All About Alltop and Why You Should Be On It

Alltop ExpatsHave you heard about Alltop?

Through the magic of Twitter, I have been seeing the term floated around for several months, but now I have a very good reason to tell you more about it:

I’m now listed on Alltop Expats!

OK, so what is Alltop?

Alltop’s homepage says it’s “an ‘online magazine rack’ of popular topics”–439 popular topics to be exact. Founder Guy Kawasaki describes it as “aggregation without the aggravation” with a “goal is to satisfy the information needs of the 99% of Internet users who will never use an RSS feed reader or create a custom page.”

Basically you browse Alltop by category or alphabetically if you have extra time on your hands, find what you like, click, and end up with all the top stories on a given subject via the RSS feeds from selected sites.

So, for example, if you were interested in, say, expatriate life, you’d go to


for “All the Top Expatriate News” and there you would find a collection of expat-related information, including the latest posts from Bleeding Espresso.

Easy peasy!

So go have a look around Alltop; I guarantee you’ll find lots of great new places to visit no matter what your interests are. As if you needed more blogs and websites to read, right? Yes, but this *focuses* your time, and that’s always a good thing.

Have you heard of or used Alltop? What do you think?

17 Beans of Wisdom to “All About Alltop and Why You Should Be On It”
  1. congratulations on being listed on Alltop!!

    judy haley (coffeejitters)’s last blog post..A Writer’s Meme

    Thanks Judy 🙂

  2. 01.13.2009

    Thanks for the great link Michelle. Now I can waste more time on here!
    As if I needed an excuse 😉 …

    I know…one more reason to play on the computer! Prego 😉

  3. joanne at frutto della passione

    Yikes, another one! I am having a hard time keeping up with it all! I will check it out though, thanks for the heads up.

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..Barilla Website of the Month January 2009

    I know…there really is so much to keep up with. I can’t possibly be on top (hah!) of all of it, but where I can help introduce my fellow Internet addicts to new things, I like to do so 😉

  4. No I haven’t heard of it. I will check it out.

    Congrats on being listed.


    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..2009 – My Make or Break Year

    Thanks, and I hope you like it 🙂

  5. Keep me updated on AllTop – everyone I’ve talked to says it brings them very little traffic – but that’s mainly food blogs. Maybe the expat page will be different? There’s also as well.

    Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy’s last blog post..Dark Mint Chocolate French Macarons Recipe

    I think it needs to get a lot more word of mouth publicity before people really start using it…if GK is expecting to hit those who don’t have feedreaders, etc., that means he’s looking at the casual Internet browser as the market, and you know how long it takes things to reach them…I figure it can’t hurt traffic, in any event.

  6. Tina

    I love alltop! Congrats on being listed 🙂

    Tina’s last blog post..2009 – lots to do

    Thanks Tina, you Alltop-er!

  7. 01.13.2009

    Congrats on the listing! I have heard of it and it is a great resource. I learned about it when I was checking my sitemeter and saw visits via Alltop. I kept “following bread crumbs” back and finally saw my listing, then proudly grabbed a badge. : )

    Anali’s last blog post..Tibetan Personality Test

    Woohoo! Congrats to you as well 🙂

  8. 01.13.2009

    Awesome! Congrats! 🙂 I’ve been wondering what all those “Alltop” tweets were about. Now I know.


    Michele’s last blog post..Interview with an E-book Author

    Hah, I was wondering too, Michele! Finally got curious enough to click over…fun!

  9. 01.13.2009

    That is pretty darn cool. I was turning my head with my eyes closed going “no not another thing I have to learn no no no” but I think this is quite useful — and of COURSE you are on it! It simply could not be not so, Michelle!! Good for you. 🙂

    Diana’s last blog post..Studio Day: Out of the Fire, Part 2-The Good, The Bad, and the Cracked

    One great thing about Alltop is that you can check it when you want–and not have feeds just piled up in your feedreader for weeks (ahem, guilty!).

  10. 01.13.2009

    I applied to be on it. Hopefully Guy Kawasaki doesn’t hate me because I keep adding and deleting him from Twitter… I love love love his Tweets, but there are so many of them!! Sigh.

    Miss Expatria’s last blog post..Père Lachaise Cemetery

    Hah, he doesn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge (and anyway I think maybe others review submissions) 😉

  11. 01.13.2009

    Never heard of it…I’ll have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing!

    saretta’s last blog post..Hospital Murales, 2

    Hope you enjoy it Saretta 🙂

  12. Gil

    Congratulations on achieving even more fame! Pretty soon you will be so famous that I won’t be able to get on Bleeding Espresso.

    Never Gil! There will always be a place set at the table for you 🙂

  13. 01.19.2009

    THis looks interesting – I’ll have to check it out further.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Where Am I?

    Just set aside some time, Jen…this is great for site-hopping!

  14. 01.22.2009

    Thanks Michelle! It is a wonderful web site — very informative and I am enjoying it.

    Hugs, Pat

    Pat’s last blog post..A Big Smile and a “Five Things Tag”

    Glad to hear it Pat! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  15. 01.24.2009

    Since my last comment, my health site (Healing with Juices) has been added to Alltop! The focus is on raw juices and smoothies and juice fasting, so it’s listed in the health section:


    Michele’s last blog post..Juice Fasting: Pre-Fast Menu Ideas

    Awesome Michele! Congrats!

  16. 01.30.2009

    Thanks, Michelle! It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    Michele’s last blog post..Don’t Let Your Past Keep You from Your Future

    Have you noticed any traffic coming from it?

  17. 02.15.2009

    This is interested post. Thanks you.

    Thank you 🙂

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