Designing Diva Jewelry Giveaway for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Continuing our ovarian cancer awareness campaign, this week’s giveaway is courtesy of fused glass jewelry designer Randi Deckard a.k.a. Designing Diva. Randi has some truly gorgeous creations, and we’ll get to the details in a moment.

First, I want to remind you of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer:

  • Vague but persistent and unexplained gastrointestinal complaints;
  • Pelvic and/or abdominal swelling and pain; bloating and/or feeling of fullness;
  • Unexplained change in bowel habits;
  • Frequency and/or urgency of urination;
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss;
  • New and unexplained abnormal postmenopausal vaginal bleeding.

If these symptoms are sudden and persist for more than 2 or 3 weeks, consult your gynecologist. A full pelvic exam, including the rectovaginal component, is the best screening method for ovarian cancer, and another test is a transvaginal ultrasound. Be sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms so she knows exactly what she should be looking for.

Pure Love ACP

Pure Love ACP

Now on to the contest. Randi Deckard a.k.a. Designing Diva has agree to donate earrings or a pendant, depending on the choice of the winner, who may CHOOSE an item currently in stock with a retail value up to $75. Randi will ship worldwide by 1st class mail from the USA, so if you win and you’re international, do understand that it may take 2-3 weeks for anything outside of the United States.


To enter for your chance to win visit the Designing Diva jewelry catalog then come back here and leave a comment with the earrings or pendant you’d choose if you’re randomly chosen as the winner.

For an extra entry, you can “like” Designing Diva on Facebook and/or and sign up for the Designing Diva newsletter via the Diva Buzz blog, and then come back here and tell me you’ve done so in a separate comment. You may both “like” and sign up for the newsletter for a total of three possible entries, but the comment regarding your favorite piece of jewelry is the main entry and mandatory before you can gain extra entries.

All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CET Sunday, September 19, 2010; this drawing is open internationally. The winner will be chosen randomly.


Additionally, whether you enter the contest or not, Randi is also offering a discount to ALL Bleeding Espresso readers: The coupon code OCtake10 will take $10 off any purchase over $25. The coupon code must be for in stock items and does not apply to custom orders.

Go to Designing Diva!

Go to Designing Diva!

Best of luck, and please feel free to share this contest on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and help spread the word about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer; remember you can also donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund through my FirstGiving page!

30 Beans of Wisdom to “Designing Diva Jewelry Giveaway for Ovarian Cancer Awareness”
  1. Gil

    Just love the Autumn Gold pendant!

  2. I like the Pure Love ACP pendant. Thx Michelle.


  3. 09.13.2010

    I love this “Carribean Jingle Necklace”!
    Thanks for participating in this important movement to raise awareness.

  4. 09.13.2010

    Thanks for letting me participate in this worthy cause. I’ll make sure to put a link up on my blog too.

    Thanks Randi!

  5. April R

    I had so much fun looking at all the jewelry, it’s hard to pick just one favorite! I absolutely LOVE the “Red Wishing Star” pendant! So beautiful 🙂

  6. April R

    I just “liked” Designing-Diva” on Facebook. I’m also going to forward to friends!

  7. 09.13.2010

    I love Green Grid. Also Circus Juggler, Fire Sign, Night at the Office, Seahorse Blue……

  8. Joanne at Frutto della Passione

    Well after having looked at all the pendants I think I like Cirque the best!

  9. April R

    I also signed up for the newsletter, thanks!

  10. 09.14.2010

    I stumbled across your blog from another that I can’t remember the name of. Lovely site.
    I just wanted to mention that unfortunately, there aren’t always symptoms or warning signs of ovarian cancer. Sometimes it hides and lurks with no warning and is only found when it is too late.


    Well Laura, that’s probably true of most diseases when it comes down to it; with ovarian cancer in particular, signs are often so subtle that people (including doctors) don’t recognize them as such. That’s why ovarian cancer awareness advocates call the disease the “silent killer,” and say that it “whispers.” The best we can do is be alert and aware and follow our instincts when we feel something is wrong. Thanks for coming by.

  11. fell in love with the Carribean Jingle necklace! (if I don’t win, I might just have to give myself an early Christmas present!)

  12. I also ‘liked’ Designing Diva on FB & signed up for the newsletter.

    Thanks again for helping to get the word out there Michelle.

  13. I actually think the Pure Love ACP is my favorite, but I also like the Pink Essence Sterling Pendant-probably because this would have gone perfectly with a new top I wore the other day. Ahhh … .

    I also *love* the Jewelry of the Month club thing. I wish someone would buy me THAT for my next birthday! 🙂

  14. Oh yea, I “liked” them on FB, too!

  15. 09.15.2010

    I would choose the ACP heart necklace because it is uniquely hand-made.

  16. 09.15.2010

    I really love the Pink Essence-faux pink opal sterling pendant. So pretty, yet simple too. Also, I love that you are helping spread the word about this disease. 🙂

  17. Jenn

    I really like the metallic blue pillow pendant. Lovely!

  18. Gabriella

    I like the Pure Love ACP pendant. It is delicate and very beautiful.

  19. Gabriella

    I “liked” Designing Diva on FB.

  20. 09.17.2010

    Hmm.. tough one, but I’ll go with the Pure Love ACP one. It’s very good… One of my best friends just passed away from ovarian cancer, so this disease is really personal to me.

  21. susan lee wiener

    I luv the Mystic rainbow bracelet.

  22. susan lee wiener

    like you on fb. swiener1[at]

  23. susan lee wiener

    email subscriber. swiener1[at]

  24. susan lee wiener

    follow your blog. swiener1[at]

  25. Karla T

    I like the pink rose garden neclace

  26. FairyWater

    I really love the Black Gum Drop Earrings. They are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for providing this giveaway! Good luck to everyone! ^_^

  27. FairyWater

    I signed up for the Designing Diva newsletter via the Diva Buzz blog.

  28. Julie B

    I love the J’adore Pink necklace, because I adore pink!

  29. 09.21.2010

    Women can find so many unique pieces of jewelry & as a MOM I would LOVE my daughter’s finger print & mine together BUT it is SO very difficult to find something UNIQUE for a man & the cuff links are my favorite for that reason. This is being posted on my FB! Great post again Michelle! Grazie!

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