CONTEST: get your exclusive bella bags by marcía here!

The other night I was strolling around the Internets at my dear, sweet, beloved P‘s request, looking for what I’ll call a man bag. They’re quite popular here in Europe and great for the summer as pocket space is rather limited.

I picked up a nice canvas one for him at the market last week, but he’s already looking toward winter and the rainy season, so I’m on a mission to find a nice leather pouch–a cross between a fanny pack and a small purse–kind of looks like a camera bag.

Anyway, I typed in “borsetta di pelle,” which means small leather purse, and I stumbled across one of most wonderful sites I’ve seen in a long, long time: Bella Bags by Marcía.

These are some of the cutest, most original, most fun [insert more positive, superlative adjectives here] bags I’ve seen, and I immediately thought of all of my wonderful readers who might also enjoy a Bella Bag or two or three, etc.

So I contacted the bella Marcía, and starting now until 19 August, you can get your very own Bella Bag at 15% off just by entering the coupon code “bleedingespresso” at checkout!

bella bags by marcia e-party invite

These bags and other accessories make fabulous gifts–birthdays, baby showers, holidays, thanks for being my friend days, or, you know, just for yourself when you want to carry around a bag that no one you know will have.

And we *do* love to be unique, don’t we?

Also, for those of you who are green-minded (go you!), Marcía has ultra-cool organic shopping bags made of 100% organically grown cotton that are only $14.00 a piece:

bella bags organic shopper

Here are some more of my personal favorites:

Beach Bag (now on sale!)

bella bags beach bag

Hand Bag (now on sale!)

bella bags hand bag

La Borsetta

bella bags la borsetta

Book Bag

bella bags book bag

Gym Bag

bella bags gym bag

There are lots of different, unique choices from fabric to shape–yoga mat baggift certificate so that special gal can choose her own bag. anyone?–and you can even give a

If you don’t see the exact one you want but have a great idea, Marcía will work with you on a customized bag as well.

Also, throughout the contest, do check back on the site for new additions!

Once I saw the Bella Bags site, I was planning on featuring Marcía’s bags on here anyway, but then I saw that I could earn a free Bella Bag by hosting an online party. I assure you, though, this is not my reason. And a contest was born.


Through this sale, if I happen to earn enough Bella Bag points for a freebie, I will randomly pick a name from those who comment on THIS POST up until (and including) 11:59 p.m. (that’s 23.59 to some of you) (CEST) on 19 August; the name selected will get a free Bella Bag (I’ll pay for shipping).

Each name will only be entered once in the random drawing, and you can live anywhere in the world to enter.

But there’s more! Even if I *don’t* earn enough points, I’ll go ahead and spring for a bag myself and then pick a winner (same guidelines as above on eligibility and selection).

To be clear, that’s ONE winner, either sponsored by your purchases or by mine. Bag is always my choice, though, so for your sake, I do hope we have similar tastes.

Sound good? Any questions, please leave them in the comments or email me.

As I wrote to Marcía, supporting creative entrepreneurs is important to me because I truly admire anyone with the talent and drive to forge ahead doing what they love.

On that note, if any of you creative entrepreneurs out there would like to be featured here (I’m looking at you Jane!), shoot me an email and we can work something out.

And to my fellow bloggers, why not host an e-party of your own to support the wonderful creative souls that surround us?

Now you should:

(1) Leave a comment here for your chance to win a Bella Bag;

(2) Tell your friends, family, and fellow online addicts to come over here and comment as well (and, you know, have a look around if they so desire); and

(3) Go over to Bella Bags by Marcía and buy a Bella Bag of your own. Be sure to use the coupon code “bleedingespresso” at checkout for the 15% discount, and this way you’ll be *sure* to have the coolest bag to close out the summer…or already have a head start on your holiday gift list.

Happy shopping and in bocca al lupo!


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90 Beans of Wisdom to “CONTEST: get your exclusive bella bags by marcía here!”
  1. Sharon

    Oh goodie….

    I am first in line!! Now I have to go and see theBella Bag site…


  2. Poppy Fields

    Throw my name in…now I’m off to do some Bella bag shopping 🙂

  3. Carla

    Sounds cool. I’m going to check out their site right now.

  4. Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy

    I like that you’re supporting handmade articles…!!! 🙂 Good contest.

  5. nova

    Those bags are adorable! I must comment!

  6. chris & erin

    Yay! I love contests…and I really love the support of more green reusable shopping bags (like in my recent post.

    Also, do you know of! It’s a great place for all handmade stuff!

  7. Giulia

    OK, when you had mentioned that you were going to host a contest, I was thinking along the lines of something simple. I really like this idea. Very creative, Michelle!
    That’s very kind of you to offer to purchase one yourself if you don’t accumulate enough points. I don’t think it will come to that though because you have many readers and I don’t know any woman who would pass up the opportunity to purchase a purse… especially, at 15% off! 😉

  8. mks

    Virtual shopping Virtual contests…what fun. Off to check out the BellaBag site now!

  9. LaurinainItalia

    Hmm…these would be perfect for my new job, and I trust your judgement. Checking out the site now…

  10. Cherrye

    Very fun idea, Michelle! You are great at this!! (SO – THIS IS ME BEING OFFICIALLY “IN” THE DRAWING…) Don’t you hope I win?? No shipping! 🙂

    Going to check out that site now!

  11. Amanda

    Ooh lovely! Add me! I’m off to browse the bags now 🙂

    London Southern Belle

  12. Heather

    This is an awesome contest, and those bags rock! Can’t wait to see who wins!

  13. ignipott

    …un saluto siculo… bel blog!

  14. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

    Sounds like a great company! I love supporting those who are trying to make the world a little greener!

    Cool contest idea!

  15. Ninotchka

    Very cute bags. Considered me entered!

  16. Fran

    You are the greatest! Of course you know that I don’t need a contest to love your blog, but enter me anyway! I am going to check out the Bella Bag site now….


  17. stefanie

    I keep thinking I am going to make my own canvas shopping bags, and I never do it, so I really should just stock up on something like those organic cotton ones already!

    Fun contest, and lovely bags. Great idea, Sognatrice!

  18. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    fantastic idea! I need a green bag for grocery/market shopping. I will check out the site.

  19. Lisa Milton

    Ooh, I want to play.

    Thanks for the heads up. The bags are super cute.

  20. Shan

    Great idea! I’m throwing my hatinto the ring and now I’m off to check out the site.

  21. Karen Beth

    Neato! I’d love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks, Sognatrice!

  22. Mae

    Oooh… I am utterly in love with that book bag. At first I loved the beach bag, but the colors of the book bag are so me. And I love books.

    I have to check out the site. It just so happens my current purse had a pocket seam bust open over the weekend… mmm. 😀

  23. ViVi

    It seems I got back from vacation just in time! These bags are adorable! 🙂

  24. Jannis

    Muy bonitos. Hay uno que me gusta especialmente.
    Very beautiful. There is one that I especially like! Molto intelligente.

  25. Paolo

    OK, I hated this idea at first glance, but like the other P, I am in need of what we on the West Coast daintily refer to as a “European carry-all.”

    ‘Cause “murse” is so 90s.

  26. a far away friend

    What a great idea !!! These bags are adorable. Internet purse parties… how modern we are becoming!!

  27. Aimee

    who doesn’t love cute bags?? 🙂 what a fun contest to have for your first one.

  28. Annika

    It’s not fair, you KNOW how irresistable bags are to women. The Bella bags are terribly cute too, I *love* the borsetta…

    So, yeah. Please let me in on the contest. 🙂

  29. Wanderlust Scarlett

    YAY bags!!

    um… if I get the one with the sunglasses and cooler, does the beach come with it?


    No worries… I somehow have every confidence that we have very similar tastes.

    PS – Dragon Boat Festivalness is up on my page… took me long enough, huh?

    Scarlett & V.

  30. Kathy

    Count me in!!! These bags look great, and well, I’m a sucker for bags!

  31. Wendy

    I’m in and now I’m off. Off to go shop at Bella Bags!

  32. jessica in rome

    OOHHH I am lusting after the yoga bag! Cute stuff!

  33. Deb R

    Ok, commenting to throw my name in the hat for a Bella bag. Now to go look at them! 🙂

  34. A Novelist

    Oh they are adorable. I must have one! Please put my name into the mix! 🙂

  35. Anastasia

    Cute! I’m in too! 🙂

  36. janet

    One of these days I’m going to win something. 🙂

  37. qualcosa di bello

    nice idea! & the name is perfect too!

  38. Anonymous

    Oh, whew! when I first saw the word “contest”, I figured you would want us to write a poem about you using every word in the alphabet or something like that. But looking at bags–I can do that!


  39. witnessing am i


    I just wanted to say “hi,” that’s all. I am bad about this contest stuff but I wanted you to know I was here, in your corner, cheering you on.

    And I loved the images from Thursdays post. Such warmth.


  40. Italian Woman

    Wow, do you know how to pick out cute bags Please throw in my name. The only thing I like better than eating is shopping Grazie

  41. odessa

    oh, i want to be in the contest too! i love handmade products and those bags are too cute. i’m eyeing the yoga mat bag. problem is, i don’t even do yoga, but maybe if i’ll buy one it will get me started. hehe.

  42. Curatrix

    Count me in too! Now you can see who your loyal blog(and bag)-loving readers are – there’s a ton of us!

  43. ChristinaG

    Those are some cute bags! I’ll have to look if she’s got diaper bags!

  44. Mélanie

    italian things are the best . Italians have such a good taste. I go very quick to see this site.
    Thank you to share that with us.

  45. My Melange

    Wow girl…you have been busy! I love the idea! 🙂

  46. Blame It on Paris

    Great bags! She’s very talented.

  47. laxlaw

    They are very cute bags! Oooh, oooh, pick me, pick me! And I won’t even make you pay for shipping (wink, wink)

    Love ya, K…er laxlaw

  48. JennieBoo

    La Borsetta is my favorite!

    “Hook me up Sognatrice”!


  49. Caffienated Cowgirl

    The “Hand Bag” is gorgeous!!! What a contest – thanks for the fun!

  50. martie

    My daughter in Kentucky has a bag that looks very close to these and she got in online…..maybe it’s a Bella Bag!

    Enter me too, please!

  51. Karina

    These are great bags! There’s a store about an hour from me that allows you to pick your own patterns and create your own bags, and this reminds me of it…but the bonus is with these, I can shop on-line! 😉

    Off to visit Bella Bag!

  52. somepinkflowers

    clicked on the link
    to Bella Bags first
    it is all pinky over there
    so i’m going back….


    PS– you are having such fun
    with all this, aren’t you?

    i love that you do…
    WHY NOT?

  53. Enza

    Bags are my weakness!!! I am off to do some Bella Bag shopping. My husband is going to ban me from Bleeding Espresso! 🙂

  54. JT

    Hmmmm…Can never have too many Man purses! 🙂

  55. KC

    What a great contest! Count me in. Those bags are great, I especially like the pattern on la borsetta. I think I may order one of the large totes to use as a diaper bag.

  56. Beckie

    Oh, count me in! I am headed over to check out the rest of the bags. Very nice!

  57. Heidi

    How fun!! These bags are awesome!!!

  58. Mimi

    You have made my day. I love bags!

  59. The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick

    Okay, I’m a total purse addict and proud of it! Some people love shoes, but I’m all about handbags. 🙂 Count me in on this contest for sure!


  60. Carol

    OMG, how wonderful is this! I’d love to be included in this contest, please. Now on to shopping. Thank you!

  61. twofistededitor

    The site is fantastic – thanks for turning me onto these bags (not like I need any more purses to covet, but oh well).

    Considered me entered!

  62. Lulu

    Wow…how generous of you! I would love to be included in your giveaway. Lulu loves a good bag.

  63. susan

    And I’ve been keeping an eye out for some sort of “manly bag” for my husband to keep his stuff in. Thanks for the site, I’m off to visit and see if it will work. (and maybe I’ll win one too!!!)

  64. Bongga Mom

    Haven’t visited your site in a while… how great that you are doing giveaways now! And what nice bags, I’ll have to drop by their website now. And please enter me in your contest too!

  65. Tracy Crowe Jones

    Me, too! Me, too! Love the bags…and the blog.

  66. metalia

    Ooh! They’re adorable; count me in!!

    (P.S. My word verification code was “urkll”. Hee!)

  67. Tina

    I can’t remember if I commented or not. well, here it is just in case. 🙂
    Yay for bags!

  68. Erin

    I love those bags!!! I’m in. Now I’m off to check her website…

  69. Amanda

    hoo her bags are adorbalew

  70. Carter-Ann

    oooh, tres jolie! Count me in please!

  71. A

    Good stuff Sognatrice! Love the bags…I am a city girl now so need all the handbags I can get. 🙂

  72. Matty

    Wonderful idea! Count me in too. Would love one of those delightful bags.

  73. Tartine

    Oh how I’ve missed your blog… I have to start reading again. Darn work! Anyway, put my name in the hat!

  74. Louise

    LOVE LOVE LOVE BAGS!! Count me in….great idea!!

  75. darlene

    what a neat idea!!….ok i’m in!!… hee hee

  76. jennifer

    wow! cute bags! This contest is a great idea — for you & Bella Bags! I had never heard of her. Since I am lucky enough to live where Bella Bags sells, I will probable also check out her bags at the SOWA open market.

  77. Kelli Estes

    Pick me! Pick me! [waving my hand madly in the air]

    These bags are so cute! I’m going to go surf the Bella Bag site right now…

  78. Dana

    Great contest! The bags are fabulous. I especially love that they’re handmade. It adds such a special touch.

  79. Megan

    What a great idea! I love the polka-dotted beach bag! It would have been perfect to have while sitting on the beach and watching the helicopter fill its bucket in the Ionian Sea:-)

  80. Linda

    What a great idea.

    Love contests.


  81. kailani

    Count me in please!

  82. softdrink

    82 comments! Holy guacamole!!

    Her bags are so cute…especially the polka dotted ones!

  83. megg

    Hey! The odds are getting VERY long now! Please count me in for the contest!!!

  84. Anonymous

    I’m all in for your contest. Love your site!

  85. Joanne Rendell

    beautiful bags! thanks for popping over to my blog too.Your blog is great, by the way. I’ll be coming over again!

  86. Becca

    The website has some very cute bags! Add my name to the pot and keep me updated if you come across more goodies such as this. 🙂

  87. smtwngrl

    Toss my name in the hat, please! I’m heading over to Bella’s to browse now!

  88. Serina Hope

    What cute bags. Throw me in too. I am going to go see what else they have.

  89. chest of drawers

    Great idea!!!

  90. 1lifelonglearner

    Cute bags – looking for a computer bag for an oversized laptop. Going to check out bella bags. I’m in !

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