Love Thursday: Almond Blossoms & Calabrian Proverbs on Love

As has become tradition, P brought me our first almond blossom of the year last Thursday (yes, on Love Thursday and everything!):

First almond blossoms, 2009 on Flickr

And now, since I’m in a loverly mood, a few Calabrian proverbs on relationships, love, and the like:

  • A carni supra all’ossu mera.
    Meat on the bones adorns.

The book I found these in expands (my translation): “The concept of traditional feminine beauty isn’t lean and long-limbed, which came from the style of America after World War II . . . . According to the Calabrese tradition, a beautiful woman must also be robust, with roundness and feminine features well-accentuated.”

Gotta love the Calabrese!

  • Ama l’omu toi cu i vizii soi.
    Love your man with all his faults.

I think this is a good one for everyone, don’t you? If you truly choose to love someone (I’m a big believer that love is a choice), you love everything about them even if some things frustrate the hell out of you sometimes. Ahem.

  • A megghju palora esta chija chi no nesci.
    The best words are those that never leave the mouth.

This last one isn’t specified for love, but I think this can be good advice in relationships. Yes, I believe in honesty and openness, but not every thought needs expression.

What do you think about these lovely proverbs?

Happy Love Thursday everyone! 

18 Beans of Wisdom to “Love Thursday: Almond Blossoms & Calabrian Proverbs on Love”
  1. Gil

    I can’t argue with you or any of the Calabrese on any of these. The first one really rings a bell in my head. I don’t really agree with:

    “The concept of traditional feminine beauty isn’t lean and long-limbed, which came from the style of America after World War II .

    Didn’t the concept of these sick looking women start in the 70’s or later? After WWII we had beauties Like Sophia Loren and I consider her Robust to the Nth degree!

    Eh the Americans get blamed for everything…when was Twiggy? Wasn’t she 60s? I’m a little rusty on the dates….

  2. awedree

    What a lovely flower and tradition!

    As for the proverb on “meat on the bones”, it’s very much the same in my culture (my Dad wouold definitely second it!). It is believed that a beutiful woman is supposed to be voluptuous. The modern ideal of tall and skinny for women is not understood.

    BTW Good luck with your internt!

    Thank you for the wish of luck…I will definitely need it!

  3. 01.29.2009

    Ciao il mia buona amica! Come sta lei?

    Io copisco l’italiano umpo.

    OK back to English because my Italian is really rusty.

    I got your comment, and thank you so much for the kind words!
    I think that it is absolutely fantastic that you live in Italy! When my wife and I come to Italy I will have to make sure we get to Calabria. I do believe that’s where my great grand father was from. (Si, sono l’italiano.)

    I love your website, I think the concept is awesome. I do love coffee as well and would love to get my hands on a true espresso while in Italy.

    As for your OH; is he a lover of fine craft beers like myself?(I’m actually a beer geek/snob) I would greatly appreciate it if you would translate for him…I just don’t have the skills to write a whole blog in Italian, that may take some time.

    Buona Sera!

    Ken Zarko’s last blog post..2-Brew Weekend

    Ken, I had no idea! My OH is actually quite interested in home brewing…he may not be a beer snob, but well, he does have his preferences, of course 😉 Definitely let me know when you’re coming our way! Of course now we’ll be in touch via FB anyway….

  4. awedree

    Gil, my Dad is definitely a fan of lovely Sophia (and Liz Taylor for that matter). I agree with you on how unhealthy some of the models look these days.

    And imagine that the camera adds ten pounds….

  5. All of these are lovely.

    I think my robust self needs to visit Calabria. heh

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..A week from today is a very important holiday…World Nutella Day

    Hah, come on down!

  6. 01.29.2009

    I have to agree with the meat on the bones concept, for personal reasons. Thank goodness my man agrees, which makes me very willing to take into my heart your second proverb. I am extemely jealous of your almond blossom. I mean, my omu might have picked one for me too, if the Piemontese ice age would come to an end…grrr.

    Diana’s last blog post..Siesta Time!

    Hah, you’ll have blossoms soon! Maybe 😉

  7. joanne at frutto della passione

    Love a culture that knows how to appreciate a woman’s curves! And the last proverb is soooooo true. Honesty is not an excuse to be mean. Anyway, happy Love Thursday.

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..The Apple Pie Story

    Excellent point, Joanne, about honesty and meanness. Excellent.

  8. 01.29.2009

    How I wish I was in Italy among the almond blossoms……
    I am coming in June. What will bloom then? 🙂

    Britt-Arnhild’s last blog post..The Year of a Traveller, January

    Good question…I’m horrible with remembering what’s in bloom when, so luckily I have photos with dates on them! There’s bound to be fabulous things in bloom, though, so you can’t go wrong 🙂

  9. 01.29.2009

    How sweet love your flower.

    Oh how true is the last one…Yes I should think before I speak sometimes 🙁

    anne’s last blog post..There are times…

    I think we could all use practice there, Anne 😉

  10. Gil

    Just Googled Twiggy she was in the late 60’s. We all thought that she was disgusting and need more help than just a good Italian Grandmother or two!

    Hah, I imagine that’s what my Italian grandmother thought of her at the time too….

  11. 01.29.2009

    I am a fan of the second one. It reminds you that nobody is ever *perfect* 🙂

    My Melange’s last blog post..Shrimp Scampi

    This is true 🙂

  12. 01.29.2009

    And on that third one: sometimes love is knowing when to keep your mouth shut!

    Willym’s last blog post..Get Your .. Undies in a Row, Mister!

    Agreed Willym 🙂

  13. 01.29.2009

    Wow almond blossoms already? We got another 11 inches of snow last night! I love the way those phrases just flow of the tongue and sound oh so romantic!!!!

    Deb R’s last blog post..A Story Seven Months in the Making…

    Yikes! That’s a lot of snow! We’ve been getting lots of rain, but I suppose that’s what makes the blossoms possible….

  14. 01.29.2009

    Oh lovely. Almond blossoms…it reminds me of the last time I was in southern Italy. I got there just in time to see the last few days. Bella. Love the Calabrese wisdom & wishing that someone recently had thought to leave a few words inside his brain. (A friend’s fiance. He’s probably wishing he had, too, but has not apologized.) And with that, back to writing about coffee love, Bleeding Espresso (it will be very grateful, we assure you:), & a cheer for the Steelers. Hey, if you can’t beat’em. Also so much work on human rights issues, it feels great to yell “crush’em!” & know that it’s OK. Hope your internet returns. Using dial-up all the time, it’s nearly like that for me so much empathy, bella.

    Good weekend to all!

    xo, Susan & la Julie (aka Giulia Geranium)

    Susan & GG’s last blog post..Waiting in Congo/Attente au Congo, part 2

    Oh I was on the dial-up road for a couple years here…I remember it well…hoping all is well with you and your friend 🙂

  15. I so agree with the first proverb. I am proud to have meat in my bones! hee hee. Great quotes, can’t help but smile.

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures’s last blog post..Dubai photo blog

    I was smiling too when I read them, Grace 🙂

  16. 01.31.2009

    This was a great post- I enjoyed it Michelle. I can almost hear my grandmother saying them!

    susan’s last blog post..CHOCOLATE BISCOTTI

    Glad you enjoyed Susan 🙂

  17. 01.31.2009

    Oh and I love the almond blossom…P is a sweetheart !

    susan’s last blog post..CHOCOLATE BISCOTTI

    Indeed 🙂

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