The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto by Jennie Condie & Alex Ramsay

the gardens of venice and the venetoAs with most coffee table-type books, The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto is full of large, gorgeous photographs of the book’s subject.

But this book offers so much more within its 200+ pages. Inside you will find the history, culture, architecture, horticulture, and atmosphere of La Serenissima; Jenny Condie and Alex Ramsay’s love for the city shines through on each and every page. Condie’s writing style is smart and clean; Ramsay’s eye is superb.

The gardens themselves? Amazing. Old, new, large, small, public, private, well-known, hidden . . . so, so much to enjoy.

5 espresso cups out of 5!

I can’t recommend this highly enough for anyone who loves Italy, Venice, gardens, or photography.

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One Bean of Wisdom to “The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto by Jennie Condie & Alex Ramsay”
  1. 07.24.2014

    With five espresso cups recommendation from you I would love to read this book Michelle.



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