meme monday (all about things)

Today is the first in a two-part series in which I will do all of the meme tags I currently have outstanding. With recent Internet issues, I got a little behind, but let it not be said that I am not a diligent blogger. Because I am. It just might take a while.

For those dying in anticipation, tomorrow will be my first Italian meme! Don’t worry, I’ll translate for the Italianistically challenged.

So, way back on March 19, I was tagged by AJ for the 4 Things meme, which goes a little something like this:

Four jobs I’ve had

1. Freelance writer
2. Appellate law clerk
3. Clothes folder at college bookstore
4. Amusement park ride operator

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. The American President
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. A Few Good Men
4. Meet the Parents

Four places I have lived

1. Anthracite Coal Country, Pennsylvania, USA
2. Durham, North Carolina, USA
3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
4. Calabria, Italy

Four television shows I love to watch

1. Lost
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Friends, still
4. King of Queens

Four places I have been on vacation

1. Sarasota, Florida, USA
2. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
3. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
4. Morehead City Beach, North Carolina, USA

Four of my favorite dishes

1. Linguine with some type of seafood
2. Spaghetti alla carbonara
3. Thanksgiving—all of it
4. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Four websites I visit daily


Four places I would rather be right now

1. Anywhere hugging my niece and nephew.
2. Snuggled with P, anywhere.
3. Somewhere with only a book, Luna, and time to keep me company.
4. Completely moved in and settled in our “new” old house.

Four bloggers I am tagging

1. Cheeky, because I’m just getting to know her and this way is as good as any.
2. Cherrye, because I know she loves a good meme as much as anyone.
3. Erin, for reasons 2 and 3 above.
4. Shannon, because she’s such a tag-backer it’s not even funny.

More recently, I was tagged by two lovely ladies, Irene and Val, on the same day not even an hour apart, but thankfully with the same meme. This one is called the 7 things meme and these are the rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Alrighty. I’ve already posted 100 Things, Another 100 Things, Six Weird Things, and another five things based on the five senses for good measure. You’d think I’d be out of stuff you don’t know about me, wouldn’t you?

Hah! You don’t know me very well.

For this meme, I’m going with the 7 theme and basing this list on the Seven Deadly Sins and how they manifest themselves in me.

The revelation that I’m not perfect? Consider that your bonus eighth.

1. Lust. Well we might as well start big. And yet tame, because this is mostly a family blog, right? So let’s just say that I love wearing sexy things to bed, especially little nighties.

2. Gluttony. Put freshly baked cakes or muffins in front of me if you must, but do take them away after five minutes or else there won’t be any left for anyone else.

3. Greed. I’m not very greedy when it comes to accumulating things except for books. I want them. I want to buy them. And most often, I want to keep them.

4. Sloth. Left to my own devices, I can waste a darn lot of time just lying around doing nothing. Although a book is often my accomplice, so that’s not technically “nothing” is it?

5. Wrath. I don’t have a bad temper, but when you piss me off, you’d be advised to just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about it (yet), and be forewarned that although I forgive, I don’t forget.

6. Envy. As much as I don’t care to have a lot of money, I have always envied women born into wealthy families in the early to mid 20th century–you know, the kinds that were respected, educated, and well-traveled but never worked except for charities?

7. Pride. I’m seriously concerned about the amount of white hairs sprouting on my head, and so I will probably be playing with hair color soon. This saddens me.

So there we are.

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 people, who if they choose to accept the challenge, may do the original meme of 7 things we don’t know about them or my revised Seven Deadly Sins version.

Aren’t I kind?

1. Annika because she’s always up for a good meme.
2. Bongga Mom because I’m hoping she’ll reveal more bongga mom secrets.
3. Delinissima because I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a meme on her blog and I’m concerned.
4. Femminista because I love her blog (and her new puppy) and you should too.
5. Judith because I have a feeling she’s a sinner (and she said no one ever asks her to do memes).
6. Karen because I know with two young daughters at home, she’s kinda bored and just wishing she had a meme to complete.
7. Vanessa because she’s tagged me before and it’s only fair.

You’re up! And to everyone I’ve tagged, please leave a link to your meme post here in the comments if you do decide to play.

Happy meme-ing!


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19 Beans of Wisdom to “meme monday (all about things)”
  1. Cherrye

    I’m NEVER the first to comment…It must be a sign it’s gonna be a good day!

    I wasn’t planning to blog today since I’m need deep in our latest RCC book, but a tag, I couldn’t resist!!! I’m up!! Some of our responses were similiar…No wonder, we both love writing, Calabria, and not to forget…Calabrese men!

    Have a good day, friend!

  2. sognatrice

    If anyone would like to check out Cherrye’s answers, go here. She’s a quick one that ragazza 😉

  3. Erin

    I’m on my way to do the meme now! And your 7 Things meme is almost scary how similar we are in some respects…take books for example. I’m obsessive, will not give them away, sell them, etc. Must keep them always, makes my husband batty that we have to drag bins of books from one house to another when I don’t read them anymore : )

  4. sognatrice

    Erin, you know, if you did the 7 things meme too, I wouldn’t be offended 😉

    Judith’s sins are up! Judith’s sins are up! Check them out here.

  5. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    thanks to you tagging Cherrye, I was tagged today. Very exciting! 🙂

  6. cheeky

    Now who’s been busy you say?
    You can count on me.
    I didn’t tag 7 people on my 7 random meme but now I think I will.
    Clever take on the seven deadly sins.
    Not to worry about the hairs, it happens and hair colour is fun. Spice it up a little and consider it a new adventure; beats thinking about those unwanted visitors 🙂

  7. Delina

    Cripes, I’ve been tagged.

  8. Bongga Mom

    Sognatrice, I love your spin on the seven things! Now I have to think which seven of my many sins to reveal….. I’ll post a comment when I’m done!

  9. James Burnett

    I like all your “four” picks, except the TV shows. I don’t dislike those, but I lost my taste for sitcoms after Seinfeld went off the air. I still see that in reruns, but none of the others have ever grabbed me. I like the actors in King of Queens, but don’t like that show. Friends? Never got into it. And Lost confused me.

    But you’ve had an interesting life. Didn’t know you lived in Durham. I love that town. Love the whole triangle, really.

  10. -R-

    You are always so creative. I never would have thought to do the seven deadly sins!

  11. Shan

    I love King of Queens too. I can’t believe it’s finally ending. Mike and his brother both get compared to Kevin James a lot.

  12. jessica

    linguine ai frutti di mare…get in my belly! ugh i love it. jon’s favorite is pasta carbonara. when we were in rome he ate it at lunch and dinner everyday. he said he never got tired of it because there were other courses 🙂

  13. Rebecca

    How does one fold clothes at a college bookstore???? hee hee..I know it is possible, but it just sounds so unlikely!!

  14. sognatrice

    NYC, I will keep in mind your excitement for the next meme that comes my way…care to try out the Italian wine one?

    Cheeky, the dye is calling my name; I’ll probably go a bit reddish since that’s the hue my brown goes to anyway, but we shall see.

    Delina, yes, you have, and if I’m not mistaken, you’ve also been tagged elsewhere….

    Bongga mom, glad you like the twist; can’t wait to read yours!

    James, how could I forget Seinfeld? I’ve actually been watching old episodes here in Italy–thankfully in English b/c I highly doubt the humor would translate well. And yes, I lived in Durham during college, and I agree that the Triangle is quite a lovely place.

    R, creative or just a bit off, you be the judge! I can’t help myself but equate numbers with items that represent those numbers in my mind. Must be the old English major coming out.

    Shan, I really, really love King of Queens. My favorite was when Doug bought Carrie/Keri (?) laser eye surgery for her birthday…with a coupon!

    D: You hurt my feelings.


    Jessica, I laughed out loud at “get in my belly!” I love Carbonara, but I think I could get sick of it…pasta with seafood, though, it’d take a real lot, and I’m willing to test out the theory.

    Rebecca, I suppose “bookstore” is a misnomer, although there were textbooks in it too; my college bookstore, though, was two large levels–the first floor was all clothes and souvenirs, some school supplies (with school name all over them), and the bottom floor was textbooks. So I was in the “Wearables” department. And yes, that’s how I answered the phone, too: “Wearables.”

  15. Bongga Mom
  16. sognatrice

    Woohoo, Bongga mom! Thanks for playing 🙂

  17. Annika

    Okay, okay. Better late than never? Here goes:

  18. Femminista

    Hi! I am f-i-n-a-l-l-y getting to the meme! Thanks for the tag. I’m working on the post now. 🙂

  19. sognatrice

    Thanks Annika, and here’s Femminista’s meme, Cheeky’s, Bongga Mom’s, Karen’s, Shannon’s, and Erin’s.

    Phew. Did I miss anyone?

    Be sure to also check out Cherrye’s and Judith’s, links further up in the comments!

    Thank you all for playing 🙂

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