Buon Compleanno Papà!

Tanti auguri a te…

Tanti auguri a te…

Tanti auguri a Babbo…

Tanti auguri a te!

Ti voglio tanto bene Papà!

11 Beans of Wisdom to “Buon Compleanno Papà!”
  1. 03.06.2010

    What wonderful photos! Happy Birthday to your Papà!

    Thanks Vee!

  2. 03.06.2010

    Tanti aguri !

    Thanks Sarah!

    .-= Sarah in Italy´s last blog ..The blackmailing bidella =-.

  3. 03.06.2010

    I love the old photos! Happy Saturday :))

    Thanks Jane!

    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Five things this Friday =-.

  4. 03.07.2010

    Awesome photos! He looks like such a happy person!

    Thanks Kalee 🙂

    .-= Kalee´s last blog ..What We Needed =-.

  5. The Paris Food Blague

    hello….so happy to discover your blog. i spent part of my childhood in calabria and went to school in siderno…..I’ve forgotten lots of my italian but would love to go back. i really enjoy reading your blog!

    How wonderful! Funny, I’ve been reading a lot on Paris lately myself…thank you for coming over!

  6. JT

    Happy Birthday, Bernie! It looks like he played for Atlas! 🙂 Great pics, Michelle!

    Haha, of course! Thanks JT 🙂

  7. 03.07.2010

    Happy Birthday to your Dad , he looks like a really happy man. Great photo.
    My dad was a military man too!

    Thanks Anne! My dad was one of the young boys drafted for Vietnam…thank goodness he made it out otherwise my brother and I wouldn’t be here!

  8. 03.07.2010

    I do hope your dad had a wonderful birthday. Your photos are wonderful and will be a treasure in years to come. Have a great day…Mary

    Thanks Mary!

    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Salt and Pepper Pork Chops =-.

  9. 03.08.2010

    Love that baseball pic 🙂

    Thanks Michael; ain’t that America?! 😉

    .-= Michael Kovnick´s last blog ..The Wine Is Always Finer On The Other Side of the Fence =-.

  10. Leslie

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Papa! My birthday is the 6th as well and many of my high school friends were drafted and sent to Vietnam. Many common threads! And I just got a brand new grand nephew yesterday. All these Pisces!!!
    Best to your Papa

  11. 03.06.2011

    What a cute photo of that baseball player:)

    Buon compleanno, indeed.


    Thank you, Susan!

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