Love Thursday: The Piaggio Love Ape 50

For the uninitiated, the “Ape 50” is a three-wheeled truck made by Piaggio that you can find on just about any rural road in Italy at any time of day.

Pronounced “AH-peh,” rumor has it that it’s named as such because the sound it makes very much resembles the buzz of a bee as it winds around twists and turns carrying hay, olives, lemons, or whatever its driver needs to get from Punto A to Punto B.

“Ape,” you see, means “bee” in Italian. Incidentally, the famous Vespa scooter? “Vespa” means “wasp.” Clever, eh?

So by now you may be wondering where exactly the “Love” comes in.

Right here baby:

The Piaggio Love Ape 50 on Flickr

Meet our newest toy, The Looooove Ape 50, which just so happens to have a heart spray-painted on the front.

I didn’t choose this treasure, so obviously I’m not the only one in the house who enjoys finding hearts out and about and bringing them home.

You know you're jealous on Flickr

I know it’s bit gaudy and a lot ghetto, but I’m thinking I might like to keep it on there.

What do you think (besides that you’re *so* jealous, admit it!)?

Happy Love Thursday!

32 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: The Piaggio Love Ape 50”
  1. 09.03.2009

    Spettacolare! I think I might put one on the Prius!

    I think every Prius should have one…or at least *you* should have a looooove Prius 😉

    .-= Kristin Flickinger´s last blog ..Liquid Love =-.

  2. 09.03.2009

    I love them! Are you ready to sing the song…

    if you’re happy in your Ape clap your hands!

    Clap clap! Love it, Bodach! Also, readers check out:

    From About Abruzzo!

    .-= Bodach´s last blog ..The Sea (Il Mare) =-.

  3. Gil

    The Ape & Vespa names have to do with the annoying buzzing sounds that the engines make. I wanted to bring an APE home the moment I first saw one.

    Annoying? Nah…and you’re welcome to come test drive the Love Ape 50 anytime you like, Gil!

  4. 09.03.2009

    Please remember, Michelle, many an Italian baby was conceived in one of these love machines, and proceed with caution. Could cause serious back injury if you are no longer a teenager.

    And I am *so* not. Duly noted, Diana.

    .-= Diana Strinati Baur´s last blog ..La Vendemmia Has Begun =-.

  5. ROFL. If i saw THIS Ape I would have less road rage each time I wind up stuck on the Via Cassia or Amalfi Drive behind one. LOL

    And the Love Ape 50 just keeps on givin’!
    .-= Lisa at Wanderlust Women´s last blog ..Turn left at Sorrento and head to La Costiera Cilentana =-.

  6. 09.03.2009

    Hilarious. Love that it is now yours!!

    We are certainly blessed 😉

    .-= Kim B.´s last blog ..Dinner at Bistrot Paul Bert =-.

  7. 09.03.2009

    Now I know what I want when I grow up: An Ape with a heart. I used to want a little turquoise Jeep with a beach scene with palm trees painted on it…

    Your Ape would make a fun logo / avitar!

    Miss Footloose
    Tales of the Globetrotting Life

    Hah it’d certainly be unique, that’s for sure!

    .-= Miss Footloose´s last blog ..EXPAT LIFE: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? =-.

  8. carol

    *so jealous*……I DO admit it!!!!

    Hopefully you’ll have one of your very own soon 😀

  9. 09.03.2009

    Truthfully….yes I’m jealous, that would be a riot and boy would my neighbours be even more annoyed with me! Come visit me on my blog, Marina made hearts on the beach!

    Hah, here we were the only neighbors without one I think….

    .-= Lucy´s last blog ..For LOVE THURSDAY =-.

  10. 09.03.2009

    That *is* a treasure! I always feel like on Thursdays love is pulled towards us, like we are giant magnets walking around. This morning I felt two heart-shaped donuts and a love note I wrote for my daughter being pulled towards me, so YES! I am very jealous of your beautiful ape!

    OK well I’ll definitely take those donuts in exchange for an Ape ride. So cute about the note 🙂

    .-= Katie in MA´s last blog ..Love comes in small paper bags. =-.

  11. 09.03.2009

    That is fantastic!

    My Zio Pino has a green/blue Ape and my cousin put a great piece of stereo equipment inside for him to listen to his old Italian folk songs. Every time I see one it makes me smile!

    The former owner actually had one in but it wasn’t part of the deal 😉

  12. 09.03.2009

    I so love that heart on it! I had never seen one of those before so now I am going to google it and check them out! And yes, I am jealous!!!

    Hee hee…enjoy your “ride” Lori 😉

    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Thursday Tirade =-.

  13. 09.03.2009

    I am certainly jealous! I adore the Ape. We visited Calabria in 2007 (my grandfather was from Aprigliano) and not only fell in love with southern Italy but the ubiquitous Ape. Ah, to live in Calabria and own this divine little bumblebee of a vehicle! Magnifico!

    Hah I hope you get your own bumblebee someday! And thanks for coming by 😀

  14. Too Funny. For my clients (and me the first time) seeing them on these little Southern Italian roads can be the highlight of the day! I haven’t had the chance to drive one myself yet, though….. Maybe this fall during the vendemmia? 😀

    My fingers are crossed for you, Peter!

  15. 09.03.2009

    I love it! I have a Vespa LX 150. But that thing looks like a hoot! Tuesdays and Thursdays are car days for me because of my yoga teaching schedule and work and all the crap I have to carry in on those days. But if I had that! Well….every day could be a scooter day. Enjoy. And the heart gives it character.

    Yes this is mainly a “work” vehicle obviously…mostly for goat supplies!

    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..LOVE THURSDAY: KEEPING WITH THE THEME =-.

  16. awedree

    Happy Luv Thursday to you too! I love this Ape with the cuora. I would defitely keep it and YES I’m a bit envious…maybe when I move to Italy one day I’ll find one just like it 🙂

  17. 09.04.2009

    It’s adorable! But maybe you might consider a little err, sprucing up with a custom paint job. Perhaps an appropriate shade of Italian pink … Are the girls going to get to go for rides?

    Well the canine girls, probably yes; as for the paint, I don’t know…I think if it looks too intentional it loses something in translation 😉

  18. 09.04.2009

    Love It.

    Hee hee, thanks!

    .-= Esme´s last blog ..Giveaway for Cleopatra’s Daughter by Author Michelle Moran =-.

  19. 09.04.2009

    Whoa! What’s that min-snowplow thingie with an X drawn on it?

    Are you going to get a patentino?

    Well I can’t imagine it’s for plowing snow…must just be pimped 😉 And I don’t think I’ll be driving the Ape anytime soon, but you never know….

  20. vanessa

    Ha ha ha I can just imagine you, P , the doggies and the kids in the back. Maybe even some packages piled high on the roof. Sort of a modern day calabrian noah’s ark…. OUt of curiosity, what is the top speed those things do? They have to be the most annoying things on the road (loud, slow traffic blockers) but they are so cute you can’t really get angry at them. LOVE the hearts.

    Doggies maybe, kids I don’t think would be so well-behaved. I don’t know the top speed (and whatever it is, I’m sure *this* one doesn’t do it anymore!), and rest assured ours won’t make it to the SS106 😉

  21. 09.04.2009

    Oh I’m jealous Michelle. I’ve always wanted an Ape. I love it!!!

    Hope you get yours someday, Deb!

    .-= Deb R´s last blog ..The Swine Flu Satire…. =-.

  22. 09.04.2009

    Love those little vehicles and love yours, keep it just the way it is. We once saw an Ape with Ferrari badges front and back, so stylish.

    That is awesome. I may have to talk to P….

    .-= Jennyff´s last blog ..Holiday knits =-.

  23. 09.04.2009

    I think you should WORK the heart theme! Maybe you can clean up the edges a little and add more color. Channel your inner hippie! And just think, no one would ever be brave enough to steal a something so obviously identifiable!

    Well that certainly is a plus, and yes, a peace sign and some flowers would go nicely on there 😉

    Ribollita Reboiled
    .-= Em´s last blog ..Little Tony…Happy Hump Day =-.

  24. 09.04.2009

    Oh my gosh – this so reminds me of the guys from the gas station that would come with refills for our empty tanks – they’d lay on the buzzer and yell *BOMBOLA* as soon as I answered! They were always driving on of these little babies! Thanks for such a fun memory!

    Ha! Thanks for sharing 😀

    .-= Dory´s last blog ..Friday Facts =-.

  25. Gil

    “What’s that min-snowplow thingie with an X drawn on it?” from Judith. I believe it is the front fender or a fender over the front wheel.

    Yeah, I was under the impression it’s a normal part of an Ape, but I admittedly lknow nothing about these things. Thanks Gil!

  26. 09.05.2009

    What use are you going to make of that little thing? They remind me of little old men! Romantic little old men, in this particular case! 😉

    Mostly feed for the animals and the like, firewood, stuff from the campagna…same thing other people around here use them for really 😀

    .-= saretta´s last blog ..On Being 12 =-.

  27. 09.05.2009

    The Chef and The Gardener (same person so he’s very busy) is going to be mad with envy about this! I flirt with the dream of a Vespa – he just wants an Ape and there’s no way we are going to get together on this. I do love to sketch them though 🙂

    Sometimes you just have to throw your savings to the wind and make both of you happy 😉

    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Black Fig – watercolour =-.

  28. it’s so cute. But we have a thing for naming vehicles around here, and I’m quite convinced if we had such a thing with such a tattoo, we would name it “Love Ape” with the American pronunciation. Because who doesn’t love saying “Love Ape” every day?

    I’m having a hard time not calling it that myself! If only it were purple…Grape Ape, Grape Ape! 😉

    .-= Judy Haley at CoffeeJitters´s last blog ..What I’m Reading =-.

  29. helena

    Cracked up laughing when I saw your three-wheeler. They’re all over Greece too, and they fall over if they’re overloaded. Noisy as hell when they’re grinding up hill. Thanks, too for the fun memory! And Happy Autumn.

    Yes, overloading is not a good thing…moderation in all! 😉

  30. Congrats on the new addition to your family. 🙂

    Hee hee, thanks!

    .-= nyc/caribbean ragazza´s last blog ..A great birthday at the Baur B&B, Piemonte, Italy =-.

  31. How cute are the Ape’s? I just love them. It will come in handy for you & P with your growing garden and ‘kids’.

    Absolutely, Linda! That’s why we got it mainly–between hay for goats and the wood we’ll need for the winter…no other way to carry that stuff I’m afraid 😉

    .-= Linda at Ice Tea For Me´s last blog ..a gift that keeps on giving =-.

  32. 09.15.2009

    I love the Ape 50! Happy Driving!


    .-= The Food Hunter´s last blog ..Cooking In Praiano Highlights =-.

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