Pigskins Aren’t Just for Frittole* Anymore!

Indulge me, non-sports fans, but I’m having a moment.

Right now I am watching the Eagles-Giants game LIVE and IN ENGLISH on Sky Sport. No, we don’t even have any “extra” sport channels; this is just what’s already included in our package. I had no idea! They’ll have on all the playoff games, in fact, according to my handy dandy Sky Guide.

And, as a special treat, at halftime there was a recap of the NFL season narrated by (I’m tearing up here) Harry Kalas. God I missed that voice. If only he had managed to work in “Outta here…homerun…Michael Jack Schmidt!”

Yeah, I know that would’ve been a lot weird (wrong sport, wrong decade and all), but a girl can dream. After all, just a few hours ago, I never would’ve imagined that I’d be cheering on Jeff Garcia (huh?) and the Birds in the NFC Wild Card Game.

Have I mentioned that I love my Sky TV?

*It’s in Italian, but I found a link where you can see a picture of frittole–boiled pig parts that didn’t otherwise make the cut. Yeah, um, don’t expect this to appear on What’s Cooking Wednesday. Ever.


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4 Beans of Wisdom to “Pigskins Aren’t Just for Frittole* Anymore!”
  1. Giulia

    OMG, I thought I had left football back in Jersey! It’s on Skye, and LIVE?! I’m not a sports fan. Every Sunday, after the season started, when my family would be watching it, I would be bored out of my mind. Ironically, I gave birth to my first child 8 years ago, on Super Bowl Sunday!
    I think there’s a connection there. Every time I see a game, it triggers off painful memories for me. lol

    I did like the Super Bowl parties though… always had great food!

    Glad you’re enjoying your Skye!
    Did you sign up for any special packages? We signed up when they were doing the 50% off deal.
    11 euros for the first 4 months. 🙂

  2. sognatrice

    Don’t worry Giulia. Just convince hubby that the only thing on the 200 channels is curling. Yes, we signed up during the same half-price deal. They always have something good going on to entice us.

    Too funny about Super Bowl Sunday…I was born during a World Series game, so I think my fate was sealed as well 😉

  3. Elle

    Useless info coming here… but I just googled ‘italian sky tv for expat’ and guess who came up 4th on the list!

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