Blog Closed for Vacation

Or, in italiano:

Blog chiuso per ferie by Alessia

Yes, Bleeding Espresso is ready for a break, although I personally am not going on vacation. I’ll still be here in Badolato, still working full-time, and still making appearances on Facebook and Twitter, but without writing blog posts, I’ll have more time to spend with P’s family (many of whom are visiting from around Europe) and enjoy all the fun stuff going on here in the village throughout August:

Badolato Summer Events 2009

(Click to see larger image, and then click that image for even larger print.)

Come join in if you need a ferie too!

Buon agosto!

29 Beans of Wisdom to “Blog Closed for Vacation”
  1. Gil

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation from the world of blogging! Eat some grilled calamari and a bucket of mussels for me.

    Can it be fried calamari, Gil? We’ll be having those before the week is out 🙂

  2. Buon estate!!


    .-= nyc/caribbean ragazza´s last blog ..Unfortunately, when my contract is up I have to leave my neighborhood. =-.

  3. Enjoy – loved the graphic – wherever did u find it?

    I googled something like “blog in ferie” or “closed for ferie” in an image search; click on the photo to find the source 🙂

    .-= Lisa at Wanderlust Women´s last blog ..Wanderlust Women Solo Travel through Connecticut’s Carousel Trail =-.

  4. 07.29.2009

    Wait, calamari and buckets of muscles… this place sounds like heaven. We are on our way! Have a great blogging break!

    Gotta love fresh seafood in the summer…come on down!

    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Matisse and friends =-.

  5. 07.29.2009

    Happy Blog Vacation!

    Thanks Kim!

    .-= Kim B.´s last blog ..California Photos — Late, but still awesome! =-.

  6. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy your “vacation” and all the activities in Badolato!

    Thanks Mary!

    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Playing in the sand =-.

  7. 07.29.2009

    buona vacanza

    Thanks Willym!

    .-= Willym´s last blog ..Mercoledi Musicale =-.

  8. 07.29.2009

    buona vacanza, carissima Michelle. I hope that you can enjoy shady moments in the garden with your loved ones, cool drinks, juicy fruit, and can relax completely!!!

    I am doing my best, Diana, believe me 🙂

    .-= Diana Strinati Baur´s last blog ..Studio Ceramic Series: Painting the Bowls =-.

  9. 07.29.2009

    What a great idea!! May have to play copy-cat. Buona Vacanza!!!

    Feel free Fern…I’m loving it 🙂

    .-= Fern Driscoll´s last blog ..J-E-L-L-Oooooooo =-.

  10. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy your vacation! Looks like you have plenty of fun things to keep you busy.

    Indeed. Thanks Loulou!

    .-= Loulou´s last blog ..La Fête du Fromage – La Lauze? =-.

  11. 07.29.2009

    Have fun!

    Thanks Janie! Hope all is well in Panini Land

    .-= janie´s last blog ..What’s Cooking? =-.

  12. Rose Marie Milcetic

    Smart move, Michelle. You deserve a little break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Rose Marie!

  13. awedree

    Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation, Michelle! Sounds awesome, and I wish I could join you 🙂 The Tarantella festa Power 2009 sounds fun.

    Can’t wait to see what it’s all about; I’ve never been and now it’s coming to me 🙂

  14. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy, bella!

    Thanks Susan!

  15. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy the summer Michelle! You deserve!!

    Thanks Dana! Hope you’re having a nice summer too 🙂

    .-= dana´s last blog ..Gelati I Have Known =-.

  16. 07.29.2009

    I think you should go down to the beach and pinch some boyz. It isn’t something you can get away with forever, yanno.

    You make an excellent point, Judith.

    .-= Judith in Umbria´s last blog ..Montalbano: the coolest cop on Italian TV =-.

  17. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy your bloggy break~! You deserve it. 🙂 xxoo

    Thanks Nino!

  18. 07.29.2009

    You have way more than earned this break!!
    Have a great time!

    We’ll look forward to photos afterward… much love bella mia!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    Grazie cara 🙂

  19. 07.29.2009

    Enjoy, Michelle! Have a lovely August!

    Same to you, Jen!

    .-= jen of a2eatwrite´s last blog ..What’s Cooking Wednesday: Fish Tacos with Kohlrabi and Summer Squash =-.

  20. Gil

    I like calamari anyway they serve them: grilled, fried, stuffed, pickled (seafood salad), etc. The best calamari I ever had were stuffed ones that we had in a restaurant in Taormina overlooking the sea! The waiter also introduced me to a sea urchin or two and introduced my wife daughter and me to native Sicilian strawberries! That was on my first trip to Italy. We found ourselves eating dinner at midnight as it appeared that the restaurants didn’t even open until 8:30 or 9:30 pm!

    Yup sounds like the south, Gil…all that food sounds *so* good!

  21. 07.30.2009

    I’d love to see the tarantella festival! Maybe next year. Have a great Ferragosto!

    I’m excited too, Deb! This is our first year hosting it 🙂

  22. 07.30.2009

    Enjoy your time off!

    Thank you 🙂

  23. 07.30.2009

    Ciao Bella, what a great idea !
    This is so Italian and your blog is in Italy !
    Relax and have fun !

    Thanks Suzie! Hope you’re having a great summer!

  24. 07.31.2009

    Buone vacanze, have a good relax knowing that you have lots of friends that follow you all year long! I’m looking forward in 2 hours to lunch with friends at Castelgandolfo, overlooking the Lake of Albano. Brinderò alla vostra salute! Cin cin!

    Salute Carlo!

    .-= Carlo´s last blog ..Tapas a Jaca =-.

  25. 08.01.2009

    Uh come sta bene il mio cartello “blog in ferie” 🙂
    Grazie grazie per il link.

    Grazie a te Alessia!

    .-= Alessia´s last blog ..Fotografia e scrapbooking: quanto sono sicuri CD e DVD? =-.

  26. 08.07.2009

    buone vacanze! i only wish i could join you 🙂

    Me too QdB!

    .-= qualcosa di bello´s last blog ..snapshots on the journey3… =-.

  27. 08.10.2009

    You’d better not be reading this. You should be away having lots of fun and having a thoroughly enjoyable break, eating amazing food and hanging around fabulous people.

    And *not* reading this.

    Don’t let me down now.


    Sorry! Still working…can’t help but read comments 😉
    .-= Mikeachim´s last blog ..Oh, 4 On Demand: and you were doing so *well*. =-.

  28. 08.21.2009

    Hope you are having a fabulous time Michelle! I still dream of visiting Badolato one day! 🙂

    Thanks Pat, and I hope you get the chance 🙂

    .-= Pat´s last blog ..I Must Kvetch! =-.

  29. Alicia

    Enjoy the time off, but I do hope you’ll return with lots more recipes and just little snippets of life in Calabria… I love hearing stories of your photo adventures and P being able to identify the locations… his family, the area… it’s the simple things that are so interesting to me. Thanks for writing!!!

    Thanks so much for your feedback, Alicia! Be back soon 😀

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