I think they are fascinating animals.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Rush is the “intellectual head” of the GOP? Oh dear.

    They really are amazing. I love just watching the stray cats around here….

  3. 03.05.2009

    The kitten is absolutely gorgeous -love it! The recipes sound pretty tantalizing too. I’ll have to give her blog a run-through and maybe I can find something that will inspire me to do a little baking of some goodies again. Winter blahs do not do a thing to help me find my way back to the kitchen. Not. At. All!

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..Backlogged!

    I hear you. I’m just happy we’re getting more sunlight 🙂

  4. 03.05.2009

    Yes, the cat is very cute. I’ve had a look at the blog too. It’s excellent.

    casalba’s last blog post..Pollo alla Cacciatora

    Glad you checked it out…Dog Hill Kitchen really is a fabulous blog 🙂

  5. 03.05.2009

    Aw, it’s the Love Kitteh!! I could just kiss that little nose. And you gave me a great idea. Since you mentioned Jello, and I’m at home with two sick kids, I think I’m going to make some right now. I bought a box last time I was in Canada and I don’t think they’ve ever tried it.

    Milanese Masala’s last blog post..Do Over Day

    Oooh fun! Jello is definitely interesting the first time 🙂

  6. 03.05.2009

    I see the heart on Abbie’s nose. Such a cute kitty. I eat raw and vegan, but those strawberry heart jello cookies would be in my mouth in a flash! Thanks for sharing such warm photos.

    vchelle’s last blog post..Love Thursday: Love is just a touch away…

    So happy you enjoyed! Thanks for coming by 🙂

  7. carol

    I don’t know quite how to describe your influence, but when I log onto my computer in the morning………the first thing that comes to mind is…..hmmmm, is this (what’s cooking) Wednesday…………(love) Thursday……………and I especially wonder what heart thing you’re going to come up with this time. Bravo gatto!!!!!

    That’s very sweet Carol…grazie mille 🙂

  8. maryann

    How cute is that!?

    maryann’s last blog post..The 2nd Annual Festa Italiana Roundup!

    Glad you enjoyed Maryann 🙂

  9. 03.05.2009

    Cute little nose! 🙂 And I love Jello sugar cookies, heart shaped or not. LOL.

    I’ve never had the cookies, but they sure sound great to me….

  10. 03.05.2009

    Love it. Happy Love Thursday

    Se’Lah’s last blog post..The stars were perfectly aligned…

    Thanks, and also to you 🙂

  11. 03.06.2009

    Thanks for the kind words! Happy Love Thursday from me and Abbie!

    Maggie’s last blog post..Quinoa and Blood Orange Salad

    Thanks for coming by Maggie!

  12. 03.06.2009

    Very, very cute. Both of them!

    The Daily Colander’s last blog post..Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

    Hee hee…cuteness abounds!

  13. 03.07.2009

    I love (heart!) how you find these hearts everywhere!

    anna l’americana’s last blog post..No smoking in the dark….

    I love when people send me them 🙂

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