if the shoe fits…you’re not an italian policewoman

italian policewomen in shoes that fitWhen Italy’s Interior Ministry decided it was time to spruce up the uniform of the 14,750 women police officers (for more on the numerous branches of Italian police, head over to Mental Mosaic), they did what many of us do in a fashion crisis.

They bought new shoes–with higher heels for a “younger and sexier look” according to La Stampa.

Trying to save money, though, the government bypassed all the world-renowned (but expensive) Italian shoemakers and went with a company from Romania.

Unfortunately, when the shoes arrived, they weren’t in standard European sizes, so the shoes didn’t fit.

Which means a lot of useless shoes.


You think they’ll give the Italian government its money back?

Floor’s open to your comments on whatever leaps out at you. Stomp away.


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37 Beans of Wisdom to “if the shoe fits…you’re not an italian policewoman”
  1. qualcosa di bello

    ok, i am quite sure, my dad, the shoe designer, is rolling over in his grave with laughter at this one!

    i sure hope that those wearing the “younger, sexier” shoes would not be able to chase any fleeing criminals…

  2. Frances

    Guess they’ll be pulling a truck up to the return window.
    Loved your update on what’s going on in Italia.
    Yay! St. Francis from Calabria!
    Your blog buddy,

  3. sognatrice

    Qualcosa, it *is* rather funny, isn’t it? As I told P, I think the plan is to whip off the shoe and threaten criminals with the stiletto heel–they can be quite dangerous, can’t they?!

    Frances, glad you’re enjoying the updates; I guess you could tell I was pretty happy for St Francis of Paola (Calabria) too πŸ™‚

  4. Wanderlust Scarlett

    You can’t be serious.

    I’m speechless. Several thoughts ran through my head while I was reading it, but I got to the end and was too surprised to speak.


    Why do they do that?

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. Italiana Americana

    ahhaha sounds like a typical thing the italians would do! πŸ™‚

  6. Beckie

    That is a funny story! I agree w/qualcosa di bello…those younger sexier shoes will be great when they are chasing criminals.

  7. Kathleen aka Coffee Mom

    How is a girl supposed to chase a bad guy in fancy shoes? Are mini skirts and tube tops next? πŸ˜‰

  8. -R-

    Like several others have said, heels do not seem like the most sensible choice when you are expected to chase criminals!

  9. Lisa Milton

    I didn’t realize that sexy shoes were good for running – that’s crazy. And kinda funny too. Oops.

  10. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Ha! You get what you pay for folks.

    If they want the ladies to look good while fighting crime like their male counterparts they should have bought the ladies some Prada, Tods, Ferragamo or Gucci.

  11. SUEB0B

    Charlie’s Angels can fight in stiletto heels! I saw the movie. So 8 hours walking in these shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  12. Shan

    I agree with Sue. If it’s good enough for the angels, who are we to judge?

  13. pina

    only the italians would put their women officers in heels!

  14. Michael C

    Hmmm, do you think the people responsible feel like…heels??

  15. Roam2Rome

    I like high heels too! See =>


    Well, are they really expected to run after the bad guys in high heels? Ooooonly in Italy!

    This was too funny!

  16. Gil

    Just as bad as the police riding BMW bikes! This is what you get from the low bidder.

  17. Judith in Umbria

    But which variety of police was it? And were these possibly only for the dress uniform? (There is one rank of Carabinieri whose dress uniform has sequins on the collar, and that’s the men!
    I’d like to know whose idea the higher heels was, but knowing le ragazze as I do I suspect it was the girls’.

  18. sognatrice

    Scarlett, why *do they do any of that? Excellent question πŸ˜‰

    Italiana, hee hee….

    Beckie, definitely funny πŸ˜‰

    Kathleen, don’t give them any ideas!

    -R-, let’s just hope no one loses an eye.

    Lisa, oops is right!

    NYC, so true. Honestly all I kept thinking was that if the Bruno Magli shoes are good enough for OJ….

    Sueb0b (and Shan), excellent, excellent point.

    Pina, I take it from your name that you know of which you speak!

    Michael, bwahahahaaahaaa! Good one πŸ™‚

    Roam2Rome, nice shoe!

    Gil, what about the Lamborghinis?!

    Judith, I swear I tried to find that info (which branch, formal dress) as well, but I couldn’t. I was wondering the same things.

    As for whose idea it was, something I read seemed to hint that it was the girls’. No, not surprising.

  19. Waiting for Zufan!

    Wow, those are SOME shoes!! Heels! Only in Italy, huh? Or in other places do they also chase the bad guys in heels??? I guess I don’t know…

  20. Texas Espresso

    well we all know how important it is for the local police to look “young and sexy”. I find this ridiculous.

    knowing how important “la bella figura” is to Italians, do policewomen really want to wear heels on their beat? really? maybe – who knows. I know I am a puritan American but come on.

  21. Maryann

    How are they going to catch the bad guys in those pumps? “yoo-hoo! Bad Guys! Wait please”

  22. sognatrice

    Waiting, Texas, Maryann, it all does sound kind of absurd, doesn’t it? I’m still hoping that it’s really as Judith suggested…that these are just the “full dress” shoes and not every day wear…but….

  23. Julia Buckley

    Staggering. Literally staggering!

  24. sognatrice

    Julia, excellent observation πŸ˜‰

  25. Antonino Condorelli

    It’s true, this is one of the italian customs. The problem is that policewoman and policemen, havn’t also cars, fuel, guns. Do you know that in some Police station in Italy policemen are forced to do the gas with their money? these are few things happen in Italy.
    This is also part of il bel paese.

  26. sognatrice

    Antonino, so glad you’re here! So are we talking about those who basically do traffic control and stuff? No guns? I had no idea. I’ve only ever seen the carabinieri with their *enormous* guns (semi-automatics, really) hanging about.

    It’s hard for us foreigners to keep all these different branches straight, you know πŸ™‚

  27. Ally

    That story has so many levels of stupid going on it’s difficult to know which one to focus on! Heels for a police woman? Not knowing about other country’s sizing? Not being able to get a deal from local shoe makers? Who’s running this police department anyhow?

    Duh seems to be the word that comes to my practical mind. Amazing.

  28. Jane

    Great post! Any government with a sense of style should know that it’s all in the handbag…. he he!!

  29. Christine

    As long as the pumps match the billy clubs, who are we to judge?

  30. sognatrice

    Ally, that was pretty much my reaction too, which is why I turned it over to everyone else πŸ˜‰

    Jane, exactly. I don’t know *what* they were thinking!

    Christine, you know, I’m not even sure that branch carries billy clubs; the Italian police system is so confusing to me.

  31. Taffiny

    Instead, they should have gotten them running shoes, with designer prints on them, and matching handbacks with special pockets for extra ammo, mace, tear gas, tazers, lipstick.

  32. jennifer

    Only in Italy…

  33. sognatrice

    Taffiny, I like the way you think!

    Jennifer, that about sums it up right there, doesn’t it?

  34. Jen

    What I’m particularly wondering is how they expect the women to take on foot chases, etc., in HEELS? I mean this isn’t TV or anything.

  35. sognatrice

    Jen, I think we’re all hoping (for the safety of Italians!) that these shoes are only for the full dress, special occasions and not for everyday wear…but….

  36. 06.03.2008

    Amazing how they overlooked a “minor” issue like shoes sizes. Maybe its a conspiracy and the criminal organizations got involved with that huge shoe order realizing what a coup it would be for them!



    Shoes Luvr’s last blog post..Ambrose Air from Cole Haan | Sleek and Sophisticated

    Hmm…never know Terry! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  37. 11.12.2009

    Oh c’mon guys! Can’t you see the practicality of it all??? You could break someone’s foot by stomping on it with those heels and using it as a projectile. LOL

    When will they learn?!

    .-= CatherineΒ΄s last blog ..And then some music! =-.

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