september i hardly knew ye!

september aspen by william hookI completely forgot about my Monthly Musing this month! Why is that? Probably because I love, love, love September and was too busy enjoying it…and didn’t it just fly by?!

September is my second favorite month after October, my birth month (the 18th if you’re keeping track), which is really like September Plus in my mind–but more on that another time.

So to me September is:

Relief from heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and all the nasty stuff about summer
that makes me irritable just thinking about it…

Renewed energy and fresh starts–
this from years of the school year really starting to kick into gear…

Smells of wood burning, rainy mornings, and
actual hot meals coming off the stove and out of the oven…

A crispness in the air coupled with warm sunshine, and
never knowing exactly how to dress for the weather…

Longer walks with the dogs because I won’t be pouring in sweat and
dreading every successive step…

Shorter but not too-short days, which means more cuddle time
with P as well as with the pooches…

I always love the glorious ninth month, and this year was no different. Thanks for the memories, September! Loved it, loved it, loved it, and I can’t wait to greet October (doesn’t hurt that Season 3 of “Lost” starts here tomorrow–yeah!!!!).

Now tell me do–
what do *you* like about September?

P.S. Have you noticed that I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo? If you’re a blogger and want to pledge to post something every day during the month of November and join a great community besides, go here.


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29 Beans of Wisdom to “september i hardly knew ye!”
  1. Jeni

    Woo Hoo! Your birthday and my granddaughter’s – Princess Maya -are the same! She’ll be four on the 18th! A very good day that is I might add too!
    September is normally a gorgeous month but here, this year, we’ve had a bit more rain than I like although the farmers I suppose loved it. But today – it’s a gorgeous cool but sunny fall day in PA! You can picture that in your mind’s eye, I’m sure, can’t you?

  2. Farfallina

    So October 18th is Michelle’s b-day! πŸ™‚ 3 weeks before mine! (hint, hint)

    I love, love, love fall! Warm food, fireplace, nice clothes πŸ™‚ anticipation for the holidays!

    Saw NaBloPoMo… I think I’m up for it! Daily posts in November, eh. I’m up for the challenge πŸ™‚

  3. Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights

    Season 3 is soooo addictive. It’s finished here in the US. We’re waiting for Season 4 to start in 2008. I’m such a LOST addict.

  4. sognatrice

    Jeni, wow, the same day! How about that? I can definitely picture your gorgeous fall day in PA…and if I were in still in PA, I’d also have mentioned those Friday night/Saturday afternoon football games too πŸ˜‰

    Farfallina, three weeks…puts you at…November 8 if we’re talking *exactly* three weeks. Are we?

    I hope you do join the blogging fun–and remember to add me as a friend!

    Miss Mrs, another addict, eh? You cannot believe how excited we are in this house. Or maybe you can πŸ˜‰ Actually I’ve restrained myself from even looking for information or episodes, etc., of Season 3 (the US is always at least a season ahead of us on any US-produced shows). My OH doesn’t speak English, so it just wouldn’t be fair if I stooped to downloading.

    Aren’t I a nice girlfriend?

  5. Dee

    Hi, I am a first time visitor to your blog and I have to say, I love it. Very very fun!
    I am going to add yours to the list of blogs in my blog roll.(Hope that’s okay!)

    Sept. happens to be my second most fav month of the year, after April!
    And yeah Lost season 3 was good..I am sure you will enjoy.

  6. stefanie

    September DID whoosh by… which is weird considering how long the awfulness of August dragged on this year.

    It’s time to start thinking about NaBloPoMo again already?? Sheesh. Time flies. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do that again this year. I should, but… Oh, I don’t know. I have a month to commit yet, right? πŸ™‚

  7. Michael C

    Thanks for visiting my Blog!!! September is much different to me here in Southern California. it’s basically the long, slow still hot ending to summer. But, holiday stuff starts appearing in the stores and people start decorating with pumpkins. I like your version of September a little more πŸ˜‰

  8. sognatrice

    Dee, welcome! I’m glad to hear that you think it’s fun around here πŸ™‚ And thanks for making the anticipation of “Lost” all that much greater πŸ˜‰

    Stefanie, you have plenty of time to decide (and I’ll be happy to email you every day to remind you if you want) πŸ˜‰

    Michael, sounds like I like my September better too–even in southern Italy we have cooled off considerably, and I’m *very* grateful!

  9. Wicked H

    Hey October is my birth month too. I knew I liked you for a bunch of reasons!!

  10. Shan

    I love September too, now that I’m past all that back to school anxiety.

  11. Tejase

    How fitting your title is! September has flown by faster than any month of this year thus far! I, too, love September for the promise of a fresh start and new possibilities… even more so than January, it seems.

    I love the smell of September on a cool evening… I can smell Christmas already. I love how September invites me to burn my pumpkin-scented candles and feel the warmth of a new season, hinted with nutmeg. I love the calm September bestows upon me… giving me a chance to be soothed by my favorite comfort foods.

    Lastly, I love September because I can taste my pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks once again. (However… I, too, am not thrilled with Starbucks in Italy)

    Happy early Birthday to you, Sognatrice! Enjoy being “Lost”!

  12. The Passionate Palate

    I love, love, love September for all the reasons you mentioned plus crunchy leaves, hearty stews, truffled dishes, richer foods, redder wines, fires, sweaters, and like you – cuddling with my sweetie.

  13. sognatrice

    Wicked, ooh, another! And the feeling is mutual πŸ˜‰

    Shan, you definitely have an added stress (or a million) to September…now you can enjoy October πŸ™‚

    Tejase, what lovely images…and that pumpkin spice that people keep mentioning and torturing me with. Oh how I loved it so!

    Thanks for the early b-day wishes, and the countdown to “Lost” is most definitely on–they are showing the first 3 episodes of the season tonight! Isn’t Italy wonderful?

    Jeni, I thought about mentioning sweaters, but around here, those are more Octoberly…can’t wait! And stews…mmmm….

  14. Leanne

    I love September in Australia because it is the start of spring and means summer is soon to be ours!

    But now that I am in Italy, well I love September because it means hopeful soon I can stop sweating like a little piggy with this scirocco heat. Also its the best month to swim in the sea as the water has been warmed all summer, yet the sun is normally not as strong as peak summer time.

  15. Shelley - At Home in Rome

    I am also a fellow September lover. And I also agree that it FLEW this year… what the heck?

    SO, NaBloPoMo eh? I did that last year and sailed through it, it was a lot of fun and brought me a bunch of new readers. Not sure if I’ll be doing it this year though… it is quite a commitment. Have fun!

  16. Poppy Fields

    I feel like the year starts in September and I like the possibilities this feeling offers…new starts, changes…
    I want to do NaBloPoMo.

  17. Sparky Duck

    October so beats out September! Its when I was hatched ya know.

    I have to remember the NaBloPoMo this time, though I think I technically am close to doing a post a day always

  18. Karen Cole

    What do I love about September? Hmmmm

    Visiting Italy!!!!!


    Cool Italian mornings, warm Tuscan sunny afternoons. Seeing the heavy grapes hanging from the vines. Olives turning black…….

  19. Lucy from Toronto

    I love September because it gets cooler, the leaves start to change, the moon looks lower, redder, the apples in the orchards are ready, the pumpkins are almost if not ready, it’s time for school,new clothes, new shoes, new books. The sun starts to rise later and I can see the sunrise after a whole summer of missing it.
    And it’s just before my favourite month of the whole year!!! October! I love October, harvest time (i’m not a farmer though)…pumpkins, decorating for Halloween, Canadian Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Halloween (I like it better then christmas) and then NOV. 1st, my daughter’s birthday, oh well one day late. You can’t beat All Saint’s Day! Unless of course it’s your own birthday…:)

  20. sognatrice

    Leanne, excellent point about the sea–it’s so lovely right now!

    Shelley, well if you decided to participate, you know I’ll be waiting with open arms…and an Italy group to boot πŸ˜‰

    Meredith, yeah, do it! And make sure you look me up and become my friend πŸ™‚

    Sparky, ooh, another October baby. There do seem to be a lot of us in the blogosphere from the end of September on through October….if you do NaBloPoMo, be sure to find me!

    Karen, all excellent observations! Those grapes were heavy early this year, too.

    Lucy, I’m with you on October! You’ll have to come back when I post my Monthly Musing for our favorite 31 days of the year πŸ˜‰ Ah, and my mom’s mother’s birthday was November 1 too.

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting–loved your words πŸ™‚

  21. Wanderlust Scarlett

    September is lovely, and fall birthdays are wonderful things.

    I am right with you on the whole list.

    LOVE the new look on your title… how’d you DO that? ;o)-

    such a whiz!

    Scarlett & V.

    PS – will do my best to read all your posts… but I can’t commit to that during school or I’ll have to be ocmmitted! ha ha ha…

  22. Rob

    I am going to wish you for your birthday now, cos I will forget. Happy birthday for the 18th!

    I love September as well – first off it is my favourite time of year to go home to Cape Town – it is spring there and the weather is normally wonderful – not too hot, the spring flowers are plentiful and Table Mountain is usually fully visible and not hidden under its tablecloth(cloud).

    Secondly, in Ireland I love September because it signals the end of our ‘season’ at work, and I get to enjoy the peace of the grounds during the day, instead of having to battle my way through hordes of screaming kids.

    I also love the drop in temperature and the leaves that start to turn on the trees.

    Strangely enough this year, after our crappy summer, September has actually seen higher temperatures than across the summer, but the leaves turned anyway, and the sense of impending winter is in the air…

  23. Clubbs

    I’m totally with you on loving the crisp air and sunshine!

    And I’m an October birthday, too! (3rd)

    Every, Every Minute

  24. sognatrice

    Scarlett, ah, you noticed the new header? Glad you like it–it’s called “Playing around in Photoshop.”

    And reading all my posts is plenty of commitment in my eyes πŸ˜‰

    Rob, ah, what great September thoughts. I love the image of Table Mountain and its tablecloth. We’ve had some quite cool temps in September as well as some quite warm–all over the place, really, but always nice πŸ™‚ Ah, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Bob, happy early birthday to you as well, although yours is quite soon. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  25. Erin

    I love September, but I too love October better (my birthday is the 11th). It’s been rather cold here in September so I’m hoping October is nicer…which so far it is.

  26. Jen

    I agree, September is a lovely, lovely month. We spent most of ours up in the 80s, though, and I am SO ready for the cooler weather. Yeah. October, here I come!

  27. sognatrice

    Erin, happy early birthday! Another Libra πŸ™‚

    Jen, it was pretty warm throughout September here as well…I’m loving these early October nights now πŸ™‚

  28. My Melange

    I love September because the nights get cooler(great sleeping weather), the air gets crisper and the leaves turn color. I also love fresh apple cider and of course apple cider doughnuts. Oh yeah…and I’ll always have Paris πŸ˜‰

  29. sognatrice

    Robin, I’m so with you on the cool sleeping nights and the apple cider…mmm…and yes, you *will* always have Paris πŸ™‚

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