Oggi Sciopero!

Adesione all’appello di Diritto alla Rete contro il DDl Alfano che imbavaglia la Internet italiana.

Diritto alla Rete

P.S. For those who don’t speak Italian but want to know what’s going on, there is an English explanation at Diritto alla Rete.

Bloggisti unite!

9 Beans of Wisdom to “Oggi Sciopero!”
  1. Is it in fact an accurate explanation or is it an exaggeration of what the law will do/intend to do? Interesting because many of the conservatives here in the US are also claiming the left wants to enact laws that will in effect silence many who choose to disagree via the Internet and blogs. Hmmmm – still working through how much is fact versus hype. I read extreme lefties as well as righties and wonder if we are heading to nirvana or hades??? 🙁 I need more espresso….

    Bonnie, this was my response on FB to a friend wondering whether the strike was an Italian overreaction:

    Italian overreaction? NOT AT ALL. This is a violation of free speech plain and simple.

    Essentially what this law proposes is to require ALL internet sites (including personal blogs) to print retractions to whatever they have written WITHIN 48 HOURS of the retraction request being made or risk up to a 13.000 (that’s thirteen THOUSAND) euro fine.

    And just in case that doesn’t sound so bad to you, here’s a rundown of what else Berlu and his cronies have been trying to do to suppress the freedom of speech on the Internet lately:


    In essence, Berlu’s pissed that he can’t buy the Internet so he’s trying to pass laws to control it as much as possible.

    .-= Bonnie(valentinoswife)´s last blog ..Vote for Media Features =-.

  2. Tina

    Bonnie, in my opinion we can’t really compare US political issues with Italian political issues. Two totally different systems with totally histories, etc. The whole concept of “conservative vs. liberal” is even different. If you look at the track record of the Lega Nord and the laws they have pushed through, I’d say that this is not necessarily an exaggeration. But I can understand your questioning – it’s good to do so!

    Peacefully yours,

    Agreed Tina; it’s really hard to compare or even understand, I think, the politics of somewhere you don’t live…there are so many nuances involved that you just can’t pick up from reading.

    For instance, in an online discussion about this with a friend who also questioned whether this was on overreaction and argued that “citizen journalists” (bloggers) *should* be held to the same standards as journalists, I was quick to point out that being a journalist in Italy is actually a rather convoluted process and that you have to be licensed–which is, to me, one of the reasons this proposed law is so ridiculous. Telling people they can’t work as journalists because they don’t meet state qualifications but then telling them they’ll still be held to the same standards is just wrong. But if you don’t know the climate of journalism in Italy, it’s hard to really get a feel for the entire situation. Not that it’s impossible, of course, but it’s just different when you’re experiencing something….

    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Random Italy Photo =-.

  3. 07.14.2009

    Thanks for the heads up about this strike Michelle. I usually stay on top of world news pretty well but I had no idea that this Alfano business was being considered. I just put the Oggi Sciopero logo on my blog. Bloggisti unite indeed!

    Thanks Paul!

    .-= Paul Anater´s last blog ..Advantage: Advantium =-.

  4. 07.14.2009

    Like Paul, Tina and you Michelle… my blog is also unites in protest

    Scio-per-o! Scio-per-o!

    .-= Roam2Rome´s last blog ..Oggi Sciopero! =-.

  5. What are the changes of this law passing?

    I’m going to post on my blog as well.

    The point of this law was actually to get people to stop reporting on the Internet about ongoing wiretaps…pretty broadly written for that, though (more of a summary of the law in my response to Bonnie’s comment).

  6. 07.14.2009

    As a guest in this country I don’t normally get involved in the politics nor comment on it but this one I have to at least join in a show of support. Today it can happen here, tomorrow back in Canada.

    Bravo Willym!

  7. Gil

    I heard Berlu has ordered samples rules from China!!! Too bad they picked Bastille Day for the strike.

    Eh they figured the French weren’t working either….

  8. 07.15.2009

    Ack. I’m behind in news. I’ll go post something & see you later.


    Hah, love “criminy!” Reminds me of my grandfather 🙂

    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Les Parisiennes =-.

  9. casalba

    How on earth did I miss this! I’ve been such a bad blogger lately, but this I really should have done something about. I don’t do religion or politics on my blog, or even personal for that matter, but this is so important that, if this goes ahead, might start another one to protest in favour of our Human Rights and Freedom of Speech. For goodness sake, he owns the majority of newspapers and tv channels in which no one ever says a bad word against the current government.
    Sally Gotti @ casalba

    The mix of media and government is disturbing in every country but especially in a place where the leader of the government owns most of the media. Most uncool.

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