Calabrese Proverbs by Month: April

Last month I shared Calabrese proverbs about the month of March, and now with April drawing to a close, here is one for this month:

Calabrese: Aprili ccu ru jure, maju ccu ru culure.
Italiano: Aprile con il fiore, maggio con il colore.
English: April with its flowers, May with its colors.

Hmm…looks like April did OK on the color thing too, no?


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17 Beans of Wisdom to “Calabrese Proverbs by Month: April”
  1. Gil

    Photos are so beautiful and full of color. Everything looks so bright and cheery in a Calabrian Spring!

    Except when it rains! 😀

  2. Those photos are stunning! So glad Spring is here (and that a friend bought me some Sudifed from the States).

    Haha…I hear you!

    .-= nyc/caribbean ragazza´s last blog ..Day Trip to Bologna: Part I… Drogheria Della Rosa Ristorante =-.

  3. 04.28.2010

    Oh these are so lovely! I’m so glad spring is finally here!

    Me too Alison!

    .-= Alison´s last blog ..Keukenhof Tulip Gardens 2010 =-.

  4. 04.28.2010

    Wowza! So bright and bold!

    Love the proverbs, too. I miss hearing Italian and its dialects, I must say…

    You’ve reminded me that I need to blog about the wildflowers here in Texas!

    Yes! You must! Looking forward to it 🙂

    .-= Mental Mosaic´s last blog ..Wippity, Pickity, Snickity =-.

  5. 04.28.2010

    Stunning and vibrant 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed, Anne 🙂

    .-= anne´s last blog ..My wonderful friends from Sicily and Paris …….. =-.

  6. AmyEmilia

    I recognize all the other flowers, but what are the yellow ones in photo 2?

    I have no idea; I only really know the poppy!

  7. 04.28.2010

    Gorgeous! The vivid colours of the wildflowers is something I’ll always remember about Calabria. It was spring when we were there a couple of years ago to write our Calabria book – how fast time goes!

    This is definitely my favorite time of year here…I’m a fall person in the U.S., but a spring person here 🙂

  8. 04.28.2010

    Beautiful! I’ll always remember the smell of bergamot in the hills near Geraci.

    The sweet smells of spring!

    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Brooklyn Celebrity Path =-.

  9. Those pinks are other-worldly, so beautiful! Could get lost over a cappuccino just gazing at these pics. Funny but “pink” was my theme this week too. great minds and all that!

    I love pink…those flowers are absolutely amazing in person. This is the first I’ve ever seen them here…guess I never was up in the mountains at this time of year before!

    .-= Lisa at Wanderlust Women´s last blog ..Why solo travel to the Amalfi Coast is just perfect in spring! =-.

  10. 04.29.2010

    Oh how pretty!


    .-= The Food Hunter´s last blog ..Pasta Carbonara…AKA Bacon & Eggs with a Side of Pasta =-.

  11. 04.29.2010

    Excellent pictures. My beautiful wife would kill for that wall, she has a things for fallen brick walls in gardens.

    Oh we have lots of those around here…you should come and see them 🙂

    .-= running42k´s last blog ..Bad blogger =-.

  12. 04.29.2010

    I love that the Calabrese proverb has nothing to do with rain! Still crossing my fingers that April showers will indeed bring May flowers. Love all the photos but especially the last one.

    I think there’s one about it raining on the 4th…and if it does, it’ll rain for 40 days….

  13. Love the color of the flowers…especially the last two.

    And how exactly do you pronounce ccu?? cuckoo?

    It’s really just “coo” but with a longer c than usual…hard to explain, but Italians are big on those double consonants and pronouncing each one; the difference between “pene” (penis) and “penne” (pasta) is big. No pun intended. Ahem.

    .-= Salena of The Daily Rant – Where Trucking Meets Travel´s last blog ..Young, Poor, Footloose And Fancy-Free =-.

  14. Ermm…I think I may need to go and plant some stuff. Mine looks really dull compared to yours.

    Oh these are all wild, Sarah…easier to just go look around 😉

    .-= Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina´s last blog ..Our First Official (Not a) School Trip……..Oh god. =-.

  15. Tina

    Beautiful – you make me want to get out there and take some pictures. It’s just so colorful right now isn’t it?

    Vai Tina…and then share please 🙂

  16. Michelle,

    Is there anything more beautiful than spring in Italy?


    I’d be hard pressed to find something, Julie….

    .-= Julie ~ jbulie’s blog´s last blog ..1st Pitch of the Season ~ Root, root, root for the home team. =-.

  17. I love the colors in your photos. 🙂

    Thanks Deb!

    .-= Debs Dainty Needle Art´s last blog ..FuN mOnDaY =-.

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