Are You Ready to Meet Our Kid?

Well here she is:

Ohai on Flickr

Meet Pasqualina!

Such attitude on Flickr

Pascalina (in Calabrese) doing her thing on the goatwalk.

A friend who raises goats recently gave us this little darling capretta because her mother didn’t have enough milk for all her babies. So we’ve been bottle-feeding her (*that* was a challenge to get started), and she’s settling in nicely.

Nice blankie! Mind if I eat it? on Flickr

We even play “nascondino” a.k.a. hide and seek, but YouTube wouldn’t cooperate, so you’ll have to wait for a video.

And before you ask, no, she will never be on the dinner table; this kid will be strictly for milk and breeding purposes.

How could you even think otherwise?

Pasqualina! on Flickr

We’ve also been going for walks together. If you think she’s cute in these photos, you should see her hopping along on her leash! Gah! I’m *so* in kid love.

Any of you ever raised a kid? Any tips to share?

P.S. Thanks so much for all your questions on Friday’s post; I’ll answer them as soon as possible! Stay tuned….

59 Beans of Wisdom to “Are You Ready to Meet Our Kid?”
  1. Gil

    Very cute! Looks like she is a real goat as he is checking out that red bedspread or whatever. How does she get along with the other two girls?

    We’ve only had one real encounter so far; I wanted to wait until Pasqualina was at least comfortable with me. I started by letting Stella off the leash, and she wanted to play mommy–cleaning Pasqualina, growling when Luna came near. Then I let off Luna, and she just wants to play, but she seems to be into snapping a bit, not nasty-like, but too quick for Pasqualina to really feel comfy yet. Pasqualina, for her part, stayed close to me…but we’ll give them another go soon. I think they’ll be great friends 😉

  2. 03.02.2009

    I’d start brushing up on my goat-cheese-making skills if i were you. Kids grow up so fast!
    She sure is a loveable looking gal.

    You mean *learn* cheese-making skills…can’t wait!!!!!

  3. 03.02.2009

    She’s very cute, indeed!

    Thanks Lara 🙂

  4. 03.02.2009

    Yes just wondering how the other two are reacting to her? Friends of mine currently posted to Kabul have two goats – their Australian Shepherds were constantly trying to herd them. Needless to say Goat Boy and Goat Girl had other ideas.

    Believe it or now they were also an added security messure. There was always a danger that a local mob could break into their compound however if they saw goats in the yard they would assume it was Afghanies not Foreigners living there and pass on by. They were sort of watchgoats I guess.

    Willym’s last blog post..Crollalanza = Shakespeare?

    Oh that’s so interesting about the watchgoats. Who knew they’d have such benefits for your friends? Pasqualina found *another* dog very interesting, but was more timid with mine…we’ll see what they do as time goes on….

  5. joanne at frutto della passione

    Will you make your own cheese? How cute she is, does she get along with the puppies?

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..Cotoletta alla Milanese

    I hope so! I still keep asking P to take me to another friend’s place where they make cheese….

  6. 03.02.2009

    Sooo cute…my husbands family used have a goat years ago, he used to do all the milking 🙂
    Hope she gets on with your puppies!

    I have never heard of taking a goat for a walk 🙂

    anne’s last blog post..Congratulations and Well done……

    I didn’t know you could take goats on walks (on leashes) either, but she loves it. P’s family had goats when he was younger, so we’re lucky to have at least some knowledge floating around 🙂

  7. 03.02.2009

    Who would have a thought a baby goat would be so cute?! Congrats and interesting too to read about how she’s getting along with the girls!

    Kim B.’s last blog post..Busted!

    To me all baby animals are cute, but Pasqualina is exceptionally so 😉 I will keep everyone posted on the relationship with the pooches 🙂

  8. She is too cute!

    One of my uncles used to have a herd of goats back in Caribbean. As a kid (no pun intended) they used to scare me a little because of their eyes. ha

    I just bought some goat cheese the other day. First time I’ve had some since moving here. It’s so good and fresh.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Piazza Farnese On A Spring-Like Day

    Oh I *love* goat cheese…and goat milk as I recently found out. Who knew?!

  9. 03.02.2009

    Nice kid, pun definitely intended. I will be very curious to hear more about your adventures and how much work etc it is and how the cheese making develops. Always thought having a goat might be fun, althought my uncle’s goats were rather ornery. Right now better to enjoy them through your adventures.

    Marla’s last blog post..Five Grain Bread with Walnuts, A Bread Baking Buddy Event

    She’s not ornery…yet. We shall see 😉

  10. 03.02.2009

    She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle’s last blog post..Twitter

    Grazie 🙂

  11. That kid is looking great! You are a great mom. I’m kidding you not! 😉

    Honestly? I jumped out of my seat when I read your tweet to see what this kid is all about. LOL!

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures’s last blog post..Dubai fountain is almost here

    I know, the “kid” stuff is just too tempting 😉

  12. Richard

    Yes, a little mesquite wood, some pomodora salsa e’ balsamic aceto…oooooooooo, hohohhh Lovely kid, does it look like mommy or daddy ? hahahahh hheheheh hohhoh

    Love and Light,


    Gaaaaaaah! I can’t hear you!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 03.02.2009

    Congrats Michelle! She is adorable and extremely photogenic. She even knows how to smile for the cameras. Can’t wait to see that video!

    milanese masala’s last blog post..Do Over Day

    Oh I have one newer photo in which she’s *definitely* smiling…too cute!

  14. 03.02.2009

    Your new baby looks so cute! Knowing nothing at all about goats -the amount of care required for them, what they eat (do they really eat tin cans and such?) and what about shelter too, what do they need in thar respect?
    I think it would be neat to have a goat -maybe let them help out come summer in the lawn upkeep department, perhaps?

    Jeni Hill Ertmr’s last blog post..Show and Tell

    They apparently don’t eat everything, but generally oats and grasses are the biggest parts of their diet. Right now she takes up a few hours a day for me, but most of that is choice…I try to spend at least an hour with her in the morning and evening and then a couple in the afternoon 🙂

  15. 03.02.2009

    Whew. I was so nervous. DIdn’t want to fall in love with the face only to find out that she’d soon meet her demise as Sunday dinner 🙁

    So glad she’ll be sticking around. I am a sucker for those soft ears and doe eyes 🙂 She’s a real beauty, M!

    My Melange’s last blog post..Adopt Your Own Olive Tree

    Oh I couldn’t even think of eating her…poverina!

  16. oh my….SOOOO Cute. I just love little goats 🙂 Can’t’ wait for the video.

    erin :: the olive notes’s last blog fine del carnevale

    Fingers crossed for YouTube!

  17. Mary

    That last picture is sooooo cute! Well, they’re all cute, but that’s the best one. Glad to hear that she’ll never end up on the table, but cheese and milk are always good. Goat cheese is fantastic. I read somewhere that you can use fig leaves to make natural rennet for cheesemaking.

    Mary’s last blog post..Forwarding Address

    Oh that’s interesting! I’m really looking forward to cheese-making…I hope she makes enough milk!

  18. 03.02.2009

    Michelle! She is adorable!!

    bella’s last blog post..all in the timing

    Thanks Bella 🙂

  19. 03.02.2009

    That’s really dear. I am having trouble imagining you managing her date book when it comes time to breed. No breeding, no milk. But it’s you little girl!

    Watch that snappy dog. It doesn’t take much aggression to hurt this baby. (I love goats.)

    Judith in Umbria’s last blog post..Lenten Lunch

    Luna doesn’t *really* snap; it’s hard to explain…but I still won’t let them alone or anything. Pasqualina wouldn’t allow it 😉

  20. 03.02.2009

    Ciao Michelle! Oh me oh my… what a cutie pie! Cute name, too! I am glad to hear the bottle feeding is getting easier. Look forward to the video (I say grrrr… to YouTube as well)!

    Laura’s last blog post..Amalfi: Megami No 50-Byou

    Bottle feeding is *much* easier now, thank goodness…hopefully YouTube will cooperate soon….

  21. 03.02.2009

    Oh! So cute! Congrats on the new addition. 🙂

    Stefanie’s last blog post..All right fine. Pictures!

    Thanks 🙂 Nice to see you Stefanie!

  22. Cute as a button 🙂

    Britt-Arnhild in Norway’s last blog post..In the snow, well, we can pretend we like it……..

    Thanks 🙂

  23. 03.02.2009

    I love goats and have always wanted one. If you also get a donkey, I will be so envious I won’t know what to do with myself.

    flurrious’s last blog post..To Whom It May Concern

    No donkey plans, but you never know 😉

  24. 03.02.2009

    She is so cute!! I hope YouTube starts co-operating so we can see some vids!! 🙂

    LuLu’s last blog post..5 Questions With… Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino

    Me too…I may just have to take more videos and try them 😉

  25. 03.02.2009

    so cute, I want one 😉

    Hee hee…I can understand that 🙂

  26. Meredith

    So cute! The goat cheese people bring baby goats to our farmers market sometimes. They’re adorable!

    Hee hee…*that* is a good way to sell cheese I imagine!

  27. 03.02.2009

    Is she adorable or what? I’ve thought about having a goat some day (although I’d have to move somewhere more rural) so I could make cheese, which has always been something I wanted to do.

    Yes, rural helps…hope you get the chance. It’s wonderful 🙂

  28. She is soooo adorable! What a little sweetie! Imagine all the wonderful cheese and yogurt you’ll be able to make. Great name, too. I have a cousin named Pasqualino. 😉

    Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy’s last blog post..Flavor of the Month: Toasted Coconut-Sesame Brittle Ice Cream

    Someone here named Pasquino seemed a bit offended that we named her Pasqualina…but with trying to avoid all family and friend names, it was tough to name her!

  29. 03.02.2009

    How cute! We have thought about getting a goat before, but we don’t know much about them. I hope that you have a great time with all the cheese and milk you will be getting. What a sweet neighbor to give you such a gift. 🙂

    Aimee’s last blog post..Garden goodies on the way!

    P had been talking to this guy about possibly getting a kid to raise for a while now…yes…*very* good friend indeed 🙂

  30. 03.02.2009

    How cute!
    I was just having a conversation with my husband about having this cute goat… it is too bad that I can’t have it now. In the future, I will!

    Elra’s last blog post..Chocolate Valentino Cake Serve With Ice Cream. The Daring Baker’s Challenge February 2009.

    Be sure to let us know when you’re a kid mommy 😉

  31. 03.02.2009

    She’s darling! And so photogenic. 😀 We drive by some local goats who like to hang out on top of their picnic table. Is Pascalina a climber?

    softdrink’s last blog post..March Mini-Challenge for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge

    Absolutely! She loves to climb and jump too 🙂

  32. 03.02.2009

    Oh my gosh, Michelle, she is adorable!! I want one, too!

    Elle’s last blog post..25 things about me

    She is a cute kid; I have to agree 😉

  33. 03.02.2009

    Adorable! My husband is French and visited his grandparents farm growing up, he still talks about the goats. He wants some when we retire!

    Aw, that’s great Andi! Hope you get to enjoy them 🙂

  34. Oh. My. Goodness. How completely adorable. Looking forward to the video! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to making even more…she’s too cute on walks too 🙂

  35. 03.02.2009

    What a darling face & I love her name…look forward to reading about cheese-making adventures. How soon does all of that start? baci to all…very snowy & cold here in DC.

    Susan & GG’s last blog post..Marrakesh Tea Time

    She can be bred around 8 months…so we still have seven to go. It’s getting warmer here…yay! Great for afternoon walks with Pasqualina 🙂

  36. Lizzie

    She is adorable !! These pictures have made my day :0)

    Yay! Glad to hear it Lizzie 🙂

  37. 03.02.2009

    She is just so, so sweet! How are the dogs doing with her? Is everyone in harmony?

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Blogger Aid Week: Some of my Favorite Blogger Aid Bloggers!

    They actually haven’t spent *too* much time together, but the time they have been together has gone smoothly 🙂

  38. 03.02.2009

    OH MY GARSH! she’s preciosa! i second the question from jen above….are the girls jealous? do they bark?

    i’m so relieved to have read she won’t be ending up on the dinner table! can’t wait to see the videos once youtube starts cooperating!

    Eryn Chandler’s last blog post..Pretty Papers

    No barking at all! A lot of curiosity and licking though….

  39. 03.02.2009

    She’s so cute!!!!

    Wendy’s last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day

    Thanks Wendy! Nice to see you here 🙂

  40. Pat

    She’s sooooooooooooo adorable. I could never eat her…

    Look at those eyes! Gaaah!

  41. 03.03.2009

    Pascalina è tenerissima! You’re lucky to have her, and she is very lucky to have found you both, ‘specially during Easter…!

    We’re equally lucky indeed 🙂

  42. 03.03.2009

    I’d be a-fearin’ about that smile on her face.

    It says “I’m going to be chewing through your whole *world*. Ooooooh yeah, baby.”

    As cute as a goat-shaped button, though. I’d definitely let her chew her way through my world. 🙂

    Mikeachim’s last blog post..How To Be A Tool (TM)

    Indeed, Mikeachim…indeed.

  43. 03.03.2009

    She is super cute! I love those ears =) Can’t wait to see more!

    stacy’s last blog post..A New Twist on Tourism

    I love those ears too! So cute!

  44. 03.03.2009

    Thank you for such a cute post! Made my evening. What a little doll.

    The Daily Colander’s last blog post..Orangette: A Homemade Life

    So glad you enjoyed!

  45. 03.03.2009

    Che Carina!

    Wow, that’s a really lovely little goat! We have gone through a handful of goats in the co-housing community where I live, in Colorado. We take them out of the pen and “walk” them. They aren’t quite as easy to walk as dogs though!

    How big is she supposed to get?

    Chandi’s last blog post..Mary full of grace

    P tells me she’ll be a fairly good-sized goat…not a dwarf, that’s for sure. We shall see….

  46. SabineM

    TOO adorable for words!

    SabineM’s last blog post..Horse show Video

    Thanks Sabine 🙂 Great to see you!

  47. 03.03.2009

    So cute!!!!!

    Lisa Steinke’s last blog post..Robots Need Love Too By Lisa

    Thanks Lisa, and thanks for coming by 🙂

  48. 03.03.2009

    How did I miss this post before?!!! She’s lovely.

    casalba’s last blog post..Pollo alla Cacciatora

    Oh it’s a brand new post…you’re not too behind 🙂

  49. 03.03.2009

    she is too cute. I would be spending every minute with her. No kidding around. 🙂

    Diana Strinati Baur’s last blog post..Use What You Have

    It’s *so* hard to leave her…especially since she cries 🙁

  50. 03.03.2009

    Michelle, she’s gorgeous! She’s lucky to have found such a loving place to spend her days…


    shibori girl’s last blog post..Oh, That Painful Artistic Process!

    Thanks Kate 🙂

  51. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! We are thinking of getting goats too!

    Woohoo! Kids for everyone!

  52. Sara

    Awww, I just LOVE her floppy ears! She’s adorable!

    Thanks Sara…I love her ears too 🙂

  53. 03.06.2009

    She is so adorable!!! I would love to have a cute kid wondering around my yard but I’d be afraid that someone would come and, well, you know. I’d be heart broken.

    Post her pic on Facebook.


    Giovanna’s last blog post..As If You Care…

    I hear you. I don’t usually post photos on FB–everything is on Flickr 🙂

  54. 03.07.2009

    Too cute. Do you walk her with the dogs or separately?
    A new concept, Goat poop bags….(probably not an issue?)

    anna l’americana’s last blog post..No smoking in the dark….

    This weekend was the first time I took them all together…we need practice 😉

  55. 03.09.2009

    Oh my goodness….that is the cutest goat! I want one too! 🙂

    Jennifer H.’s last blog post..I Heard Spring Arriving

    Thanks Jennifer 🙂

  56. 03.09.2009

    OK, Obviously I have to get back to reading people’s blogs and not just rely on Twitter. Because this was a BIG piece of news from you that I missed!!


    HAHAAAHAAH! That is the most awesome thing ever! What an incredible opportunity!

    Miss Expatria’s last blog post..Pictures From The Sunny South Of France

    I tweeted about it too, but I was coy so you may have missed it 😉

  57. 09.30.2010

    Sooo adorable, and she even sits like a puppy!

    Haha, actually she’s peeing there, but it was too cute not to post 😉

  58. 02.24.2011

    How beautiful!
    And she looks SO much like my Darla!

    I’m loving your story!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your Darla is just darling!

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