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Please come visit me at Italy Magazine where I’ll be writing a weekly column, Guarda!, about interesting aspects of Italian life, sharing lots of great videos along the way. This week’s feature is The Palio in Siena, a most unique horse race. Comments over there will certainly be appreciated!


OK, back to the regularly scheduled blog post.

I so enjoyed when you blogged my blog back in April that it’s time for you to blog my blog again.

I’ve also had an *extremely* busy and stressful work week, which means I have very little brain power left, so it’s your turn to create here.

Taking direction from Kailani of An Island Life, here’s how it works for those who don’t remember:

1. I start with a question/phrase.

2. The first commenter answers that question and leaves a new question for the next visitor to answer. It could be a general question, fill in the blank sentence, a “tell me about a time when,” etc.

3. The next commenter answers the new question and provides a question for the following visitor (i.e., the third commenter).

4. And so forth until you’re all bored to tears. Yes, I expect actual tears before we stop (photographic evidence will do).

5. Note: I reserve the right to delete or modify any questions that, you know, rub me the wrong way. Ahem.

6. In a situation where two commenters have answered the same question and you’re next to answer, please either choose one of the questions or answer both; if you don’t answer both, you are free to pass along the question you didn’t use or come up with a new one.

The first question:

Do you read your horoscope?

Buon weekend!

44 Beans of Wisdom to “interactive friday:
blog my blog II”
  1. Gil

    I read My horoscope.

    Do you believe your horoscope?

  2. 08.08.2008

    I so don’t believe my horoscope. I sometimes go through phases of believing it, but unfortunately the skeptic in me just wins out eventually.

    Here’s my question:

    If you had to choose just one cookie for the rest of your life, which cookie would you pick?

    Michelle, sorry your week was stressful 🙁 Have a wonderful weekend!

    City Girl’s last blog post..Fashion Friday — An Ode to Ballet Flats

  3. Andie Summerkiss

    I don’t read horoscope. When I do (very rarely), I am always amazed how some of it is kinda .. true.

    Cookie wise, I would just state the obvious … Chocolate Chip Cookies. I can totally live without the others.

    What is the menu of the most romantic dinner you have ever had?

    Andie Summerkiss’s last blog post..Villain of All Time

  4. 08.08.2008

    A delicious seafood risotto by candle-light, celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary.

    Have you ever had a psychic reading?

  5. Joanne at frutto della passione

    The menu of the most romantic dinner I ever had was very simple.
    I was spaghetti al tonno (Spaghetti with tuna). Doesn’t sound terribly romantic does it?
    It is the most romantic dinner menu ever because it was the 2nd or 3rd date with a guy and
    the evening ended up being spoiled by the weather, so he took me back his place and cooked for me.
    In December we’ll be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary, and yes, he still cooks for me.

    Joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..An unconventional pesto

  6. Joanne at frutto della passione

    Forgot to ask a question, If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    Joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..An unconventional pesto

  7. 08.08.2008

    Ninotchka: Yes I have and it was fairly accurate, but the sight of the psychics white, Y-front underwear hanging on the washline, kinda distracted me 😉

    Joanne: I love where I live, on the east coast of South Africa and would happily live here for the rest of my live, But I’d also love to travel and live in various places: Italy being one (I have a *thing* for Italian food), Spain, Australia, England….

    If a genie offered you one wish, what would it be?

    Gill’s last blog post..Photo fun

  8. 08.08.2008

    Hope you recover from your week on the weekend.

    If a genie offered me one wish I think it would be for enough money to retire. I have a great life with a fantastic family and the freedom not to work any more and just enjoy life would be wonderful. It’s why I play the lottery.

    Now my turn at the question.

    What sport or hobby would you like to learn?

    running42k’s last blog post..Sextafaira

  9. 08.08.2008

    I’d like to play the piano. I had lessons when I was a little girl and I love to be able to play one well enough to “jam”. If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

    Homebody at Heart’s last blog post..The Divine Augustus

  10. 08.08.2008

    The power to restore a 14-year-old girl’s world when she is upset.

    What was the last vacation you took that felt like a real vacation — and what made it feel that way?

    annoa2’s last blog post..Friday’s Love List

  11. My last real vacation was when I went to Venice for Thanksgiving. I didn’t bring any work with me on the plane and my office didn’t email me at all. I traveled solo so I didn’t have to worry about someone else’s schedule. I went to Milan for Thanksgiving dinner and that was amazing. I met up with some expats friends and it solidified my desire to move to this country.

    What is you favorite song and why?

    Michelle hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!

    nyc/caribbean ragazza’s last blog post..The hot weather in Rome is making me miss snow.

  12. oop that should be “YOUR favorite song”

  13. 08.08.2008

    One of my favorite songs is ‘Walls’ by Tom Petty. Everything about it…lyrics, beat, Tom Petty’s voice, etc. makes it perfect to me. And it was our last dance at our wedding almost 5 years ago.

    Do you like plane food?

    Lisa’s last blog post..The Ionian Sea

  14. I can’t say – I’ve never had anything on an aircraft that I would even charitably call “food.”

    What’s better: wanting or having?

    paul of crazy like whoa’s last blog post..Street ridin’ man

  15. 08.08.2008

    Wanting is definitely better – anticipation is more than half the fun.
    What’s the best book you ever read, and why?

    Fern’s last blog post..Can you hear me now??

  16. 08.08.2008

    I’m going to cheat on this one a little….

    Classic: Pride and Prejudice…because I loved the characters and I’m a hopeless romantic. I also love Jane Austen’s writing style.
    Contemporary: The Devil Wears Prada….because there was so much of it that I could relate to a job/boss that I had. 🙂

    Speaking of jobs….what was the worst job you’ve ever had?

    LuLu’s last blog post..The Almighty Euro

  17. Worst job had to as an assistant in a clothing store when I was a young student. It was made doubly bad by the fact that on one particular day, two very large ladies walked in, took several outfits into the changing room, came out a bit later saying they liked nothing and had left the clothes in the cubicle. Oh yeah, right. By the time I realised what they’d done, they’d vanished into the crowd.

    So, talking of criminal offenses, have you ever committed a crime – even a teeny, weeny, itsy bitsy minor one? Alternately, have you ever experienced a crime personally?

    Absolute Vanilla… (& Atyllah)’s last blog post..08:08 08-08-08

  18. Tina

    I haven’t but living in Buenos Aires I now know more people who have been robbed at gunpoint then I would expect. Don’t get me wrong, this is a safe city – but in the years immediately following the crisis things got pretty bad.

    Have you ever said something embarrassing and wished you could take it back?

    Tina’s last blog post..Love Thursday – The Embrace

  19. 08.08.2008

    Tina: I say stupid things all the time and wish I could take back. In a taxi once going to a party with a friend and his sister I was saying how I disliked a certain town in Melbourne and that only fools live there….and low and behold the sister said ‘well, I live there.’ I had to suffer in the taxi embarrassed for the rest of the trip!

    Question: What colour top are you wearing?

    Leanne’s last blog post..My friend – the electric bus

  20. 08.08.2008

    I am wearing a washed out burnt orange top with white tank top underneath…it has a plunging neckline, I’m being modest….

    question: If you had one thing to do over when you were young (I’ll be specific…a teenager) what would it be?

    My answer would be to pay more attention to my studies!

    lucy’s last blog post..More Clouds From Both Sides Now!

  21. 08.08.2008

    This is such a fun blog game!

    Ahm. Let’s see. If I could do one thing over I was young, I’d like to see the world through my own eyes much sooner than when I did.

    Question: If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?

  22. 08.08.2008

    If I could be anywhere right now it would be somewhere in Italy. Tuscany maybe…or Sicily. It wouldn’t matter. 🙂

    What is the most excotic thing you’ve eaten?

    The Food Hunter’s last blog post..Hey Mom…What’s for Dinner?

  23. Caryn

    Most exotic food – Escargots

    What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?

    Caryn’s last blog post..Resize your photos and email them the easy way

  24. 08.08.2008

    Big Fish. Cried like a baby at the end.

    Do you ever wish you had an assistant?

    Miss Expatria’s last blog post..Miss Expatria’s Top 10 Songs About Places

  25. michelle

    YES!!!!!! I wouldn’t know what to do with all the extra time not spent running errands and whatnot….

    Excuse me while I thank everyone who went over to Italy Mag to visit; your support means so much to me! Grazie!

    Now the next question:

    What is your biggest time-waster/procrastination technique?

  26. Twittering you. Bing!!

    What is the one thing you are most proud of in your life to date?

    paul of crazy like whoa’s last blog post..Street ridin’ man

  27. 08.08.2008

    the most important thing I’ve done to date (of which I’m most proud) is when I gave the eulogy at my grandpa’s funeral (almost 8 years ago now). I felt like it was the time my writing and my ‘personality’ came together in a way that was truly helpful to my family — that I had made a real contribution.

    On wine: red or white?

    Kim B.’s last blog post..We’re Going to a Wedding!

  28. 08.08.2008

    Red … always red wine! Nothing else.

    Who do you most admire?

  29. 08.08.2008

    There’s not one person I admire most. Just a quality in people that I admire most. Those who stand up and do what is right without worrying about what others may think of them!

    my question: Who would you invite to your imaginary celebrity dinner party?

    Eryn Chandler’s last blog post..Fox has the best ideas…

  30. 08.08.2008

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Leonardo da Vinci
    King James I of Scotland
    King Robert the Bruce
    Khalil Gibran
    Oscar Wilde
    Princess Diana
    Jane Austen
    Frank Sinatra
    Gene Kelly
    Joan of Arc
    Katherine Hepburn
    Mother Theresa
    Abraham Lincoln
    Albert Einstein
    Nelson Mandela
    Andrea Bocelli
    Bogey and Bacall
    Babe Ruth
    Elton John
    The Beatles
    Bob Hope
    Bing Crosby
    Bette Midler

    Now… wouldn’t that be a great party?

    You just got voted into office as the next President of the US…
    What are the first 5 things to do on your list?

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

    Wanderlust Scarlett’s last blog post..Cardinal Rules V

  31. 08.08.2008

    Michelangelo. I’d love to hear him vent about the Pope, out of the holy father’s hearing. I’ll bet he had plenty to say about those working hours and conditions.

    Where, if you could choose, would you spend the rest of your life?

    Emiy Love’s last blog post..Couldn’t have said it better …

  32. 08.08.2008

    I’m president? I’d pull out the Rose Garden in favor of lilies; put a horse barn on the Ellipse so I could ride at will; close the borders to all but legal immigrants so everyone could have their chance; drill for American oil in the Alaskan wilderness; and remind the world of America’s good will (while carrying a very sturdy stick).

    What’s your favorite part of Italy?

    Emiy Love’s last blog post..Couldn’t have said it better …

  33. Imani

    My absolute favorite thing about Italy, (favorite part) are the people, the food, the terrain, the climate….part? Brescia, Verona, Garda, Bergamo, Falerna….hmmmm…way too many to list!

    My question, Aren’t we so proud of Michelle’s article on Italy Magazine? Don’t you feel like a so proud family member?

  34. 08.09.2008

    I’m very proud of Michelle. Her comments make feel special and she always has something interesting and positivie to say!

    My next question can I do more than one (I’ve already did one)?

    Are you watching the Olympics? And what is your favourite competition/venue?

    Sorry that’s two!

    lucy’s last blog post..More Clouds From Both Sides Now!

  35. 08.09.2008

    Michelle, I love this idea, and I have to tell you, I read through all the questions and answers, and you should be really proud because you have the most amazing, intelligent and thoughtul readers. Seriously, they’re all so great.

    Oh, and I tried t read your article but unfortunately my browser keeps kicking me off that page (I have no idea why)…I will keep trying, don’t you worry!

    Now, onto the question and answer: I will watch some of the Olympics. In fact, I tivo’d the opening ceremonies tonight and will browse through them in a bit. I plan on tivoing quite a bit of the olympics, so I can watch the parts I like and fast forward through the rest. I love diving, swimming, and gymnastics.

    My question: What’s one food you could never live without?

    Karina’s last blog post..Friday Fiver

  36. 08.09.2008

    What’s one food you could never live without?
    Well, if I lived in Italy it would be gelato, but since I don’t, strawberries.

    I hope you are having a stress free weekend Michelle. This week has been crazy for me also (first week back at work/new school year/new preschoolers). I am going to try this idea on my blog. It really is a lot of fun to read everyone’s questions/answers.

    My question: If you were offered the opportunity to go up into space, would you?

  37. 08.09.2008

    If I was just going to be stuck on a spaceship driving around in space, I think I’d pass. If I was going to an actual planet (let’s suspend reality here for a moment) that I could get off at, and look around, you know, do a little sightseeing, meet the locals…then yeah, I’m so there.

    If you could go anywhere on earth that you have never visited before, where would you go?

    softdrink’s last blog post..Meme Me

  38. 08.09.2008

    I’d go anywhere where I could swim with dolphins – naturally, that is – NOT an aquapark.

    If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?

    casalba’s last blog post..XXX Festival Internazionale Del Folklore, Staffolo

  39. 08.09.2008

    sally (hey sally!!!) asks…”If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?”

    believe it or not i was just contemplating that question over morning coffee this past week…it would be on of those magnificent pelicans that glide by our dock in search of…what?…i don’t know. it would seem to be fish for breakfast, but sometimes they pass that option. they have a ‘knowing’ eye & a certainty of movement that i envy. plus i would love to fly & glide of my own volition!

    my question, one that i ponder from time to time is this…if you could go back in time to any event in history, famous or obscure, what would it be & why?

    qualcosa di bello’s last blog post..crazy 8’s…

  40. Diana

    I would go back to the night that East Germany decided to let their citizens out and go party like a madwoman on the Berlin Wall — because I missed it and had to watch it on TV from the states at the time, and I still get goose pimples when I see the old footage. It was the most significant post war historic change, and the biggest international event of our generation, symbolizing the strength of freedom.

    If you have a sleepless night, what do you normally do to get through it?

  41. 08.11.2008

    I pretty much sleep like a log and don’t even move once I’ve fallen asleep but when I do have this problem (usually for months post a European vacation), I get up and get things done. I used to just lay in bed thinking that would be better for me if I had to go to work the next morning. And, if a hot chocolate milk doesn’t make me sleepy, then, I get and empty the dishwasher, clean the bathroom, go through the mail or other stuff like vacuuming (at 3 in the morning). Some of those things might even be a reason I am not sleeping. And sometimes reading something technical can act as a sleep aid!

    Here’s my question, don’t you think to end of this post, Michelle should answer all the questions her readers have asked each other?

    Homebody at Heart’s last blog post..The Divine Augustus

  42. 08.11.2008

    Hi Michelle…..great that you get to write for the Italy magazine. Is this going to be online only, or for the magazine you can buy in the shops??

    anne’s last blog post..Raf Benson Families Day

    Just the online version Anne; hope you’ll come by and check it out!

  43. 08.12.2008

    I think if Michelle does answer all those questions, she’ll have a lot of blog fodder for a long time!

    Great game, Michelle! I saw it over at Anno’s, too (she gave you credit). 😉

    My question:

    In Honor of San Lorenzo, what is one wish would you make upon a falling star?

    jen of a2eatwrite’s last blog post..Summer Fun with Detroit Edison

  44. 08.12.2008

    Oh, I wish I’ll never have to gain any weight no matter what I eat!

    My question: What’s your ultimate favorite book?

    Sandier Pastures’s last blog post..Sunny Philippines

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