meme italiano: kinda like the mambo but not

As promised yesterday, here is my first Italian meme!

I’ve completed it in both Italian and English, and the only rule is “Don’t make fun of my Italian.” Avete capito?

Let’s continue then.


Con piacere accetto l’invito di New Brigand a rispondere ad alcune domande sul rapporto che ho con il vino.

Sei più vino rosso, bianco o rosé?
Rosso, rosso, rosso! Non c’è dubbio. Non mi piace rosé per niente e bevo il bianco solo se non c’è nient’altro.

La tua prima volta?
Che domanda! E’ terribile che non mi ricordo?

La migliore associazione tra un vino e una portata?
Le fette delle pesche inzuppate del vino rosso (come ha fatta la nonna una volta).

La tua migliore degustazione?
Mi piacciono sempre i vini della Sicilia e anche quello del mio suocero. Che altro!

Chi sceglie il vino in casa tua e chi amministra la cantina?
P. E’ meglio così perché non so niente di vino.

Quanti vini hai in cantina?
Sinceramente solo uno—quello del mio suocero! Ma cuciniamo anche con un vino bianco di Cirò (Calabria).

Come inizieresti un giovane al vino?
Come ha detto New Brigand, con gli amici—come tutte le cose mi sembra.

Salute! Cent’anni!


With pleasure, I accept the invitation of New Brigand to respond to some questions about my relationship with wine.

Are you more white, red, or rosé?
Red, red, red. Without a doubt. I don’t like rosé at all and I drink white only if there’s nothing else.

Your first time?
What a question! Is it terrible that I don’t remember?

The best pairing between a wine and dish?
Peaches soaked in red wine (like my grandmother used to do).

Your favorite?
I always like Sicilian wines but I also like my father-in-law’s wine too. Of course!

Who chooses the wine at your house or who manages your wine cellar?
P. It’s better this way because I don’t know anything about wine.

How many wines do you have in your wine cellar?
Honestly, just one—my father-in-law’s! But we also cook with a white wine from Cirò (Calabria).

How do you introduce a young person to wine?
As New Brigand said, with friends—like everything I think.

Cheers! A hundred years!

And now some photos of our cantina, or at least our soon to be cantina when we switch to the bigger house:

I won’t tag anyone, but if anyone would like to play in either English or Italian (or both!), please do and leave me a comment saying as much so we can find your answers.

And while we’re sort of on the subject (wine and food go hand in hand after all), I’m putting a call out to all my foodie friends.

If you like to cook, bake, or even just eat, you should check out what’s happening at Jenn’s Foodie Blogroll.

It’s a convenient way to keep track of all of your fellow food lovers, so why not join? Just click the above graphic, link, here, or the link on my sidebar. See how easy?

Then pour yourself a glass a wine and settle in for some great foodie recipes, tips, tales and such.

And we’re full circle.


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28 Beans of Wisdom to “meme italiano: kinda like the mambo but not”
  1. Ms Adventures in Italy

    Ue, brava!! 🙂

  2. Alexandra

    bella cantina! are there spiders?

  3. Judith in Umbria

    Good job.
    I am convinced that one should drink rosé only in France, where it is really good. Italian, Portuguese and US are crappy.
    What about Prosecco? It pairs with most of my life!
    I am not doing this one. Waaay too inexpert to make it interesting, but since I have so many sommelier friends, what do I need to know all that for?

  4. Giulia

    OMG, you just brought back one of my best childhood memories…peaches and wine! My Father used to always put sliced peaches in his wine jar and by the time the jar was empty, the peaches had soaked up a good amount of wine. I always used to sneak in the jar and steal the peaches when they weren’t looking. I love love love peaches! And the red stuff stuck to them made em even tastier. *wink* Ummmmmm, yumm, just thinking abut it makes my mouth water. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing you were refering to though.

  5. J.Doe

    I thought my mother-in-law was nuts for putting peaches in a glass of red wine but then I tasted them and was hooked. So tasty!!

    randi Reply:

    HI, I never made peaches in wine before and I would really appreciate someone telling me what type of red wine to use. Thanks.

    michelle Reply:

    Your favorite red wine is probably the best choice, Randi 🙂

  6. Newbrigand

    Great Sognatrice those “damigiane” remind me of the many times I have been with my father in that kind of cellars and how much I was fascinated by the winemaking, on the other hand I am not far from where you are from.

  7. alexmom

    My grandfather grew great peaches in his garden in the Bronx, and made his own wine. Then combined the two. We ate the peaches under the grapevines in the back yard. Thanks for reviving wonderful childhood memories.

  8. Carole D.

    Senza dubbio sei bravissima con il tuo italiano! Ho capito tutto.

    Sono molto contenta che hai fatto (il) o (la) meme italiano. Non so se sarebbe f/m.

    Bella giornata e cent’anni!

  9. sognatrice

    Ms A, grazie 🙂

    Alexandra, I haven’t seen one yet, but there are rabbits; the other part of the cantina (it’s quite large) is where my in-laws raise their rabbits. Don’t worry, there’s at least a window in that part for them.

    Judith, I’m not a big fan of prosecco either. And (are you sitting down?) I hate champagne. But like rosé, maybe I’m just drinking it in the wrong place.

    Giulia, yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking of. My grandmother didn’t do them in jars, per se, usually just at the table with a little glass of wine, she’d peel a peach and drop in some pieces. Then, of course, fish them out and eat them off the little paring knife used to peel 😉

    JDoe, I agree, it does sound strange until you try the wine-soaked peaches. Yum!

    Newbrigand, thanks for checking out the meme. I figured if I did it in both English and Italian, someone, somewhere would understand! I’m fascinated by wine-making too, but believe it or not, I haven’t fully participated yet. Perhaps this fall will be the time.

    Alexmom, another peaches and wine memory…where did that “peaches and cream” saying come from anyway?!

    Carole, boh–I don’t know if meme is masculine or feminine either. English words adopted in Italian are always the hardest for me to remember the gender, in fact. Thanks for the compliments, btw. Piano, piano 😉

  10. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Ho capito! (well 85% of it)

  11. Ally Bean

    You are inspiring to me. I find it tricky enough to do a meme in one language– but, in two languages?!! So cool.

  12. Rebecca

    those photographs have again (of your cantina) whirled up memories for me. I had Italian neighbours when I lived in Canada, Tina and Luigi (sp??) and they never ever really became Canadian. They had such a place in their basement…she taught me how to cook ‘the right way’ and inevitably how to eat and drink the right way!!!

  13. Rebecca

    oh, I forgot to add, after eating Italian food for hours at their place…the desert would be peaches, or some other type of sliced fruit with wine poured over it….yum…..

  14. JennDZ

    I saw Giada De Laurentiis once put grilled peaches in wine it looked incredible!

    Thanks so much for the shout out about the Foodie Blogroll – It is going to be a fun group!

  15. Paolo

    Ce l’ho! I mean, tag me! Ho bisogno di pratica per scrivere in italiano… you can make fun of me all you want, for me it helps! 😀

    Per quanto riguarda “meme” — Michelle ha ragione, e’ un sostantivo maschile.

    Pesche inzuppate del vino rosso? Le avro’ stasera!!

  16. sognatrice

    NYC, you were closed to getting tagged for this, so you better have understood!

    Ally, thanks. If I start posting bilingual every day, I’ll be impressed with me too 😉

    Rebecca, I’m so glad you remembered your neighbors! I love remembering my old neighbors too, although they weren’t Italian. Sylvia, though, did bake me a cake *every* year for my birthday, and I particularly remember one with a Barbie in the middle, the cake being her dress. And this was a woman who already had 4 kids!

    Jenn, oh that Giada. Such a copycat 😉

    Paolo, I was so going to tag you, so now that you’ve volunteered, you’re it! Buon divertimento!

  17. cheeky

    This was great. I loved that you did it in Italian.
    I see the peaches brought back memories for many. As soon as I read that I thought “yummy”. Sounds so good. I look forward to trying that one.
    I’m excited about the foodie blog. I had a peek already.

  18. sognatrice

    Cheeky, you definitely have to try the peaches. You won’t be disappointed!

  19. BecsLifeOnline

    *Sigh* I thought I was doing well with my Italian but I understood none of this 🙁 I know: “Where is the hotel?”, “How much does this cost?”, “Can I have some water please?”, “Thankyou, Please, Yes, No etc.”, “I don’t feel very well”, “Can I book a table?”, and a few others, and unfortunately, none of this happened to come up in the blog ha ha ha.

  20. Andrea Micheloni

    Complimenti per la lingua 🙂 te la cavi molto bene!

    (far better than my english, by the way…)

  21. sognatrice

    Bec, you know the important things, and so long as you know that “vino” is wine, you’ll be just fine 😉

    Andrea, grazie ma ti devo dire che non ho capito “te la cavi molto bene!” Ma adesso sì, grazie a te 🙂

  22. The Daily Rant

    I hope this doesn’t post twice since I’m having a little connection problem…

    OK, did I miss something? Are you and P married?

    I didn’t think you were and if you’re not, why do you say “father-in-law” and “in-laws” when you speak of his parents? Is that an Italian thing over there?

  23. sognatrice

    Daily Rant(er), no you didn’t miss anything, and actually yes, it is an Italian thing–from the moment you’re remotely seriously dating, your OH’s family becomes your inlaws. Weird, but there’s really no choice but to go with it. I still remember the first time someone referred to my mother-in-law in passing.


    Good thing she’s a nice lady, otherwise I would’ve had nightmares 😉

  24. rochambeau

    Must try Red tonight! 🙂

  25. sognatrice

    You won’t regret it Rochambeau!

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