Buona Festa della Liberazione!

Today is La Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day) in Italy, celebrating the country’s liberation from fascism thanks to Allied troops at the end of World War II.

Check out my previous Liberation Day post for more info on this uniquely Italian holiday, and remember today is the last day for the Bleeding Espresso Facebook fan contest…get those entries in!

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4 Beans of Wisdom to “Buona Festa della Liberazione!”
  1. Gil

    Have a great day! I remember my god-father and another uncle talking about how happy the Italians were when the US Army marched into town.

    Yes, the old-timers here still speak of it as well…very cool to hear the stories!

  2. 04.25.2010

    Yes, thanks to Allied troups AND ABOVE ALL resistance partisans throughout the fascist regime! Hope you had a happy Liberation Day.

    Grazie Mark; same to you!

  3. 04.25.2010

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder Michelle…It didn’t dawn on me until recently, and again until your reminder today that I was married on this day April 25th Festa della LIberazione! The reason this is so wonderful, and poignant, is that I often retell the story of how my marriage to my husband Franco liberated me from under my father’s thumb. My father was a strict Sicilian, my mother, as you know, Calabrian…between the two I had very little freedom so when I returned from my honeymoon I was overwhelmed with an enormous sense of “liberation”. Because of this I was prompted to immediately seek out fine art courses in Italy. I was married on April 25th and left for Italy the following January for 5 months! I was lucky to have a selfless and generous husband who as a result gave me the greatest gift imaginable, that was the trip that changed my direction and ignited my fresco career! Thank you for the reminder Michelle, I would have completely forgot, again…un abbraccio, Liana.

    Haha…what in interesting connection to Liberation Day you have! Thanks so much for sharing it Liana 🙂
    .-= Liana Sofia Tumino´s last blog ..Trusting the path. Enjoying the journey! =-.

  4. trina signorielo

    love this website. it find the information so interesting and useful

    Thanks Trina!

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