Love Thursday: Hearts Sprouting Up Everywhere

This week we have two reader submissions, but first let me direct you to a Love Thursday post I put up over at Goat Berries a few weeks ago: Pinta’s Heart-Shaped Stain:

I’m sure it *shocks* you to learn that one of our kids was born with a heart on her side…BUT there’s even more to the story, so do check it out!

Now, the first reader submission is from Funda in Connectict, whose mother happens to be from Puglia. Funda wrote:

I wanted to share a little love with you, that appeared among my seedlings. I recently planted some seeds indoors for my garden, and among the little tomato sprouts was such a sweet surprise.

Love it, Funda! Thanks so much for sharing!

And here are some wooden hearts from Austen in San Francisco:

Austen wonders if holding these hearts might be good luck…I’d be willing to try. They’re gorgeous! Love the lighting in the photo too.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who snap these wonderful photos and send them to my inbox; it’s always such a happy surprise to find them in there, on any given day, and to feel the love and warmth that comes through. Please do keep sending them in!

Have you seen or felt love sprouting up somewhere lately?

Has anything happened to make you more aware that love is all around? Do tell!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

5 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Hearts Sprouting Up Everywhere”
  1. 05.06.2010

    happy love thursday, dearest. I have been under water with renovation stuff but that will change. I needed a little love today, so I came to you to get it. Mwa.

    Glad you visited…underwater is a condition I know well. Wish we could chat about it over a glass of wine or a cappuccino or something….

  2. 05.06.2010

    Awww that so sweet. The tomato plant is cool…freaky!

    Yes, isn’t it unique! At least it’s a heart and not a scary shape of some sort 😉

    .-= lucy´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Funda

    Hi Michelle! I’m so glad you could use the photo of my little seedling. Happily, it has grown into a very healthy tomato plant. If I’m lucky, maybe it will produce some nice heart-shaped tomatoes like the ones you get in Calabria! Happy Love Thursday!

    Please do send photos of the “adult” tomatoes…will be great to see what came of such a cute heart 🙂

  4. Gil

    The kids are really growing fast. Just love today’s hearts, especially the one on the kid!

    Thanks Gil! They’re growing like weeds!

  5. Hearts ARE everywhere. Love this post. Come over for American coffee, Michelle? I’ve made pancakes with nutella. Baseball bat and ball shaped.


    Sounds so wonderful, Julie! YUM!

    .-= Julie ~ jbulie’s blog´s last blog ..Turning the page ~ a new day, a new dawn. =-.

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