Pssst, Republicans: Comfortable Has No Place in Politics

I’ve stated here before that I’m a Yellow Dog Democrat.

Well, my YD status was severely tested this election season when the candidate I voted for didn’t win the Democratic primary. And neither did my second or third choices if you want to know the truth.

[By the way, click here to read more about and to sign a petition to impeach our current President and hold him and all future Presidents accountable for their actions.]

So I looked at McCain just in case I had been missing something. And once I went through the candidates issue by issue (which I encourage you to do as well), I decided to vote for Barack Obama and Scranton-scrapper (shout out to the Coal Region!) Joe Biden.

No, I’m still not completely convinced that Obama and Biden can or will turn the country around. I sure hope they do, of course, and I certainly feel the odds are a helluva lot better than if McCain, who voted with Bush 90% of the time during the past eight years and whose economic plans are strikingly similar to what Bush and his administration has been doing, took office.

I even considered not voting at all, but I simply can’t stay silent. By not voting, I feel that I would be telling the Republican Party that what they’ve done to the country is OK; that the way the world now sees us is fine; that health care isn’t a fundamental right; that the wealthiest Americans deserve more tax relief while the rest of her people struggle to keep their jobs, put gas in their cars, and put food on their tables.

Yes, I was probably going to come around to vote for Obama/Biden sooner or later anyway as my beliefs fall more in line with the Democratic platform (I *love* Biden’s insistence on a federal system in Iraq), but then the Republicans went and solidified my decision by picking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the VP slot.

I’m sure Palin is an interesting person—I know she can tell a joke!—and I have nothing personal against her. Her decision to run for Vice President with a 5-month old special needs child at home? All hers. Her 17-year-old daughter’s decision to have the baby she is carrying and marry the 18-year-old father? May they have a lifetime full of happiness.

And I’m also, for the moment, putting aside:

(1) whether I believe Palin is qualified to be VP when she was the mayor of a small town in Alaska just a few years ago (during which time she introduced a new position to Wasilla, hiring a City Administrator to manage city affairs) and has served less than two years as governor of the 47th most-populated state;

(2) whether I think the Republican party is (offensively) pandering to women thinking Hillary Clinton supporters will vote for any candidate with ovaries;

(3) whether I find it troublesome that Palin has at the very least courted (and possibly even been a member of) the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which wants Alaska to secede from the United States of America and whose founder Joe Vogler once said, “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. . . . And I won’t be buried under their damn flag” (her husband, Todd, incidentally, was a registered member from 1995-2002);

(4) whether I was disgusted by her RNC speech, full of sarcasm and condescension (particularly offensive were her knocks on Obama’s community manager experience from his first few years out of college (see Obama’s response here) and the fact that the room erupted in applause when she ridiculed Obama for defending reading rights to those accused of crimes–yes even *alleged* terrorists); and

(5) heck, even whether Palin has ethical problems or has abused her power as governor or mayor, because, eh, she’s a politician. It happens, right?

But you know what is bothering me the most about this pick?

Palin will not be available for interviews until she’s “comfortable”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but are you frackin’ kidding me?

We are less than two months away from choosing the next so-called Leader of the Free World as well as the person who would step in and take over should something happen to him, and we have to wait until she’s “comfortable” to hear her formulate (or at least express without a teleprompter) her own opinions on all the important issues?

If I didn’t think McCain was playing a joke on the American people, not taking the position of VP seriously, and displaying a genuine disrespect for voters before, well, I can’t possibly avoid that conclusion now. Sarah Palin could be President in a matter of months, and we’re not even allowed to talk to her? Because it might make her uncomfortable?

Wow. Just. Wow.

The arrogance of the Republican Party just may have reached an all-time high here–no easy feat, mind you. Now they are telling us that after eight years of what they’ve done to the country, not only should we give them four more years, we should also simply trust their judgment on the second-in-command–she who would serve with a 72-year-old man with a history of serious health problems.

After all, McCain did meet Palin for fifteen minutes and then chatted her up on the phone once too. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t hire a dogsitter based on that level of contact.

Then again, maybe the decision against interviews is a good one in light of how McCain recently performed with Charles Gibson.

Well, I have to say, all this is just making me a little too *uncomfortable.*

This Yellow Dog is now barking mad, and I’ll be contributing to a political campaign for the first time in my life, financially and otherwise, and doing everything in my power to help put Obama and Biden in charge of America.

Yes we can.

Some of my favorite links on this topic:

Keep an eye on electoral projections at:

P.S. No, I’m not turning this into a political blog, and if you’re interested in why I felt like I had to write about the election, read my response to Vita’s thoughtful comment here.

50 Beans of Wisdom to “Pssst, Republicans: Comfortable Has No Place in Politics”
  1. Gil

    Doesn’t it hurt when the guy you work and vote for looses? It seems that I have worked for more guys and a gal that lost than have won and I’ve been at it since JFK!

    I think that Hillary & Bill will continue to support and work for the Democrats unlike that snake Senator (Joe Blow) from my state.

    You know the thing about Lieberman that bothered me the most was his speech; I understand that he thinks McCain is the best man for the job and that they’ve been friends for a very long time. But when he took that further to slam Obama’s accomplishments a bit and also to support Palin, who I don’t know he’s ever even met…that just didn’t seem right to me. I would’ve respected him much more if he had just stuck to backing his buddy.

    And yes, it gets tiring and depressing supporting the losers 🙁

  2. 09.08.2008

    Well said! I too will be working hard for Obama, trying to correct the lies and present the facts. Thanks for this well written article!

    Barbara’s last blog post..NESTOR’S PIZZERIA – COMING SOON TO A LOCATION NEAR US!!!!

    Thank you for reading, Barb, and for taking the time to comment (and work for Obama)!

  3. 09.08.2008

    Brava! Excellent post!! I too have just contributed (this weekend) to Obama’s campaign and it was my first time ever contributing to a politician. I am that mad at what the Republicans are trying to pull.

    I found Mudflats (very informative site) through twitter from your blog and also signed the petition to impeach Mr.Bush earlier today. You forgot to add about Palin trying to ban books!! My friend (the librarian at our school) signed up to volunteer for Obama’s campaign this weekend after I sent her the Mudflats site and told her about the book banning.

    We are risking losing even more freedom with the McCain/Palin ticket and it is scary! Even though I know it is easier to just go on our merry way in our every day lives, we have to talk about the choices before us. We only have a short amount of time to make sure we choose the candidate that will at least try to make a change in our government (and McCain ain’t no change) and the best way I believe is through information in all forms, including blogs. I want to thank you for this post.

    There were literally too many things I find disturbing about Palin to include them here, but yes, the book-banning thing was certainly next on my list. And she was trying to do it in a PUBLIC library. Not even a school library? Just ridiculous.

    Thank you for reading and for doing your part!

  4. 09.08.2008

    Good links, well thought-out. Good for you. Come on, November! This is the most exciting thing ever!

    Miss Expatria’s last blog post..Blogging About Blogging About Travel Writing

    Exciting indeed! Can’t wait to stay up all night on Election Day!!!!

  5. Bravo! Excellent post, Michelle!

    Absolute Vanilla… (& Atyllah)’s last blog post..Landscapes (KNP 11)

    Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  6. Michelle, did you see the news about the gov’t take over of Fannie Mae? I don’t want to hear any more about Palin’s family. I want to know what is this ticket going to do about all the major and complicated problems we face.

    The RNC convention is what put me over the edge.

    I didn’t hear anything about fixing the mortgage crisis or education. All I heard was snark and attacks.

    I really can’t believe voters can’t see the hypocrisy of McCain/Rove/Palin. Or do they choose not to.

    I remember Barack being slammed for not wearing a flag pin “he’s not patriotic” but it’s okay for Palin to be giving positive speeches to a party that wants Alaska to secede from the union? Are you kidding me!!

    McCain said he works for the American people, not for his party. Is that why he picked someone he didn’t know, that Dobson and Limbaugh were pushing, instead of picking who he really wanted, Lieberman, etc.

    Palin is a more likable female candidate because she wears skirts unlike HRC?

    Why is it elitist to go to a good school and get decent grades? McCain graduated near the bottom of his class, Palin C avg., 5 or 6 colleges in 6 years. Without connections those two would have a hard time getting a entry level management job at any Fortune 500 company but yet they’re leading in one national poll to become our next President and Vice President.

    I’m not a yellow dog Democrat. I’m more of a moderate and I have voted for Republicans in the past (not for president but in other races). Unless the Republicans take back their party from the intolerant, far-right I don’t see many moderates or Independents voting for them in the future.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..A day trip to San Felice Circeo

    I’m with you; I have to say that because of what happened in 2000, I find it hard to believe I’d ever vote for a Republican, but that doesn’t mean I’d automatically vote for the Dem either; my Yellow Dog days are dying, I’m afraid, as the major parties are increasingly susceptible to extremes taking over.

    There are two great posts on Palin-guage from the Huffington Post here and here; two of my favorites:

    If you’re a minority and you’re selected for a job over more qualified candidates you’re a “token hire.” If you’re a conservative and you’re selected for a job over more qualified candidates you’re a “game changer.”


    If you say that for the “first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country” it makes you “unfit” to be First Lady. If you are a registered member of a fringe political group that advocates secession that makes you “First Dude.”

  7. 09.08.2008

    Great post! I’m Canadian but I’m so into this campaign right now. It’s even more exciting than Italian politics! I thought Obama’s reply on Palin’s dig at community organizing was perfect. Has that been given much press? I also saw that has started a clock tracking the last time Palin actually talked to the press. Hilarious!

    Milanese Masala’s last blog post..Separated at Birth?

    I *loved* Obama’s response. It truly was perfect and, interestingly, off the cuff. I read just before that now Palin may have agreed to an interview with Charles Gibson mid-week. Should be fun! No word on press conferences….

  8. 09.08.2008

    Palin is manufactured. Great she can give a good speech. So could Hitler. I certainly hope people consider all you wrote, and you haven’t even got too deep into issues yet (i.e. huge deficit that needs to be addressed, energy policy, climate change policy etc.)

    running42k’s last blog post..Politics and post game summaries

    Excellent point about Hitler. Issues? You mean there are issues? Huh. Someone should tell the Republicans!

    Seriously, I doubt I’ll really be delving into the specifics of issues here on the blog. I have included links to the party’s platforms within the post, and I do encourage everyone to read both proposals and decide for themselves which would be better for the country.

  9. RD

    I’m so energized by the fact that people who’ve rarely blogged about politics are stepping into the fray. It’s kind of risky for some bloggers to do so, but too much is riding on this one to stay on the sidelines. Thanks for your post–it’s right on. I too am hitting the streets this election; something I never thought I’d do. (I mean, literally knocking on doors.) I’m still a bit cynical, given that GWB was escorted into the White House, not once but TWICE! (I didn’t say “elected” as I don’t believe he was truly elected to office.) But we CAN get it right this time. Yes, we can. Di sent me over, and I’m glad she did!

    Thanks for coming over RD; you’ve hit exactly why I felt like I had to blog about this. As I’ve told some people via email–this election is far more important than my blog stats!

    And I’m completely with you on not using the term “elected.” And yes, we CAN get it right this time. Yes we can 😉

  10. AUGH! I can’t believe that. So insane. I’m reading that article now…it’s like I don’t even have words.

    erin :: the olive notes’s last blog year ago

    Neither does Palin, apparently 😉

    Seriously, this isn’t a Democratic or Republican thing–wanting to hear from all the candidates should be a demand that even the staunchest Republicans should be making right now.

  11. 09.08.2008

    Excellent post. You said all the things I feel, yet haven’t had the courage to blog about. Just added you as a friend on both Facebook and Twitter because I would love to hear more of your thoughts.

    Diane Mandy’s last blog post..When Bad is the Best of the Wurst

    So happy to see you on Facebook and Twitter, Diane 🙂

  12. 09.08.2008

    Well, you and most of the bloggin’ world probably know how i feel by now….so I won’t go on my normal rant.

    I will just say that I was behind Obama since the first moment I heard him. I have been working for him and donating to him for the last 6 months!! First. Time. Ever. In. My. Life.

    It finally feels good to support someone you believe in 110 percent, rather than having to choose between the lesser of 2 evils.

    In addition to the things you list, I am also an amimal lover and can’t get past suing the Fed Gov to lift extinction label on Polar Bears, b/c they interfere with drilling. And the fact that she supports ariel killing of wolves. They run them until they are exhausted, get out of the plane and shoot them point blank. Dead. Wolves. Moose and deer are fine if you are eating them, but Wolves. C’mon.

    If these two boobs get into the White House, we will explore moving to Canada before moving to Europe.

    Just want to give another link here. Paris Parfait has an excellent political blog and not only writes on her opinion, but posts articles from reliable sources…on the truth! Here is one of the latest..

    Obama/Biden 08!!!!! Now more than ever!!

    My Mélange’s last blog post..Trace Your Francestry

    I have yet to find any remotely common thread between my and Palin’s views, but yes, aerial hunting has to be one of the biggest places we disagree. I’m fine with hunting, for food, as you said, but that is just inhumane. Mah.

    And I love Paris Parfait; thanks for the link 🙂

  13. 09.08.2008

    Oh, one more thing.

    The media dodger, Palin, has finally agreed, or has been given *permission*, to do an interview. Finally.

    ABC, Charles Gibson, reports say most likely Thursday and Friday.

    I guess she must have done very well in her crash course of Foreign Policy and Brainwashing.

    Will be tuning in!

    My Mélange’s last blog post..Trace Your Francestry

    Yes, I saw that. Should definitely be interesting with Charles and his hard-hitting questions. Mah.

  14. A political post eh? Now I’m feeling like I should start putting recipes on my blog… 😉

    I guess I’m curious as to why the interview thing raised your fur, rather than, say, her position on climate change, or her slashing the budget for teen moms in Alaska, or the book banning thing… or her curious belief we’re on a holy war in Iraq.

    For what it’s worth, I think the thing they’re doing with her interview is classic political gamesplaying: they’re holding her back to build up the buzz and heep expectations low. I’ve seen her do play-by-play commentary, and it looks like she can think on her feet just fine. When she finally talks to “Softball Charlie” Gibson, everyone will be watching and she’ll probably do better than most people expect. Win.

    It took no small measure of guts for you to come out with this and risk alienating some of your audience, so complimenti. And for those readers who can’t handle reading about this kind of stuff, well… there’ll be recipes in a couple of days.

    paul of crazy like whoa’s last blog post..Day 22: 36,099 words

    Honestly I didn’t go into her positions on anything because I want to hear her express them in the here and now (and see whether they jibe with her previous positions)–and this is why I’m so upset about our lack of access to her. My point in writing from this angle is to say that regardless of your position on those issues (and I think it’s safe to say I’m not on Palin’s side on any of them), the fact that the Republican party refuses to let us hear her should be offensive to anyone taking part in the political process.

    Excellent point on strategy, although as we saw, McCain didn’t do so well with the softballs….

    And yes, recipe Wednesday!

  15. Diana

    I know, I know. It makes me want to sing a slow round of “Nobody knows the troubles I seen…..”

    She ain’t talking because she already said everything she knows.

    I am now picturing her in a bunker classroom sitting at a desk, as every Republican Senior Legislator and Executive is paraded before her while she takes copious notes. ” No, honey, it’s not EYE-rack, or EYE-ran,” echoes Condi’s voice through the halls.”And get rid of the beehive. Looks like you’re hiding another baby in there. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.”

    We’ll hear more from the pistol packin’, Anita-Bryant-was-a-wuss Governor of Alaska after she has had her final exam in Vice-Pres-Prep 101.

    But to tell you the truth, I have bigger worries. Poor, poor Levi. I can’t stop thinking abou this kid. Knocking up your girlfriend is always a risk. But then to have your butt dragged out at the RNC, to have your whole future planned before your very eyes, not just baby, wife, and the Republican Party, not just a bear hug from John McCain and a cheeky touch from the future mother-in-law-from-hell, but to have every small snarky fantasy you have ever had just grabbed from you, or maybe every big dream too – boy, that is a high price to pay for a shag on a bear skin rug, isn’t it.

    Bristol is quickly becoming my personal poster child for what can happen to a young person with over zealous parents steeped in dogma and religion. Who knows what that girl is feeling, or if she is feeling anything. Can you see anything but BLANK on her face? Anything? I don’t think she has been given free choice in terms of her facial expression. Mother chose Deer Caught in Headlights as her facial expression until she is post partum. Did I use the word Choice? The only choice poor Bristol is going to have is whether the baby gets named North Slope or Caribou. And her oil drillin’ ma has already expressed HER preference on that one…

    (placing my Showboat DVD in the player to start rehearsing….)

    Oh Diana, this is just hilarious…would be funnier if it all didn’t ring so true, though….

  16. 09.08.2008

    whoops. sorry. I forgot to change the link to my new blog on that last one. I did it this time.

    Diana’s last blog post..Gina DePalma: Winner of the 2008 Bon Appetit Pastry Chef of the Year Award

    Noted 🙂

  17. 09.08.2008

    DARN. Sorry, Michelle. Nobody knows the trouble I seen did not come from Showboat. Old Man River did. Oh well. See, this topic got me all worked up 🙂

    Diana’s last blog post..Gina DePalma: Winner of the 2008 Bon Appetit Pastry Chef of the Year Award

    Freudian slip on the Old Man thing I’m sure 😉

  18. 09.08.2008

    Excellent post. I made my first political campaign contribution last week for many of the same reasons.

    Glad to hear it Annie 🙂

  19. 09.08.2008

    Just me here, with a couple of things to add – AMEN and GO OBAMA!
    I probably could add more but none of it would be new stuff. You did a great job of putting for your logic on the election! Wish more people would take things and compare, point-to-point, before making blind decisions about something like the elections.

    Woohoo! A PA voter too! Swing that state, girl! 🙂

  20. 09.08.2008

    I was a big Hillary supporter too, and was considering abstaining from voting, but McCain’s selection of Palin has served the purpose of convincing me I MUST vote Obama/Biden!

    (Biden was my second choice too!)

    suz’s last blog post..If This Is It

    I’m hoping there are a lot of us who got pushed into a decision for Obama, Suz 🙂

  21. 09.08.2008

    I will be posting a link on my blog for this entry!!
    You go girl!

    jmisgro’s last blog post..Monday Meal Plan/ Challenge

    Thanks for the linky love Joanne!

  22. All I gotta say is this: You go, girl.

    (Oh, and YES WE CAN.)

    Jessica, Italy Logue’s last blog post..The Weirdest Laws in Italy

    Thanks Jessica 🙂

  23. Carole in KC

    Bravissima Michelle, great post. The only other female I was voting for is no longer on the ticket. Back to Obama it is without any doubt, since I was fluctuating between the 2 before.
    The focus needs to be diverted back to what’s good for the country and away from Palin’s family. Her situation reminds me of those reality shows.

    Agreed Carole. Let’s hear some real proposals now.

  24. 09.08.2008

    Michelle, what you have written is so on target and I agree, totally, with you about the interview blackout; although, I guess she is going to give one this week. I am certain that we will hear her well thought out, cogent, “yes, I do have a brain” observations on the plight of the economy, social security, health, etc. But then, why do that when she can do snide so well? I only hope in time people begin thinking about the reality of what she offers, the fact that she has sacrificed her daughter to the world and, as friend Judith says, participating in a force marriage of children. What I really think is that McCain is already showing signs of senility.

    Jane’s last blog post..Sarah Palin

    See, that’s all I’m really asking for, Jane. I want to hear her speak about her positions and what *she* will do as Vice President (now that someone has surely informed her what it is that a VP does).

  25. 09.08.2008

    Michelle — Appreciate your post and your articulation of the issues so much. It’s been interesting for me, too, as someone who supported Obama from the primaries to hear from both you and another friend of mine (and suz above) as women who had supported Hillary and weren’t yet sure of what to do re McCain *until* he chose Palin — my friend had the exact same reaction as you, that this just made her choice completely clear.

    Diana’s comments are right on track too – I too have been wondering about the kids at the heart of this maelstrom. “You WILL marry our daughter and you WILL come up and be presented on stage at the RNC as part of our happy family tableau.”

    My friend Alison also had some good retorts to the McCain campaign claims that any inquiry or critique of Palin amounts to sexism. I quote:

    “You know what I find sexist & demeaning as a woman? The buttons on some in the crowd. Indiana delegates were sporting ones that read: Hoosiers for the hot chick. And the Alaska delegation: From the coldest state comes the hottest vice president. When the McCain campaign and the GOP apologize for that, then I might buy into the “sexist” criticism. (Ok, really I won’t because I don’t find it at all “sexist” to ask questions about her experience and qualifications.)”

    Check her out at

    Anyway thanks for another interesting and important discussion.

    Kim B.’s last blog post..I Should Have Chosen My Words More Carefully – “Important” Does Not Mean “Good”

    Thanks for that link; will definitely check it out.

    Yeah, Rush Limbaugh is actually turning out to be one of the biggest sexist pigs regarding the whole thing. What a shock.

  26. 09.08.2008

    I could not have said it better myself. Brava Michelle. Obama/Biden in 08!!!

    Italiamissima’s last blog post..Has anyone seen…

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  27. 09.08.2008

    WooHoo! You go girl! You got me all fired up! But seriously, possibly putting Palin in the White House is both scary AND irresponsible. I contributed to Obama/Biden after her speech and after McCains speech. What also scares me are these PUMA people that have jumped ship because Hillary wasn’t given the nomination or chosen for VP.

    Piccola’s last blog post..A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

    Yeah, well, the PUMA issue is a whole other ball of crap wax, isn’t it?

  28. 09.08.2008

    To Every. Single. Word.

    I too had decided on Hillary, I got to see her speak at my school; she was 50 feet from me and I forgot a camera -do you believe that?!- but she was fantastic. I was absolutely ready to put her in office.
    I cried three times during her speech at the convention here, when she asked her followers to give their votes to Obama.

    I am voting for Obama, things *must* change.

    This was so very well written, so powerful. Thank you!!
    And I love that you backed it up with tons of great information and links to support your perspective.
    That’s my lawyer girl! You go!

    He needs to hire you as his campaign manager.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    Wanderlust Scarlett’s last blog post..Ladies Choice ~ A Womans Right To Vote In America

    Hah, well at least Obama apparently has a pretty darn good campaign manager unlike our last few favorites….

  29. 09.09.2008

    Well said! I agree with it all!

    Shan’s last blog post..again with the weenie roast

    Thanks Shan 🙂

  30. 09.09.2008

    Wonderful post! You know how I feel about all this. We are at such an important point in history. I’ve never felt stronger about an election or more nervous about one.

    Anali’s last blog post..Dear Readers

    Yeah, that nervousness is just increasing every day for me….

  31. 09.09.2008

    excellent post michelle!!! and while i am not a US citizen, i too am holding my breath and watching this election closely like the rest of the world.

    as someone who works for children with special needs, i am just at lost for words at palin’s decision to run for office and leave her 5-month old child with down syndrome at home. and she promised that she will be an advocate for children with special needs and their families in the white house but had never done anything for people with disabilities in her 20-month office as a governor in alaska? what the heck?

    More disturbing to me is that she vetoed legislation that would’ve increased funding for special needs children in Alaska….

  32. SabineM

    YEAH!!!! I believe in Obama. I had the chance to hear him speak LIVE in 2007 and I believe in him!
    I don’t think it will be easy, but we need some fresh blood in the white house…..
    I believed in him when I FIRST heard him speak at the 2004 Democratic convention…..
    And up until THAT day , I never believed in any politician!

    SabineM’s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot: Montreal

    I hear you; I really do think Obama is one of those rare politicians that got into public service to serve.

  33. 09.09.2008

    “After all, McCain did meet Palin for fifteen minutes and then chatted her up on the phone once too. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t hire a dogsitter based on that level of contact.”

    BLESS YOU. I agree completely.

    You know, it’s a catchy line, but I’m completely serious. I would never trust Luna and Stella to even Uncle Matty or the Dog Whisperer if I only met them once and talked on the phone once. But maybe I’m just an overprotective doggie mommy 😉

  34. 09.09.2008

    I’m probably way behind, but a friend of mine just put this link up on her Facebook page . . .

    I hadn’t seen this Kim; 20,000 and going strong?! Wow!

  35. 09.09.2008

    I understand the conflict of letting a personal blog become political. My blog has soley been about writing, but like you, I had to say something. And I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut or my fingers from typing. If someone doesn’t want to read a political rant then they can skip that post. I always give fair warning. But, if we have something to say, we should say it. It’s not like Palin is saying anything, so we might as well fill the dead air.

    I can’t wait for this upcoming interview she’s doing. The Repubs have demonstrated that she knows how to read. What I want to know is can she think and speak intelligently. Because given her gaffe yesterday with the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac question, it doesn’t seem to be one of her strong suits. And I seriously hope Charles Gibson doesn’t softball it.

    And, by the way, can I just say how much I love your crack about requiring better vetting for your dogsitter than McCain did for Palin! So true!!

    Alison’s last blog post..another goal

    The gaffe on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac should be getting an amazing amount of air time, IMHO. She finally opens her mouth, and look what comes out? Yes, the interview should be interesting…although I have a feeling we’re going to hear very rehearsed answers anyway. The debate? Now *that* I look forward to 🙂

  36. 09.09.2008

    i had never heard of a Yellow Dog Democrat…but I think I can venture to say that I’ve been one for the past 4 years and I’ll more than likely be one for the rest of my life! After reading your post (most of which was reaffirming everything I had already known) I too am “barking mad!”

    Everything I see and hear from that party seems to be lies or attacks!

    Amen to everything you said!

    Eryn’s last blog post..Phoenix Phlog.

    I just hope this is the year the Dems finally fight back against all the lies and attacks.

  37. 09.09.2008

    oh and i forgot to mention that…….I think the design for the Obama campaign is the best I’ve seen!


    Eryn’s last blog post..Phoenix Phlog.

    I rather like it too 🙂

  38. oh you absolutely must vote

    I can’t imagine what will happen to this world if McCain wins.

    I’m floored at the level of deceit coming out of the Republicans this year. I shouldn’t be, I was raised around Republicans and Evangelicals and believe me, they can spin some lies. But this is too much.

    By the way, I grew up 15 miles away from Wasilla, Alaska and I lived even in Wasilla while Palin was Mayor. She was no where near as popular as people think. There was even a recall campaign that ended when she hired a city manager to lead the city for her.

    judy haley (coffeejitters)’s last blog post..Boat Dog

    Now *that* is most interesting news Judy. I heard of the recall campaign, but then again, I’m closely paying attention. Not sure how much others that have a passing interest are picking up of all these scandals.

  39. Jane

    Hi Michelle from Berlin.
    Un mazzo di fiori for one smart cookie!

    Palin’s reactionary views are scary.
    May the American people show vision and generosity this time
    and vote for Obama.

    Jane! So nice to see you! Hope all is well with you…I’m *still* working my way through your books…they’ve been so welcome 🙂

  40. Suzie

    Well, Americans have been voting for Bush twice.
    Why should they have become more intelligent?

    It is really really scary.

    I am glad about your open post!
    I hope you will open some eyes.
    Good luck America, good luck world.

    Thank you. We’ll need it.

  41. 09.11.2008

    Michelle, this is a simply excellent post. I was actually planning to post something similar later this week. What I’m most interested in is that people do what you did – LOOK AT THE ISSUES.

    Despite my site’s “button,” etc., Obama isn’t my dream candidate. To be honest, none of them were. When I looked at his policies, though, he was the closest match for my beliefs and I really, really like his career path and level of integrity. I do like choices he’s made around the campaign and I hope he sticks with his original convictions. I also hope that he listens to Hillary on health care and a few other issues.

    In the meantime, I’m going to do everything I can to help put him in office.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..What’s Cooking Wednesday: Fran’s Chicken

    Thanks Jenn. I love Obama’s integrity as well–his character is really what makes me believe in him (same with Joe Biden). I actually *trust* them to do what’s right for the country, and that’s a heck of a lot more I can say for most politicians, especially their opponents this go around.

  42. 09.11.2008

    Yannow, they are telling us she is ready to become the President of the USA at any moment but she isn’t ready to speak on anything to do with our country and her burden in the world.

    Judith in Umbria’s last blog post..Food for thought

    I hear you Judith. And I don’t get it either. Looks like we’ll hear from her soon though!

  43. 09.11.2008

    Preach it, Sistah! Loved this post.

    What I want to hear about, from both parties, are:
    1. what they plan to do to get the economy going in the right direction (and I don’t think fixing it is a one term issue…it’s going to get worse before it gets better, no matter who is in office.)
    2. what they plan to do to repair our Constitution, and take some of the powers away from the Executive branch that have been grabbed in these last 7 years. That’s a doozy, because we rarely see any government anywhere GIVE BACK powers, even if they know it’s the right thing to do.


    J’s last blog post..September 11, Again

    Will certainly be interesting to say the least, J.

  44. 09.12.2008

    Yep, great post, Michelle. I’m guessing you must have seen the Anne Kilkenny letter, but if not, take a read:

    I’m Australian, as I think you know, and I first travelled to the USA around 15 (gosh, maybe 17) years ago and travelled to a lot of places on and off over a few years and loved it. As a travel writer, I have a lot of opportunities to travel there, but – I’m sad to say – I simply can’t bring myself to go. Since the Bush government was elected the USA has become scary, morally-corrupt place, ran by arrogant, lying, scum-of-the-earth neo-cons, and I hate to use the language of fear they do, but they are E-V-I-L.

    The US just isn’t respected in the world anymore and has become a bit of a laughing stock. And I think Australia had too, to some extent, because of John Howard’s blatant support of Bush, and Australians themselves were also divided and insular. But now under a smarter government (under Kevin Rudd the country seems to be a bit more balanced, thoughtful and open minded.

    Like Australia needed Rudd, Obama is exactly what the US needs, a thinking person who’ll unite the country, a leader who is smarter than the average man on the street, who people can admire, and aspire to be like. I think it’s only with someone like Obama at the helm that people will start to respect the USA’s place in the world again.

    I totally disagree with the notion that personal blogs shouldn’t be political. But politics *is* personal. That’s the way it should be. Because it affects people’s lives. You *must* bring politics into your personal communication so you can affect change – that’s the only way to do it. That’s what grassroots politics is all about. Don’t let politics happen on some other level that you think you can’t control. Bring it into your realm, the everyday, so you (the smart Americans) have influence over those who are too easily influenced by the dumb-ass Palins (because let’s face it, there’s not much of an IQ there. This woman didn’t even own a passport for godsake!) and the ancient McCains. I mean, really, a 70-something year old should be fishing and reading books and travelling the world and writing his memoirs, not running for freakin public office.

    You need to do *something* and the blogosphere is the very place you should be doing it!

    Sorry for the rant, but this is one citizen of the world who is going to be very afraid for your country – and our world – if Palin and McCain get in. Think about it.

    (P.S I’m going to be posting on the topic too soon.)

    lara dunston’s last blog post..How travel writers ‘discover’ hotels

    Thank you so much for your comment, Lara. I love hearing from readers outside of the US, outside the process. I just read that the world would, as a majority, vote for Obama. Let’s hope Americans somehow become as informed as the rest of the world.

  45. 09.12.2008

    BTW… did you see the clips of the interview with Miss Alaska last night?

    Um… she may be overpowered yet.

    Nice that she doesn’t know her own party’s central foreign policy doctrine. Very impressive.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Where were you? September 11, 2001

    I did, and as I’ve said to others, I love her “In what respect, Charlie?” to try to buy time after being asked about the Bush Doctrine. Reminds me of being in law school and trying to pull one over on the professors when I didn’t read a case but was unlucky enough to be called on and subjected to the Socratic Method….

    Here’s a transcript of the excerpts…some (not much) was edited out of the broadcast I noticed.

  46. 09.13.2008

    Good to hear there are other democrats who have, and continue, to struggle with the most recent choices put in front of them. I stumbled upon my first ever Green Party Rally during the RNC in town last week… and nearly stumbled into Nader himself after his speech. I learned a lot, and found that much of what the Green Party represents taps into my dissatisfied democrat soul. It was a relief to be reminded that I have the right to vote my conscience and that choosing the lesser of two evils does not have to be our destiny. I left the rally feeling quite politically refreshed…. without having felt like I just survived a lobotomy. Not ready to make promises to vote for any candidate… especially after burning out on our “choices” during the primaries.

    Refreshing to find people who study their choices, and don’t vote purely on emotion.

    Christine’s last blog post..“Adult Christianity”: The Place to Buy HOLY CRAP since 1995

    Thanks for visiting Christine; I have to say the Green Party appeals a lot to me as well…so glad you feel politically refreshed. We all deserve that.

  47. Alison

    Crikey, I’m afraid for my country. I’m referring to Palin as “La VIPera” from now on. The banned book list was astonishing – Our Bodies Ourselves??? I also wanted Hillary but will do my duty and vote for Obama. The alternative is too damned scary.

    Couldn’t agree more Alison.

  48. michelle

    I’m turning off comments on this one not to stifle anyone’s views but because it’s being hit hard by spam (medical not political!). If you have anything to add to this discussion, contact me through the form above and I will post it here.

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