a collective (lions’) short story

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s an uber-fun project going on over at the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, of which I and my lion Leonardo are proud members.

We’re writing a collective short story based on this photo:

Shameless Lions Writing Circle Collective Short Story Photo

Installments have already been written by:

(1) Seamus at Shameless Words.
(2) Kay at As It Happens.
(3) Wanderlust Scarlett at from the shores of introspect and retrospect.
(4) Kate at Inner Minx.
(5) Absolute Vanilla at Absolute Vanilla… (&Atyllah).
(6) Bonnie at Words From A Wordsmith.
(7) Rob at Image & Verse Too.

And then came my turn, which you can read below, or if you’d like, just go over to the main site and read the story from the beginning–and keep checking back because The Bluest Butterfly of A Virtual Hobby Store And Coffee Shop is next and I know she has something wonderful in store for Grace, Jack, Sebastian, and the gang.

There’s still a whole lot of story to tell and writing to be done, so do go there and get lost in words based on a photo.

Here’s my part:


As he rolled over, he was startled awake by the absence of a warm body.

Sebastian Carrebreu couldn’t remember the last time he had woken up alone. Even on his frequent business trips he never needed an extra pair of socks to keep warm, and yet here he was, caressing an unwrinkled sheet.

He sat up slowly, his head weighing down his upper half like those fishing sinkers his English grandfather used to make — only Sebastian had used whiskey and rum and whatever else had been in the liquor cabinet instead of lead. Sure felt the same now though.

Nine thirty. I can’t believe she really stayed out all night, he thought, as he wrapped his silk robe around him and shuffled to the bathroom mirror. He turned on the hot water and stared into his dark grey eyes until the steam rising from the sink snapped him out of his trance.

As he looked down and stuck his fingers under the stream of water, he noticed something glimmering on the edge of the sink. The diamond necklace he had bought for Grace as a wedding gift — the necklace she wore every single day without fail.

“That bitch!” he yelled and splashed the scalding water on his face, making it only a shade redder than it had been a moment before.

He half-toweled off his face and went immediately to his cell phone in the nightstand. He turned it on, and a drop of water from his nose hit the number 5, taunting him with Grace’s speed dial position. He managed to dial anyway, or at least simply hit # and the number 1.

A recording told him that Armand wasn’t available and so Sebastian did the only thing he could do in response. He hurled the phone at the antique carriage clock on the fireplace. His arm wasn’t as strong as it used to be, though, and it fell just short of the mantle.

He smirked at his own ineffectiveness and breathed deeply and slowly on his walk over to the fireplace. He picked up the phone and turned it on all sides to inspect the damage. It was still turned on and it looked just fine so he dropped it inside his robe pocket and headed for the kitchen.

The maid was off, so there’d be no coffee. Goodness, did he even remember how to make coffee? As he scanned the counter for a container that might hold the beans, his phone rang.


“She’s left me, Armand,” he said, without even a hello, and dropped his weight onto a stool at the bar. “And I think it’s for good this time.” As he glanced across the city skyline, nights of theatre, dinner and dancing flashing through his mind in an instant. He had never hated his window-lined penthouse more than at this moment.

His lifelong friend sighed and said flatly, “I know.”

“What do you mean you know?” Sebastian asked as he straightened his back and pulled a curtain across the window in front of him.

“Sebastian, it’s better if we talk about this in person. I know where Grace stayed last night, and you’re not going to like it — especially when I tell you what this friend of hers has been up to.”

“Armand, what …”

“Not on the phone, Sebastian. I’ll be right over. Should I bring coffee?”

Sebastian eyed the empty liquor cabinet. “Sounds like I may need something stronger.”


Now go over to the Shameless Lions Writing Circle and see what came before this!

P.S. Puppies and mamma are still doing fine.I, on the other hand, still can’t type SIX without all caps.


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16 Beans of Wisdom to “a collective (lions’) short story”
  1. My Melange

    Nice work…dahhhling! Made me want to read more 🙂

  2. sognatrice

    Thanks Robin–I hope you’ll keep following along as the story unfolds!

  3. Karina

    I’m coming back to read this later…I want to start at the beginning, so I’ll have to wait until after work tonight…

  4. flutter

    SIX! 🙂

    I love the story, lady. Who knew you were so gifted with fiction?

  5. c.s.

    a wonderful development of the story here!

  6. A Novelist

    I joined NaNoWrMo. Add me as your buddy. I’m anovelist. 😉

  7. sognatrice

    Karina, ooh, I hope you enjoy it!

    Flutter, SIX I know. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    C.S., glad you like it!

    A Novelist, done 🙂

  8. Gil

    Good story. Blog obviously fixed!

  9. sognatrice

    Thanks Gil–and thanks again for the heads up 🙂

  10. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    I want to know why she didn’t take the necklace. Was he trying to buy her affection? The lady hailing the cab doesn’t look like someone who would wear a diamond necklace, ever, much less every day. Maybe that is why she had to leave him…he never really knew her?

    I can’t wait to see what the deal is with these two, great story Sognatrice.

  11. sognatrice

    NYC, I hope you went back and read the beginning of the story at the Shameless site. I think a lot of the details I threw in make more sense if you see where the story was going before I chimed in.

    Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  12. Jen of A2eatwrite

    Oooo, how fun! I will definitely go back and check out the other sections.

  13. Eryn

    very nice….i’ll be sure to go and read the beginning.

    i love your descriptions!

  14. Shameless

    Yes, it’s very nice to see this grow and go off in all directions … Grace has gone out into the big wide world! 🙂

  15. sognatrice

    Jen, it’s been so much fun–and part of the reason why I couldn’t participate in your great writing event 😉

    Eryn, yes, read more! And thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Shameless, who woulda thought Grace would go so far? It’s so wonderful to be a part of, so thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work 🙂

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