Love Thursday: Hearting Coffee

A reader sent me a link to Abstract City Blog, written by Christoph Niemann on the New York Times network, in which he illustrates his love for coffee, starting with this:

Abstract City Blog by Christoph Niemann

Under which he writes:

I like coffee so much that I have tea for breakfast: The first cup of the day in particular is so good that I’m afraid I won’t be able to properly appreciate it when I am half-asleep. Therefore, I celebrate it two hours later when I am fully conscious.

The post goes on to chronicle his love affair with my favorite caffeinated beverage through drawings made with coffee-stained napkins and truly delightful prose.

Do check it out here!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

How much do *you* love coffee?

18 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Hearting Coffee”
  1. 01.15.2009

    Too funny that he has a cup of tea before his coffee. Talk about delayed gratification. I’m just the opposite, I like the first cup to be coffee then later in the day it’s tea.

    Marla’s last blog post..Team Delcious and Nonna Genia’s Recipes come to life at Bella Baita

    Yes, his reasoning is cute, but I’m like you–coffee first 🙂

  2. 01.15.2009

    I also have “tea” first thing in the morning…maybe a British thing..and then coffee. I had a look over on his his drawings, very clever!

    Going to meet my friend today…and funnily enough, we say “Shall we meet for Coffee” 🙂

    anne’s last blog post..More from Colletta di Castelbianco, Liguria…

    Hah, hope you had a great coffee meet up even if you didn’t have coffee!

  3. 01.15.2009

    I do love coffee- not quiet enough to have tea first…but pretty much right up there….Happy LT!

    My Melange’s last blog post..My Melange is….

    I thought his reasoning was hilarious 🙂

  4. 01.15.2009

    Ah, coffee -my life’s blood, restorative agent -necessity! I like tea -hot or iced too from time to time -but coffee is something that is almost always ready to be poured into my cup almost any time of the day or night! Yes, I am addicted -heavily -to it!

    I can honestly say I’m almost always up for a cuppa too….

  5. 01.15.2009

    I NEED coffee to get fully awake. I’m not a person before that… However, a coffee after 5 pm can keep me awake all night! Always with a bit of milk. Un cortado por favor ;D

    Núria’s last blog post..My Recipe contribution to BloggerAid CookBook: Eggplant Mousse with Butifarra negra

    Yum! I can’t drink espresso too late in the evening, but I’m fine with American coffee oddly enough….

  6. anna l'americana

    My fav is the “tower of coffee” on his desk.

    Lacto-stucco? Still laughing.

    I know! Hilarious!

  7. 01.15.2009

    I love coffee and probably have at least 7 cups a day between espresso and american coffee…good thing I can only drink decaf!

    Wow, you *do* love coffee!

  8. 01.15.2009

    Yeah i too have tea in the morning on the weekdays and then i have my two cup of coffee by ten.
    I do loove coffee.

    Sounds like a great routine to me 🙂

  9. 01.15.2009

    It definitely has to be coffee for me first thing in the morning. I’ll have two before the morning is through!
    One on my way 2 work and one at work! Maybe one after lunch. I loved the article by Christoph!

    lucy’s last blog post..

    Glad you enjoyed Lucy, and that you also enjoy your coffee 🙂

  10. awedree

    Buona sera, Michelle! I just woke up, made some espresso using my Bialetti “Moka Express” and started reading your blog! What a coincidence! Very cute picture 🙂 Like Marla, I start with caffe in the morning and then force myself to drink tea the rest of the day. Have a wonderful day.

    Hah, the blog is always better with espresso, I say 😉

  11. I can’t drink coffee anymore due a mishap in my youth.

    However I do love the smell of it.


    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Drinking and knives are a bad combination.

    Tragic! I had no idea!

  12. 01.15.2009

    ha that blog is hilarious. I’m going to share it will all my coffee loving friends! I LOVE coffee but I can’t handle caffeine….this happened after college. when i drink it now i get crazy anxious and nausea ensues 🙁 Now I stick to green tea in the mornings!

    That’s funny–tea gets me sick in the mornings 🙁

  13. 01.15.2009

    Happy Love Thursday Michelle! Thanks for sharing this NY Times article. I love coffee too and not only the taste, but like the article mentioned, the ritual of it. I have coffee to start my day and I’m really not fully me without it.

    Anali’s last blog post..Tibetan Personality Test

    I’m with you. The ritual in the morning is absolutely something I cherish 🙂

  14. Gil

    Coffee, coffee, coffee!!! Tea only when sick then it needs honey and lemon! Also, tea when offered by little old ladies that don’t do coffee.

    Hah, you have clearly been raised well 😉

  15. That is cute. You know how much I love it … I love it so much I can’t quite put it into words. 😉

    Cherrye at My Bella Vita’s last blog post..Top 5 Things American Expats in Italy Bring from Home

    Hah, yes I do know you’re in the same coffee boat 🙂

  16. 01.16.2009

    I like tea okay and I like coffee okay, but I don’t have to have either one every single day. When I do drink coffee, I normally drink iced coffee – even in the winter.

    Sauntering Soul’s last blog post..I think I have some sort of disease. And I think my mom finally had a date. She’s in denial.

    I love iced coffee but my house is *way* too cold for that in the winter!

  17. 01.19.2009

    What a wonderful tribute to what is my favorite drink, as well. There is nothing like a perfectly made espresso with a bit of lemon rind, or just a pure, rich, black cup of American-style coffee, or a French espress, or … I could go on and on here.

    Coffee is one of life’s true delights.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Where Am I?

    As I’m typing this I haven’t had my morning coffee yet…must go now!

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