Teal Toes Winners and More Ovarian Cancer Awareness Info

OPI Teal the Cows Come HomeCongrats to the winners of OPI Teal the Cows Come Home polish:

(1) Lisa of La Famiglia

(2) City Girl of City Girl Lifestyle

(3) Chrissy

(4) Aimee of Aimee’s Blog

(5) Jen of a2eatwrite

And thanks to Carey of Teal Toes for donating prizes!

And in other ovarian cancer awareness news, check out the gorgeous creations of Diana who blogs at Creative Structures, like this one:

Art for women's health by Diana at Creative Structures

which Diana made and donated to the auction of the Cowgirl Cure Foundation, a new organization “takin’ a stand against ovarian cancer.”

And have you heard of the Text-a-Thon for a Cause?

Kelly ConfidentialElectrolux and Kelly Ripa are again teaming up to raise ovarian cancer awareness. All you have to do is text “KELLY” to 85944 and $5 will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (normal texting rates may apply, and remember this is US -based).

Also if you register at Kelly’s website, every day you log on in September gives you another chance to win a front load washer and dryer in Turquoise Sky, the color inspired by teal, the symbolic color of ovarian cancer awareness.

Now, remember we’re just getting started with our ovarian cancer awareness campaign here. Come back Monday for the official announcement of this year’s O Foods Contest, which you’ll also find at Sara’s Ms Adventures in Italy and which will include even more fabulous prizes than last year.

Then stay tuned for:

Buon weekend a tutti–and start thinking about your O Foods recipes!

11 Beans of Wisdom to “Teal Toes Winners and More Ovarian Cancer Awareness Info”
  1. 09.12.2009

    Congratulations on a wonderful initiative and hoping of an even more successful O Foods Campaign.



    Grazie! Thanks so much for coming by 😀
    .-= Willym´s last blog ..Guys Never Make Passes… =-.

  2. 09.12.2009

    Great job Michelle! Looking forward to a Gina Update. Was thinking of the pasta I made last year for the O foods event. Hope she is well.

    Stay tuned Robin, and thanks for your continued support 🙂

    .-= My Melange´s last blog ..The Deming House : Arlington Vermont =-.

  3. 09.12.2009

    My little piggies and I can’t wait to go teal! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    I hope you’ll show us your teal toes!

    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month =-.

  4. Frances

    Just donated my $5 🙂
    Is Electrolux going to match my five?
    I’m off to visit the site about that washer, but if I win it what will I do? It’s bigger than my apartment.

    I don’t think they match the donation–just donate the appliances. And speaking of donating the appliances, you could always donate them to a woman’s shelter if you win 😀

    .-= Frances´s last blog ..Peaches Natural Yogurt Cafe – great snacks & wi-fi =-.

  5. 09.13.2009

    I am so excited 🙂 Thank so much. I will post a pic of my pretty teal toes this month at some point and remind people about ovarian cancer awareness as well. It is so important.

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to see them 🙂

    .-= City Girl´s last blog ..Yay for TranquiliT Fall =-.

  6. 09.13.2009

    Great post! I love the colour.

    It *is* a pretty one, isn’t it?

    .-= Shan´s last blog ..friday high five – in my head =-.

  7. 09.13.2009

    So important! I’m glad Kelly Ripa’s raising awareness of this, as well. I’ll be back tomorrow for the O Foods event.

    Yes, I’m happy to see Kelly back doing here thing too 😀

    .-= jen of a2eatwrite´s last blog ..What I Learned on my Summer Vacation, pt. 1 =-.

  8. 09.13.2009

    Oh! And again… thank you!!! I’ll wear those teal toes proudly!

    Photographic evidence would be great 😉

    .-= jen of a2eatwrite´s last blog ..What I Learned on my Summer Vacation, pt. 1 =-.

  9. 09.14.2009

    Congratulations, girls!

    I’m hoping for toesies photos 😉 Thanks for coming by Emily!

    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Isole Eolie =-.

  10. 09.14.2009

    Yay! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! Can’t wait to paint my toes!

    Hope you enjoy!

    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..up on the roof =-.

  11. J.C.

    Wonderful idea guys!!!!Keep it up!!!!

    Thanks! Hope you come back for the O Foods Contest!

    .-= J.C.´s last blog ..Ovarian Cysts Pregnancy =-.

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