rainbows sure are purty

Today’s weather is crazy!

When I prepared the last post, we were having all kinds of nasty weather. There have been high winds the entire time, but we’ve also gone from cloudy to foggy to rainy to sunny to hail-y back to the rain, sun, clouds, oh the whole gamut over and over again in cycles. Some thunder and lightning mixed in for fun.

Oh, and did I mention that rainbows are part of the cycle?

Here’s the first, faint rainbow:

And then about fifteen minutes later, this one:

And then another fifteen minutes later, this one:

We’re currently in a high winds and clouds state, but more rain/hail should be coming soon. P tells me this used to be what March was like around here–seems like we’ve skipped a month somewhere along the way….


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13 Beans of Wisdom to “rainbows sure are purty”
  1. Cherrye

    There ARE a lot of rainbows around here, aren’t there? I love that. If you are getting a little sun you are doing better than us.

    Funny, my “P” says something like “If it doesn’t rain in February, then we don’t have water in the oceans in the summer….” I don’t know…

  2. sarala

    Beautiful. I’ve never been to Calabria. I’ll take your bad weather over mine any day.

  3. sognatrice

    Cherrye, yes the rain is completely normal for this time of year (in fact, it should’ve been doing that for months now!), but the weird rain, sun, cloud, rainbow, repeat type of thing is what my P was talking about…and apparently what the town has been talking about today ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sarala, come on down!

  4. Anonymous

    here it’s just been MEGA windy. Oh with a bit of rain, even though the forecast is for sun…??

    anyway, is a bit of winter weather, which we haven’t really have any of this year. Vanessa

  5. Karla

    rainbows. I adore rainbows. We used to live in a place that had amazing views over the Oslofjord and we saw some incredible rainbows. One was a quadruple one, it took up the whole sky. Amazing.

    We’ve got snow, right now. Snow uponn snow. No rainbows, unfortunately. Everything is white and colorless. Like a living black and white photo.

    I linked to you on my blog…you’re my first Italian!

  6. J.Doe

    Great shots! I love rainbows. (the real kind, not just drawings of them)

  7. Becslifeonline

    I LOVE rainbows!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for posting these pics!

  8. Enza

    Not sure how i came across your blog but i absolutely love it. I am Sicilian although I was born in the states but your writings remind me of all the stories my mom and dad tell and all the ones my Nonna use to tell about the customs, cultures and the downright unexplainable.

  9. Tracie B.

    that looks like paradise!

  10. nyc/caribbean ragazza


  11. franca

    Hi Sognatrice.

    You have a very cool blog…and you’re a fellow writer, who lives in my favorite place in the whole world. So jealous :). Thanks for sharing those lovely rainbows. And here’s a link to another writing blog that might interest you….


    Take care.

  12. sognatrice

    Aw Karla, you’re making me blush…thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome Enza and Franca–what lovely Italian names you have!

    Glad everyone liked the rainbows. I was hoping for a double one, but, well, I was just being greedy.

  13. Bongga Mom

    Oh wow, you are so lucky, not only the land around is beautiful but now, so is the sky! Although it’s pretty darn good here in California right now, 65 degrees and sunny… ๐Ÿ™‚

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