Win a Copy of 52 Things to See & Do in Calabria Travel Guide



This is my 1,000th published post on this blog–and I could not have planned this more perfectly. Here is the cover of my Calabria travel guide (designed by Melissa Muldoon of Melissa Design), soon to be released for Amazon Kindle:

52 Things to See & Do in Calabria Travel Guide

This is the first in a series written by fellow Italy residents: Locals Know Italy Travel Guides. Current places in the works include:

These guides are specifically designed to be unconventional—starting with the authors. Unlike the vast majority of travel guides, Locals Know Italy books are written by people who live or have lived in the subject area and, most importantly, love it.

By digging deep into the character of the place and veering from the predictable, our authors strive to help you get to know our homes as we have. The guides are written in a conversational but informative style so it feels like you’re tagging along on our morning errands, but oh look, an archaeological dig—and do you know the story behind that oddly shaped window?

We want you to have as much fun reading our guides as we have writing them. We want these books to hold your interest even if you’re only armchair traveling. And most of all, we want these guides to inspire you to experience Italy in a way that helps you feel like a local for however much time you have here.

52 Things to See & Do in Calabria travel guide will be released soon, and if you’d like to receive notification of publication as well as have a chance to win one of FIVE copies I will give away to new subscribers, sign up here:

Bonus: you’ll also be sure to get news on the releases of upcoming Locals Know Italy Travel Guides as well.

As always, thank you for your support!

12 Beans of Wisdom to “Win a Copy of 52 Things to See & Do in Calabria Travel Guide”
  1. 06.11.2016

    Can you tell me if your book will be available in the USA or on Amazon and in English?

    I am reviewing a book now on Venice, written by 3 locals for a post in an Italian American newspaper and always looking for new ways to see a country not just be a tourist.

    michelle Reply:

    Ciao Lee, and in English 🙂 Thank you for your interest!

  2. This is fantastic! Let me know when it’s available for pre-order and I’ll get a copy. I LOVE the “Locals Know Italy” idea! Who better? Best of luck with the book and the entire series. Look forward to reading it. 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Salena! There won’t be pre-order, just order…and soon! Will keep you posted 🙂

  3. 06.12.2016

    Congratulations on both achievements! 1,000 posts is mind-boggling for me, as I’m a newbie with just 45.
    Beautiful book cover!

    michelle Reply:

    Thank you, Karen! A thousand posts kind of blows my mind too…so much drivel hahaha 😉

  4. 06.12.2016

    Brilliant concept….

  5. stephanie parisi

    I love your Nana was from Calabria..

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks Stephanie! Your surname is quite popular in my village, in fact 🙂

  6. 06.19.2016

    Complimenti! Looking forward to reading your book. Maybe a trip for next summer…

    michelle Reply:

    Thanks! Hope you do book that trip and find my info useful!

  7. 07.01.2016

    Auguri on your book and your 1,000th post! Mannaggia I’m working on #61 and thought that sounded like a lot! Look forward to reading your book and someday heading to Calabria. I must visit those Riace Bronzes ‘in the flesh’. There is just always so much to do in Puglia! Last year I finally went to Matera and this year I will be spending some time in Padula, Campania to attend the Association of Italian Canadian Writers Conference. So I’m getting closer to Calabria. Ciao, Cristina



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Pasta with snails alla calabrese
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Fried eggs with red onion and cheese
Calabrian sausage and fava beans
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