One-Word Theme for 2015: FORZA!

My daughter’s first full year outside the womb went by so fast, and luckily for all of us, my one-word theme for 2014 held up well. The word was “salute,” which put a focus firmly on health this past year.

Throughout the year, I took daily walks with my little one and got scolded several times for having her out in such weather — too hot, too cold, too windy, you name it and I was wrongwrongwrong. You can read more about everything I don’t know about being a mother (according to locals) at Baby Espresso.

Baby Espresso

The walks gave both of us some fresh air and me some time to just be quiet and relax a bit even if my feet were moving. Added bonus was that it got Marisa some sleepy time as she has always been a reluctant napper. Too much to see and do, people! MUST. STAY. AWAKE.

Even better, I’m so happy to say Marisa didn’t get so much as a cold during her first year — aaaand then she woke up with one on her first birthday. That was probably Mommy’s fault for dragging her across the Atlantic and back to meet her American family, but I think it was worth it all around. More immunity for her plus lots and lots and lots of love . . . she is certainly one loved little girl and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings, including lots more walks with Mommy, now on her own two feet!

So moving on to 2015 . . .

As seems to be my thing when choosing my one-word theme, I had an immediate flash when I began thinking about it. This came in the form of the word “strength,” but I wasn’t convinced. It just didn’t feel exactly right even though it encompassed a lot of what I think 2015 is going to be about for me. It wasn’t until a bit later that it all became clear. The word I was looking for is the Italian word for strength:


The word means strength, power, intensity, and I can barely even type it without using ALL CAPS. It’s that strong, folks.

And yet it’s also so much more than that.

FORZA! is a battle cry when you are faced with a challenge or when you aren’t feeling like yourself or you’re in a rut and need to get over the hump or simply when you have a case of the I don’t wannas.

I seem to have had a lot of those in the past year as I was being pulled in so many different (mostly enjoyable but often stressful) directions, so I can’t think of a better word to serve as my driving force throughout 2015 when I know there will be lots more opportunities to call upon my reserve of FORZA.

I have so many projects and ideas swirling around in my head after a year of being somewhat in a fog a lot of the time—a deliriously happy newborn-related fog, but one I’m more than happy to be emerging from nonetheless.

So I will need some FORZA for sure, and even if you don’t adopt it as your one-word theme, do feel free to borrow it whenever you need some encouragement and support.

And picture Marisa doing a fist pump along with you if it helps, too. I know it helps me.

What’s your one-word theme for 2015?

23 Beans of Wisdom to “One-Word Theme for 2015: FORZA!”
  1. 01.21.2015

    I’m doing a fist pump for you Michelle. What a super word to use for this year. I’m still working on a one-word theme. All I do know is that this year is going to be super busy.

    michelle Reply:

    Busy busy busy…yes, I can feel that too, Cathy! Buon anno to you and yours xx

  2. 01.21.2015

    I first read of this concept of a word for the year here and then went and read Eat Pray Love. This practice has really helped and it is funny how things kind of work around and with that word/concept every year.

    This year’s word for me is: Thrive

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    michelle Reply:

    Great word! Thanks for coming by, Sangitha!

  3. Marsha

    Mine is forward/avanti. Wishing you and your family all the best in this new year! Looking forward to reading your blog in the coming months. Forza! 🙂

    michelle Reply:

    Nice, Marsha! Thank you for your support…hope to be posting a bit more in the coming months 🙂

  4. Gil

    Great word! I seem to think you need FORZA just living in Italy at times. Just love the picture of ‘M’ digging in your camera bag! My word as usual is BREATH!

    michelle Reply:

    Haha, this is true, Gil, about living in Italy 😉 You have a great word as well — I know it’s quite literal for you, but more of us could use it as a reminder from time to time as well! xx

  5. Pam

    Awww….so cute! Discipline! <3

    michelle Reply:

    Great word, Pam! Hope 2015 is treating you and C well so far and continues to do so 🙂 xx

    Pam Reply:

    Things are good, Michelle…..thank you and continues for you all too! 🙂 xoxo Marisa is just the darn cutest lil thing….well she isn’t a thing…lol….butt butt buttt……lol! 😉

    michelle Reply:

    Haha…thanks! She certainly keeps me busy 😉

    Pam Reply:

    (Y) LOL! 🙂

  6. 01.22.2015


    michelle Reply:

    Love it!

  7. 01.22.2015

    I have so many words for 2015. Love, forgiveness, inspiration along with motivation. But I must say FORZA seems to work for us all. Can I steal it from you? By the way your daughter is beautiful and God bless her. So nice to get your post. It’s always a pleasure to read. Paulette

    michelle Reply:

    Please feel free to use FORZA, Paulette…though all your words are lovely 🙂 Thanks for your continued support! xx

  8. 01.22.2015

    wow she’s gotten so big. Time flies! Love the word ‘FORZA’. Buon Anno, Cristina

    michelle Reply:

    Buon anno to you as well, Cristina! I know…she’s becoming a person! HA!

  9. I love this idea of one word, even though it’s a bit tricky to pick just one (which is why I have a list of words). But, from my list, my top choice is…vitality! I love your word choice and I wish you a joyous second year with your daughter!

  10. 02.02.2015

    I love the idea of a one word theme for the year.! I’ll have to come up with one, since FORZA is already taken 😉

  11. michelle

    You’re welcome to use it if you like, Zanna, but either way, buon anno!

  12. michelle

    Wonderful word, Stacy! Thanks for coming by and for your good wishes — best to you and yours as well 🙂



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