love thursday: spreading the love

I usually share one, two, maybe three photos of love on Thursdays, but this week, I want to share 20 gorgeous hearts that I found on Flickr for 20 times the love:

1. August 6th 2008 – Leave a Little Room In Your Heart, 2. Heart, 3. String of hearts, 4. Latte HeArt, 5. Heart-shaped clouds, 6. A green heart for you !! have a sweet and nice weekend., 7. heart-on-a-stick, 8. Peanut Butter Cup Heart, 9. hearts, 10. Heart potato, 11. Strawberry Heart, 12. under my umbrella, 13. Have a Heart…, 14. Sam’s back heart, 15. My Gypsy Heart, 16. Eat your heart out, 17. Nature’s Heart., 18. heart & moon Taipei 101 (ii), 19. M&M Heart, 20. Tangled Heart <3

Why not spread the love and visit some of these fab photographers?

Me, I’m partial to that peanut butter cup. YUMMY LOVE!

What’s your favorite heart?

Here’s wishing you a love-filled Love Thursday!

26 Beans of Wisdom to “love thursday: spreading the love”
  1. 10.16.2008

    If I had to chose, I’d pick that tender green leaf. They are all beautiful.

    Lisa Milton’s last blog post..hark! it’s the Great Pumpkin Patch

    Excellent choice, Lisa! Lovely to “see” you 🙂

  2. 10.16.2008

    I love hearts and especially like the latte heart!

    Chrissy’s last blog post..Go Phillies!!!

    Agreed, and yes, go Phils!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gil

    All of this love and my sister’s Phillies are on their way to winning the World Series after beating the traitor Dodgers!

    By the way, beautiful collage.

    I’ll be cheering for ’em Gil; I spent *lots* of disposable income on them when I was in Philly…and that was back when they were still in the Vet!

  4. awedree

    All very sweet, but my faves are the latte and the strawberry. I LOVE both!!!

    It’s funny cause I was just doodling hearts like 2 minutes ago!!

    Hee hee…doodle on!

  5. The heart on the beach is very sweet.

    Happy Love Thursday.

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..Oh no! First Hef and Holly, now Madonna and Guy?

    Same to you!

  6. 10.16.2008

    My favourite is the lake, but who can resist Sam?

    The potato is a bit spooky – you’ll see why in a couple of minutes!

    casalba’s last blog post..Woodland Treasures

    Hah, thanks for that other love potato!

  7. I like the first picture. Hey, about that heart potato, I got one from the grocery last night!

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures’s last blog post..The wedding that was

    You’re surrounded by love, Grace!

  8. 10.16.2008

    I agree! Gotta love peanut butter cups, especially with hearts in them. Unfortunately, I just finished my stash 🙁

    Milanese Masala’s last blog post..Around the world in one city

    Me too 🙁

  9. joanne at frutto della passione

    The chocolate one, of course!

    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..Chocolate is …

    I see we were thinking along the same lines….

  10. 10.16.2008

    I choose the cappucino heart…yum! But, for sure my younger son would choose the dog with the heart-shapped spot…too cute!

    saretta’s last blog post..Lunch with Friends

    I definitely would’ve picked that pooch from the pound!

  11. 10.16.2008

    Nice heart mosaic. I saw a similar, yet larger style framed print for sale in a catalog once- waaaay before this love thursday thing.

    Thought it would have been fun to look at that many hearts on a wall everyday- but I just don’t have any wall space left 🙁

    Happy Love Thursday!

    ps- I have a the cutest shot of a little girl hugging a pumpkin, missing a front tooth for Love Thursday!! C’mon over and take a looksie!!

    My Mélange’s last blog post..Love Thursday : Pumpkin Love

    Fun! I’ll be right over 🙂

  12. 10.16.2008

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! I do especially like the dog, though.

    KC’s last blog post..Salute!

    S/he is a cutie, huh?

  13. 10.16.2008

    My favorite is the warm pup with the heart-shaped brown spot on his back! How sweet. 🙂

    My favorite heart is more of a mood than a thing – a sharply cold day outside, a fire inside, warm lighting, and something hot to drink. It’s just around the corner, and I can hardly wait.


    shiborigirl’s last blog post..Back To The Drawing Board

    I’m with you Kate! I’m secretly hoping for such a day this weekend 🙂

  14. 10.16.2008

    Oh, these are so gorgeous. Nice choices!

    I’m so glad I stumbled on by… now I have to trace back a bit and read your blog action day post! So many great people participating this year!!

    Lo!’s last blog post..Blog Action Day: Poverty and Local Eating

    Happy to see you here, and yes, there were so many great posts…I hope to hit as many as I can!

  15. Wunschdenker

    …the one that beats (especially when it beats regularly, without too many thump-thumps) in my husband’s chest. A Vitamin B12 deficiency, caused by something to do with the intrinsic factor, is messing with it…I’m the one who discovered it and I’m the one who glady checks it regularly. From your heart collage, they’re all neat, but I like the one in the coffee…that *had* to be tough to get just right.

    Oh I hope everything is OK–and good on you for picking up on it! Phew!

  16. 10.16.2008

    I couldn’t possibly choose just one. They’re all so good! I love this collection.

    Me too. I look forward to making more and sharing 🙂

  17. 10.16.2008

    Awwww!! These are all such great heart pictures. I would have to say I really like the Latte Heart and I think the heart spot on the dog is really cute!!

    Happy Love Thursday!! 🙂

    LuLu’s last blog post..Eurochocolate Perugia 2008

    Lots of latte and puppy love…you know I love it!

  18. 10.16.2008

    Wow they are all fab…I love the strawberry in the hands and the pink flower..11 and 13 🙂

    anne’s last blog post..Pont-l’Évêque

    That strawberry is way up on my list too; thanks for chiming in!

  19. 10.16.2008

    Latte love – natch. I can never have too much coffee in my life. 😉

    They are all lovely, though.

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..World Hunger Day, pt. 2 – How you can help

    I hear you there Jen 🙂

  20. 10.16.2008

    I agree, love the peanut butter cup!

    Kalyn’s last blog post..Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe with Quick-Roasted Tomato, Garlic, and Herb Sauce

    Mmmm I could go for one right now Kalyn 🙂

  21. 10.17.2008

    Aww… you included my photo! Thanks so much!

    Stephen Poff’s last blog post..October 16th 2008 – It’s Hard Playin’ in a One Piece Band

    My pleasure Stephen 🙂 Thank *you* for such fabulous photos to choose from!

  22. 10.17.2008

    Happy Happy Birthday. Fantastic collection of hearts. I love them all but the latte heArt is my favorite!
    Hope today is special one!

    Grazie bella!

  23. 10.18.2008

    Those are all beautiful photos. I’d have to agree with you on the peanut butter cup… I also like the strawberry and capuccino. Food rocks!!

    bonggamom’s last blog post..Family

    Hah, I agree! Food most definitely rocks 🙂

  24. 10.18.2008

    Those are all beautiful photos. I’d have to agree with you on the peanut butter cup… I also like the strawberry and capuccino. Food rocks!!

  25. 10.23.2008

    I like that green heart for you. It’s so cute!

    Nate’s last blog post..Aunty Marlene’s Banana Muffins Recipe

    Thanks Nate. I thought that was pretty cute too…love the swirly!

  26. 10.25.2008

    Def the M&Ms and the green heart. I have a supreme weakness for plain chocolate m&ms. I would do almost anything for a pack of them right now. Can you order them to Europe? Hmmm…I wonder.

    NewWrldYankee’s last blog post..How to Not Lose Money in Getting the Local Currency

    They are heavenly. Yum.

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