Love Thursday: Fall in LOVE Park, Philadelphia

I spent a day in Philadelphia on my way “home” to the Coal Region, and of course I had to stop in at LOVE Park. See those gorgeous autumn colors in the background?

I call this “Fall in LOVE Park, Philadelphia”:

Fall in LOVE Park, Philadelphia on Flickr

I spent many lunch hours and weekend afternoons there many years ago in JFK Plaza, but hadn’t ever taken a photo. So nice to be able to remedy that.

<3 Park Philadelphia on Flickr

I also had (what I thought was) a fun idea to stand to the side of the statue and put my arms up in the shape of a U to spell out “LOVE U” for Paolo. So I asked my mom to take the photo. She, um, well….

LOVE U on Flickr

Yes, this was already “straightened” as much as possible in iPhoto.

Eh, it’s the thought that counts.

Happy Love Thursday!

P.S. The photos look much better in Flickr; does anyone know why that is and how I can fix it?

17 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Fall in LOVE Park, Philadelphia”
  1. 12.10.2009

    Very creative Michelle! luckily you “Fall” in love… cause if Love fell on you it would be trouble!

    Haha, this is very true 🙂

    .-= joe@italyville´s last blog ..Seven Fishes Feast 2009 =-.

  2. 12.10.2009

    I love LOVE Park! It’s always on our list of places to stop when visitors come to town. Glad you came back for that picture!

    Me too! It was *great* being back in the city!

    .-= Lisa´s last blog mia pesciolina =-.

  3. looks like you’re having a fun time in the US! Glad you were able to visit after so long 🙂

    It’s been fabulous so far, thanks 🙂

    .-= Erin :: The Olive Notes´s last blog thanks in the carolinas =-.

  4. 12.10.2009

    I used to eat my hot dog and snapple there when i worked downtown. I am like, how can this really be, if there is a person who gets not only where I was raised (ne pa), where I worked (philly) but also where I live now (well, you know, I AM a little north of calabria, but still), it’s well, you. AND I spoke to about you today (I am not stalking you, honest) to a mutual friend who just met you and thinks you are absolutely adorable. Well so am I, kind of (after I get my makeup AND my eyebrows put on, which takes awhile at this age with my eyesight).

    Happy love park thursday. I bet your goats and doggies and fidanzato miss you!!!

    We MUST all meet up…your comment made my day 🙂

  5. 12.10.2009

    You are in my neck of the woods! How long will you be in Philly? My Mom used to cut everyone’s head off in photos she took so I think your mom did very well! It adds “drama”! Happy Holidays

    I’m not in Philly, Rosemary, but I’ll be in the US until just after Christmas. Happy holidays to you as well 🙂

  6. 12.11.2009

    very cute! The autumn colors in the background look gorgeous!!

    Thanks; it wasn’t a super nice day, but I’m happy all the leaves hadn’t changed yet 🙂

    .-= Lavanya´s last blog ..The smell of roses and dust =-.

  7. Gil

    Looks like a stop on our next trip to PA.

    It’s just off the Ben Franklin Parkway, right near City Hall, Gil. Go for it 🙂

  8. the mom photo is my favorite!

    hope you have a great time in the states…stay warm…it’s COLD today!

    Haha, my mom will be so happy 🙂 Trying to stay warm indeed, thanks!

    .-= Em from Ribollita Reboiled´s last blog ..Life’s Candy and the Sun’s a Ball-ah Buttah =-.

  9. 12.11.2009

    great photos. I worked for years right across the street from love park. this has brought back some nice memories! thanks

    My pleasure!

  10. 12.13.2009

    It’s still a pretty sweet picture, crooked and all.

    Thanks; and to think P hasn’t even seen it yet 🙂

    .-= Shan´s last blog ..friday high five – q and a =-.

  11. Kim

    Your photos are great! I saw them on Flickr first.

    Thanks for coming over Kim!

  12. 12.14.2009

    I’d never heard of Love Park. I think the crookedness of the photo adds character. It might be even better if you sat on someone’s shoulders with the U.
    I’ve only been to Philadelphia once and that was when the guy I was dating in Baltimore had ordered a case of wine from New Zealand and it was delivered via ship to Philadelphia. We drove to Philadelphia and picked up the wine. Very weird. Have a great trip home. Is it still home?

    Well I like to call here “home”; my home is really in Italy now 🙂 As for sitting on someone’s shoulders, yes that definitely would’ve worked, but it was just my mom and me, and although Philly people are friendly, I don’t think I’d ask someone to serve as my photo prop (my mom’s shoulders would *definitely* not cooperate ;))

    .-= Paulita´s last blog ..It’s the Most Wonderful Time… =-.

  13. 12.15.2009

    Hi, I could be interested in exchanging a link..
    I’m italian from Genoa, talking in my blog Gabriele Gualco in Viaggio (Gabriele Gualco on Travel english version) of my travels and also about Italy a lot.
    I’d like to put your link right now,
    just let me know by a comment if you like to exchange! 🙂
    See you

    Hi Gabriele, I’m adding it now; will send you an email 🙂
    .-= Gabriele Gualco´s last blog ..Progetto: "Viaggio in Liguria" =-.

  14. 12.22.2009

    That LOVE park is so cute! I’ve never been to Philadelphia before, but I’m sure this time of year must be pretty with all the snow. As we speak, Southern California has blue skies and is sunny outside. It sure doesn’t scream Christmas at all!

    Actually the city itself doesn’t normally get *too* much snow…although all bets are off this year!

  15. 01.08.2010

    I love Love Park. I can’t believe that you were able to get a photo without people in it!

    Haha, sometimes having bad weather on your one-day visit is actually good luck 😉

  16. 10.28.2010

    Hope you had fun in the city-great pictures! I especially love the one your mom took…it just adds a bit more charm to an already adorable pic!

    I am from NEPA too and I now go to college in Philadelphia! I was in Italy this past summer, and cannot stop thinking about it. I’m hoping to return this summer after graduation in May…keeping my fingers crossed for that!

    Hope you have a great day,

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