love thursday: lemon love

I’m celebrating lemon love this week.

Although this wonderful citrus fruit grows year round here, lemons still say l’estate to me. I *love* an ice cold glass of homemade lemonade; P prefers lemon slices sprinkled with salt.

As much as I love to enjoy lemons, though, I couldn’t split up this adorable pair:

Limoni love on Flickr

Even though I know that more are on their way.

Lemon blossoms on Flickr

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a lemon?

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  1. 04.24.2008

    I love lemon flavored anything. One of my favorites. I drink warm water with fresh squeezed lemon in it every morning. I wish we had the luxury of really fresh lemons here. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t permit it : ( I’ll never forget being in Sorrento and we stayed in a little hotel in a lemon grove…I was in heaven. I would just stand there and inhale dreamily.

    Erin’s last blog post..What an adventure!

    I was never a huge fan of lemons before coming here; now I *truly* appreciate them. Hope you’ll get your fill in Sorrento or another sunny place soon πŸ˜‰

  2. To paraphrase Eddie Murphy “Lemonade…that cool refreshing drink”.

    I also love lemon sorbet and the new lemon creme Girl School cookies. My sister said she would send them to me in Rome. I hope they make it through Post Italia or I will…really what could I do? Never mind.

    I like to take a bunch of lemons and put them in a pretty bowl on my dining table as a centerpiece.

    Happy Love Thursday to you.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Education in America…folks we have a problem.

    I’ve had good luck with cookies coming through, so I wish you the best of luck. They sound fabulous!

  3. 04.24.2008

    I’m a big lemon fan. Lemonade. Lemon on my fish. Lemon flavored anything. I even enjoy eating a lemon straight up from time to time. I dig the sour.

    music blog dude’s last blog post..John Lennon’s Real Love & Joy Division’s Isolation: An Essay

    You and my P would get along just fine, music blog dude πŸ˜‰

  4. elizabeth

    I love lemons. I love having fresh water with lemons in the frig all the time. I love lemons on everything I cook too. Yummy

    Yummy indeed–thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

  5. 04.24.2008

    I also love lemon anything. When I was little, my brother and I used to have contests to see who could keep on eating lemons without making that puckered up face. I think that it why I love tart fruits so much now.

    Hah! You were either going to LOVE or HATE lemons after that…so happy it went the way of the former πŸ™‚

  6. Gil

    I love: lemon on fish and most other seafood, lemoncello, lemon meringue pie, lemon ices, etc. Can’t wait until June when we get to Naples.

    YUM! June will be here before you know it Gil!

  7. 04.24.2008

    Lemon fiend here. Not only do they make my favorite pasta, some of my favorite desserts, my favorite cold remedy and great salad dressing, they also clean my copper pots faultlessly. They will not grow here without a limonaia which I am not rich enough to have.

    Judith in Umbria’s last blog post..Pate Γ  Choux– the gate to French Paradise

    Oh Judith, I’m always so sad when I see lemons abandoned and rotting on the ground here when I know there are so many people who would just love them.

    And yes, with some hot water, GREAT for relieving congestion! And speaking of bees and honey….

  8. Scicci

    I, to, have become a fan of lemon over the years. I think sipping on some ice cold homemade limoncello on the front porch on an excruciatingly hot and humid summer evening with a slight breeze in the air after the “bambini” have fallen asleep would be my favorite way to enjoy lemons πŸ™‚

    Mmm…limoncello! Definitely a great way to enjoy lemons πŸ™‚

  9. 04.24.2008

    I love lemons, can hardly imagine life — or at least eating — without them. It’s been warm enough lately I’m thinking about lemon sorbet.

    annoa2’s last blog post..The verbs around here

    Sorbet…yes…almost time!

  10. 04.24.2008

    Squeezed onto a nicely cooked fish.

    running42k’s last blog post..Rambly

    We won’t even think about making fish here unless we have lemons. Good thing there are a few trees nearby for us to “borrow” them πŸ˜‰

  11. 04.24.2008

    Hmmm, gotta try P’s lemon and salt snack. Sounds good. I love anything sour.
    I put lemon juice on the overcooked cauliflower I just ate in the company cafeteria. Lemon makes everything taste better.

    Linda’s last blog post..Bratty bambino goes spicy (sort of)

    P’s serving suggestion is a great way to use up the other half if you’ve used half a lemon on dinner too!

  12. 04.24.2008

    Lemon makes everything TASTE better. Sorry for the typo!

    Linda’s last blog post..Bratty bambino goes spicy (sort of)

    Typo? What typo? πŸ˜‰

    Oh and sorry about that cauliflower. Overcooking veggies is *far* too common around here I’ve found πŸ™

  13. cuzamora

    Lemon…mmmm…. Lemon roasted chicken with thyme or rosemary comes to mind…with lemon poppy cake for dessert…lemon scones for breakfast with a great cup of espresso…or a simple salad with feta cheese and lemon garlic dressing….

    Ok-now I have to make something lemony today!

    Happy Love and Lemon Thursday

    cuzamora’s last blog post..Doings…

    Wow, now *that* is a lemon meal! YUM!

  14. 04.24.2008

    My favourite things are lamoni everything! Lemon tarts, squares, lemon ice gelato, lemonade and on my bbq’d lightly breaded veal I like olive oil, lemon, oregano poured on top!

    Lucy’s last blog post..Morningside Mall – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    Sounds great Lucy! I’m coming over πŸ˜‰

  15. Sandy

    mmmm…..I love a nice glass of sweet ice tea with a few slices of fresh lemon on a summer day, lemon cookies, we make a dessert with angel food cake and lemon pudding and lemon meringue pie….mmmmmm. I think I could keep going, the list is endless!!

    Oh I’m getting *so* hungry….

  16. 04.24.2008

    We’re big lemon people around here too. When I was pregnant with Natalie, I was obsessed, OBSESSED with lemons. Ate them every day, several times a day and I ate them like P. It was bizarre and while I was doing it, I swore up and down “Oh, no, it’s not the pregnancy, I’ve always LOVED lemons.” Um. I don’t think I’ve eaten a lemon proper, much less with salt, since (and that was 12 years ago!)

    Too funny Nino! I’m thinking it *might* have been the pregnancy πŸ˜‰

  17. 04.24.2008

    (P.S. Natalie is now obsessed with lemons. She’s the lemon eater here now)

    Hah! You passed it along!

  18. 04.24.2008

    Ooooh…I am envious of people who can grow lemons year round! I love home-made lemonade too, but here in Chicago, lemon Italian ice is the preferred lemony choice in the summertime!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lemon blossom before. They’re beautiful! Happy Love Thursday!

    Sarah-Ji’s last blog post..Love Thursday–From the Heart

    Hey lemon Italian ice works too πŸ™‚

  19. 04.24.2008

    Lemon slices with salt?? I can see how that works since I love sweet and salty combos, but it never would have occurred to me to eat lemons that way!

    I’m not all that big on lemon on its own (as opposed to just a touch of flavor to something). Right now, though, I’m sucking down lemon ginger echinachea juice in the hopes of warding off this dang cold! πŸ™

    stefanie’s last blog post..If this post is insufferable, I blame the meds.

    I couldn’t do the lemon slices with salt (I’m not *that* into sourness) but P really loves it. You just stick to that juice for now and get better!

  20. 04.24.2008

    I love squirting lemon juice in my water. Not only tastes refreshing, but acts as a natural diuretic, too. Bonus! πŸ™‚ I also love lemon scented candles and body products, especially in the Spring and Summer. Fresh, light and boosts my mood.

    Christina Arbini’s last blog post..Happy Earth Day!

    Oh yes the smell! Love the smell of lemons!

  21. Novelist

    I love squeezing lemon on grilled chicken and vegetables; it brings out the natural flavors of the meat and veggies. Also, I love making freshly squeezed lemonade and adding sprigs of mint to it. Very refreshing. Also, tossing used lemons in the garbage bin for a day freshens it up too! πŸ˜‰

    Novelist’s last blog post..Walking In My Shoes

    Ooh mint…another of my absolute favorites!

  22. 04.24.2008

    Is it wrong that my immediate, no hesitation answer was Limoncello? πŸ™‚

    Heather’s last blog post..Letting Go

    Not at all Heather. Not at all πŸ˜‰

  23. 04.24.2008

    mmmm, I love everything about lemons…I use ’em when I’m roasting a chicken (with rosemary & olive oil), in pasta (lemon juice, salt & grated parmesan on hot pasta, YUM!), on a hot day as a cold drink, on a cold day as a hot drink! Love the picture of the lemon twins πŸ™‚

    Janet’s last blog post..Love Thursday

    Don’t you just love how lemons work in both warm and cold weather? Glad you like the photo πŸ™‚

  24. 04.24.2008

    lovely lemons — just the site (and scent) of them makes me anxious for summer. πŸ™‚ happy LT

    I’m getting anxious too….

  25. 04.24.2008

    On a hot Texas summer day – lemonade is the best. As a child at fairs and festivals you could buy half a lemon with a peppermint candy stick in the middle – yummy sweet and tart. But now when I think lemons, my favorite way to eat them is in lemon bars with a cup of coffee. Heaven.

    Jenn’s last blog post..A little about Me

    Well now that’s interesting–I’ll have to try that peppermint stick trick. I have lots of candy canes left over from late Christmas packages!

  26. 04.24.2008

    I was reading Heather’s comment…

    I have a question about Limoncello – what should it taste like? We brought a bottle home from our trip to Italy in ’06. I was so excited about trying it but the bottle I had tasted like rubbing alcohol I did not taste lemons and it was not sweet at all. Did I have a bad bottle?

    Jenn’s last blog post..A little about Me

    Oh goodness yes Jenn; limoncello is *definitely* sweet–hurt your teeth kinda sweet for some. And you can also taste the lemons…sounds like yours was a bit too old perhaps? Or just poorly made. Boo πŸ™

  27. 04.24.2008

    Ohhh…anything lemon-bar…that tart sweet is soo good!! Unfortunately, lemons are about $2.99/lb right now for some weird reason…so there hasn’t been too much lemon love happening here.

    sadira’s last blog post..OK, I admit…

    What crazy prices! I sure hope they come down πŸ™

  28. Joanne

    LEMON TARTS and LEMON SQUARES, sorry for screaming. I Looooove lemon tarts and squares, love them love them love them, irrationally. I would push old ladies aside to get to the last one. It is an ugly side of me, I know – I need help, but there you have it. I have so many ugly secrets. I am truly ashamed.

    Joanne’s last blog post..Expat survival tips 2

    The first step is admitting the problem Joanne; I’m happy you’re at that stage πŸ˜‰

  29. 04.24.2008

    I love lemons in so many ways! Of course the liquer Limoncello is delicious, and lemon juice used as a marinade makes everything taste better, and fresh squeezed lemon juice on seafood and in a salad, and…well I could could go on all day!

    Pat’s last blog post..A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour!

    Another lemon lover huh Pat?!

  30. 04.24.2008

    You have your own lemon tree?! How incredible! I love lemons, but I must admit that I prefer limes. And is there anything that isn’t better with lemons or limes? Lemon pepper chicken… lemon basil rice… lemon in my Diet Coke.

    Chel’s last blog post..Book-it, Baby

    We do have a lemon tree–limes don’t seem to exist here though πŸ™

  31. 04.25.2008

    I love lemons! When I was living in Italy I loved seeing the big lemons on the trees. The only thing I have never really liked has been lemon desserts but even that is starting to grow up me. It is a wonderful fruit! πŸ™‚

    Ginny’s last blog post..Dollar Dish Duel Update and some Olive-Thyme Bread!!

    You know I was never big on lemon flavor in sweets either, but it’s been steadily growing on me as well…aren’t we lucky?!

  32. This makes me think of the song, “Lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower so sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat.” Though I think your kissing “love”ly lemons are sweet.

    Susan from Food Blogga’s last blog post..Roasted Rainbow Carrots and String Beans with Citrus-Sage Glaze

    Thanks Susan–although P would definitely disagree with that song!

  33. 04.25.2008

    I love lemon anything just about!

    juice of 1/2 a lemon
    2 tsp superfine sugar (or to taste)
    a shot or so of vodka
    club soda to fill

    Refreshing grown up lemonade! Great with fresh berries thrown in for color, or if you have the forethought, freeze the berries in ice for fun ice cubes.

    Geggie’s last blog post..The Meme That Will Not Die

    Ooh I like the sound of that Geggie….

  34. 04.25.2008

    Ahh, just the wonderful aroma–citrus! I made zucchini bread just yesterday with double the amount of lemon zest and it was y.u.m. {the recipe is on my blog}
    Lovely photos too!

    nonizamboni’s last blog post..Love *story* Thursday

    Sounds fabulous! I need to get some zucchini….

  35. 04.25.2008

    Maybe I’m old school, but water with lemon is great. Next to no calories and is 100% healthy.

    Other than that, smoothies with lemons in them are pretty good. Something strictly lemon would be too strong, but mix it in with some other fruits to get a good variety of flavor.

    JBourne’s last blog post..Recycled Paper Promotional Products

    Oh I love water with just lemon too…and a lemon smoothie? I like it! Something with a berry perhaps?

  36. Melissa

    Mmm. Lemons. The beautiful little thing is so good to eat, drink and even clean with.
    I love salt with lemons too. There is a great little Mexican restaurant where I live that serves up fresh lemon drink. I think they call it limon fresco. Or something like that… It’s tart and tasty.
    Once in a while I’ll throw some lemon rinds into the disposal to give it a nice cleaning and wonderful smell of course!
    I’m not sure if it’s common in Italy but when we were in Sorrento years ago we came across a tree that had lemons and oranges. I took a picture so it was real, I promise. I guess they grafted it??? Anyways, I was in heaven in Sorrento because we drank a lot of delicious limoncello there. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a decent bottle of it in the states. I guess everything just tastes better in Italy.

    Melissa’s last blog post..Even White Boys Got To Shout

    Hi Melissa! That tree sounds fabulous! I’ve never seen one myself, but I would’ve believed you even without the photo πŸ˜‰

    And yes…for cleaning, lemons are great! The smell is just unbeatable πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by!

  37. MoscowMom

    I absolutely love the granita di limone that Caffe Tazza d’Oro near the Pantheon makes… I was in Minori during the summer and everything lemon was amazing. I love seeing the lemons growing everywhere! Like little suns everywhere you looked! I love lemon-infused olive oil, limoncello, fresh lemonade, lemon curd tart, lemon bars, lemon marinades…gosh, this is making me hungry!

    Me too! And I love the image of little suns everywhere…perfetto πŸ™‚

  38. 04.25.2008

    I love fresh squeezed lemonade, and my daugthers like to eat lemon slices with or without sugar. I also loved anything baked with lemon… lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon cream pie, etc. Yum!

    Lisa Damian’s last blog post..Book Review: Crazy Fool Kills Five by Gwen Freeman

    See now I might be able to eat slices with sugar…perhaps I can pull the switcheroo on P the next time he starts slicing….

  39. 04.25.2008

    What an amazing site you have! I love the photos especially.

    Becky’s last blog post..Vidalia Onions

    Aw thanks Becky, and thanks for coming by!

  40. 04.25.2008

    I’m allergic to citrus, so I can’t actually eat much or drink lemonade.

    I love to use lemons as garnish, or cut them up and have them in a bowl scenting the room.

    Or put them in a pitcher of water or white wine.

    Devon Ellington’s last blog post..Friday, April 25,2008

    Oh goodness, allergic to citrus? Tragic! Glad you still found *some* ways to enjoy lemons though πŸ™‚

  41. 04.25.2008

    Fresh squeezed into lemonade or anything with fish. I think I love fish only because I get to eat lemons with fish.

    Lemon meringue pie is wonderful, too.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Music Monday – “Respect” – Aretha Franklin

    Ha, I think I might be with you on the fish πŸ˜‰

  42. 04.26.2008

    Lemons. I love them. Nothing reminds me more of summertime, except for maybe the smell of coconut. I love lemon meringue pie. I also love those old fashioned lemon drop candies my grandmother used to keep in her candy dish. I especially love the new lemon zing line that The Body Shop has just introduced.

    Carrie_mar’s last blog post..Guest Article: How To Improve Your Photography in 5 Minutes

    Ooh coconut is another of my faves! And lemon drop candies! Yes yes!

  43. Rebecca

    grated (the rind) onto vegetables roasting quickly in a deliciously hot oven!! And a little squeeze at the end for an extra little tickle!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Words and Worms

    Oh how very zesty Rebecca! Hah!

  44. 04.26.2008

    With tequila, baby …


    Cherrye’s last blog post..Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits – La Buona Cucina Americana

    Blech! It’s all yours!

  45. 04.26.2008

    Do you mind if I stomp, whine and pout like a 3 year old? I WANT A LEMON TREE!!! IIIIII WANTTTT AAAA LEEMMONNNN TREEEE!

    Ok, now that I’ve vented… every time we’ve visited Italy I’ve marveled at lemon trees. I once took 100 pictures of one lemon tree. They are one of the most perfect, beautiful things to look at. If I could have one thing at this moment it would be a lemon tree. I got engaged next to one! Thanks for the lovely pictures.

    We Are Never Full’s last blog post..Grazie…Gracias…Thank You

    Hey if there’s anything worth stomping and pouting over, it’s a lemon tree…I hope you get your wish someday! I mean, that’s not the same as wishing a lot of “lemons” on someone is it? I mean it in the best possible way I swear πŸ˜‰

  46. 04.26.2008

    I love lemons! You can’t beat a nice tart glass of lemonade on a hot day.

    Shan’s last blog post..technically speaking

    Mmm…now all we need are those hot days. OK, warm days πŸ˜‰

  47. 04.27.2008

    Love the photo of the two lemons. Beautiful.
    I think I enjoy the lemon most in fresh squeezed lemonade and have to say it says summer to me as well.
    I also love cooking with the lemon and I make sure I put lots in my
    hummus and tabouli.

    cheeky’s last blog post..i do love thee

    Hummus…yum…you remind me I need to make some….

  48. 04.27.2008

    Thanks for visiting me. I love the lemon pics; I can almost smell the lemony freshness. πŸ™‚

    Tiffani’s last blog post..Play ball

    Ah the scent of a lemon…thanks for coming by Tiffani!

  49. 04.27.2008

    the real question is, is there a way in which i don’t like a lemon?

    lemonade and lemon curd are probably my top two. lemon pound cake, limoncello and lemon gelato are up there too.

    michelle @ TNS’s last blog post..Thursday Night Smackdown: Ladies’ Night Poussin

    Ooh pound cake. Have to make a pound cake too….

  50. 04.28.2008

    LIMONCELLO!!!!!! and anything else with lemon, I’m a lemon fiend πŸ™‚ mmmmm lemon pound cake…..

    I take it you like Limoncello just a bit? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by!

  51. jody

    I made the most wonderful lemon daiquiris a few weeks ago. Fresh squeezed lemon, ice, blended with rum and a tad of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm

    jody’s last blog post..Aye Calypso

    Oooh that sounds heavenly….

  52. Rachel

    How sad am I that I moved to Italy and gave up my lemon tree? In San Francisco, I just walked out to the back yard and grabbed lemons to put on everything I cooked. In Florence, though… supermarket lemons are just not the same. I have a friend from Sicily whose mother sends him boxes of lemons, and sometimes I get a few.

    But my favorite thing to do with a lemon is to squeeze it over watermelon. It sounds weird but it is the perfect marriage of sweet and tart. I was offered this once at one of those side-of-the-road anguria stands, and now it is my favorite way to have both these things. The lemon juice sort of dribbles into the holes where the watermelon seeds are… mmm. Now I ask for this at every anguria stand, but it must not be common because they usually look at me funny.

    How ironic, Rachel, that you moved to Italy and now lack lemons! Gah! Interesting idea with the watermelon…Cherrye of My Bella Vita talks about putting salt on hers, so I imagine it’s along the same lines…what about salt *and* lemon?! I think my P would love watermelon then πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for coming by!

  53. Austen

    Lemon Love…for sure!
    My wife just picked lemons from our “Healthy this year” tree, and is making our second batch of Limoncello.
    Making it in California is tough! We have the lemons, but need to go out of state to get the grain alcohol!
    But we have some now. Batch 1 needed far more “smoothing out” than we gave it. Lots of lemon, but needed another cup or more of sugarwater. We were afraid to “taste test till its right”: would have laid us out!

    Well it sounds like you had great fun making it! Happy limoncello-ing πŸ™‚

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