Love Thursday: Direct from a Southern Italian Beach

Today’s love-filled photos come directly from the a southern Italian beach town, the home of Charlie, who writes the blog Figs and Lemons and sells amazing soap products at Saponissimo.

Our dear Charlie snapped these gorgeous photos, and sent them to me with this lovely message:

I found this stone on the beach and thought of you!!!

Love stone from Figs and Lemons

Love stone from Figs and Lemons

Whee! Love *is* all around!

Anyone else dreaming of a vacation on an Italian beach now?

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

And Happy Italian Father’s Day Dad!

21 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Direct from a Southern Italian Beach”
  1. Gil

    Happy Saint Joseph’s Day and Happy Love Thursday to you! Please eat a nice big Zeppole for your poor readers.

    That I can do, Gil 🙂

  2. joanne at frutto della passione

    I love sea glass and I always collect white stones from the seaside and bring them home. I have a lovely blue glass bowl that I keep them in.

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..Penne rigate alla Vodka – Penne in Vodka sauce

    I love sea glass too…I don’t find nearly enough….

  3. 03.19.2009

    I think Spring brings love in the air period… I agree, love is all around and I’m sure I could find some on an Italian beach!

    I agree, there’s definitely something about Spring 🙂

  4. carol

    “Anyone else dreaming of a vacation on an Italian beach now?”


    Hah 🙂

  5. Yes I wish I was on vacation on an Italian beach.

    Happy Love Thursday.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..President Obama’s Picks for March Madness

    Come on down!

  6. 03.19.2009

    Always being contrary to eveybody else, I’m dreaming of the English countryside! Hopefully I’m going tomorrow!

    charlie’s last blog post..

    Well yes, too much southern Italian beach sometimes mean not enough home….

  7. 03.19.2009

    I can not wait to be in Italy, hopefully this summer! We have been teased with sporadic warmer days here on the East Coast and those days really make me long for the sand and surf of Puglia (or any beach in Italy for that matter)!

    Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Happy Love Thursday!

    Don’t worry–we’ve been teased here as well. They say it’s supposed to snow tonight/early tomorrow morning in the mountains of Calabria!

  8. 03.19.2009

    I love when little signs enter our worlds, just like yours, and says….Smile, silly – you are loved!

    Happy Love Thursday!

    Katie in MA’s last blog post..The love that remains the same.

    What a beautiful sentiment, Katie; thanks for coming by and sharing 🙂

  9. 03.19.2009

    Awwww. I love finding love in unexpected, simple places.

    Se’Lah’s last blog post..Feel the love…

    Me too 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  10. awedree

    I am dreaming away! Sounds very inviting! Happy luv giovedi 🙂

    BTW, I didn’t know Father’s Day is today in Italy…interesting

    I didn’t realize that either until I moved here 🙂

  11. 03.19.2009

    I’m always dreaming of a vacation on any beach! Love to all on this gorgeous Thursday!

    lucy’s last blog post..

    Right back at you Lucy 🙂

  12. 03.19.2009

    Yes, I’d love to be on an Italian beach. Next week we’ll be in Torino to visit Marco’s family. What I want to know is why we’ve never been to his family’s vacation condo in Diamante nor to his family domain (twin-sister spinster aunt still living in the house where she and his mother grew up) in Sicily!!!

    So close but yet so far!

    Happy Love Thursday.

    Oh you definitely need to come down here! Perhaps for the peperoncino festival in Diamante in September?!

  13. 03.19.2009

    Lovely thoughts appearing as I stare at the photos. And my cocker spaniel, Riley, who is an accomplished rock hound with a grand collection, would absolutely love the place.

    vikksimmons’s last blog post..I write fiction. I don’t need no stinkin’ social network.

    Hee hee…plenty of room for another pooch in Italy 🙂

  14. Lovely photos! So it is not just me and the heart shaped rocks on these Southern Italian beaches. I have gathered a whole pile of them! (How can you leave a heart shaped rock behind once you find it??) I found one during one of the first times I was swimming in Amalfi with my boyfriend, and I carried it around in my pocket for months and months. Then I started finding them almost everytime I went to the beach last year. They say the Amalfi Coast is romantic . . . it is even in the rocks!! Thanks for making me smile!

    Laura at Ciao Amalfi’s last blog post..Out & About: Baby Bibs in the Amalfi Sun

    Aw, how cute! Thanks for sharing Laura 🙂

  15. 03.19.2009

    Yes, today is Father’s Day in Italy… thanks for reminding me this! I should call my Dad NOW!!!

    Daziano’s last blog post..Because only Italians take the shoe obsession to the next level

    Yes, call!

  16. 03.19.2009

    After a several day warming trend…it’s cold again and pissing down rain. Oh, bother, as Pooh would say! The beach season is tantalisingly just out of reach…

    saretta’s last blog post..Reef – Up Close and Personal

    Oh bother is right…SNOW yesterday here!

  17. 03.20.2009

    Isn’t it great to be thought of in love?

    Irene’s last blog post..Fashion in times of recession

    Absolutely Irene 🙂

  18. I’ve got a little collection of beach glass going myself–I love the contrast of color!

    Michelle at Scribbit’s last blog post..Maybe More Volcanoes Are What I Need . . .

    Gorgeous isn’t it? And free! Woohoo!

  19. 03.20.2009

    Love is all around….a beautiful stone, and so great that Charlie found it and sent it to you 🙂

    anne’s last blog post..A Small French Market in Oxfordshire….

    Agreed, Anne 🙂

  20. 03.23.2009

    Late in saying… Very cool! Love the photos and that Charlie thought of you and Love Thursday.

    girasoli’s last blog post..decisions decisions… Arezzo or ??

    I agree…I was very touched 🙂

  21. 03.27.2009

    I am absolutely planning on visiting Italy for 2 1/2 weeks next spring. It’s on the calendar!
    Can’t wait to see the beaches.

    The waiting will do me in… ;o)

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    Yay! Woohoo! Come on over!



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