love thursday: chased by a cloud

The other day while out walking with Luna on a gorgeous clear morning, I noticed that the cacti are starting to bloom flowers, soon to be followed by the delicious fichi d’india, or prickly pears.

So of course I took a photo.

Only after I uploaded it did I notice that a heart-shaped cloud had snuck into the shot.

Clouds of love are chasing me. How lucky am I?

Β Happy Love Thursday* everyone!

*Note that the founders of “Love Thursday” have decided to stop updating the Love is All Around site. Thank you, Karen and Irene, for reminding us all to pay attention to simple expressions of love in our daily lives.


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32 Beans of Wisdom to “love thursday: chased by a cloud”
  1. heartinsanfrancisco

    What a LOVEly photo!

    It would be hard not to feel wonderful on such a day.

  2. Gil

    I always wondered where they came from. I remember eating them in my younger days. They are quite the delicacy.

  3. KC

    That’s a beautiful photo, Sognatrice. How come I never see clouds shaped liked hearts? I guess I’ll have to look more carefully from now on.

  4. sognatrice

    Heart, thank you!

    Gil, I’ll take some photos when the fruits are out as well; I’m not a huge fan of prickly pears–especially for how difficult they are to handle–but they are definitely special.

    KC, I didn’t notice the cloud at first either; if I had, I probably would’ve taken a better shot of it πŸ˜‰ Anyway, as the Star Gazer from PBS says, “Keep looking up!”

  5. Poppy Fields

    I felt so sad when I read that on the Love Thursday site. It’s great that it went on as long as it did.

    I love your cloud photo, Happy Love Thursday.

  6. Giulia

    My initial thought was thought it looked like a frog’s head/face. Yes, I am weird. Eventually, I saw the heart. πŸ˜‰
    Happy Love Thursday!

  7. Cherrye

    Yes, either love clouds don’t chase me around or I am not that observant…either is possible.

    Nice photo and yes, HOW SAD about LT.

  8. sognatrice

    Poppy, yes, sadness here too. As I wrote over at your place, I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll keep going with Love posts…perhaps…

    Giulia, why doesn’t that surprise me? I can see the frog face too–and for Frog Friday, this will be a perfect photo πŸ˜‰

    Cherrye, keep looking up! Can’t say that enough, can I?

  9. Shelby

    awesome photo!

  10. Ninotchka

    Oh, this is DIVINE. We ran into cactus flowers just like that whilst hiking on our Girl Scout camp out in the middle of the woods, believe it or not. Quinky dink!

  11. Sara

    “Clouds of love are chasing me. How lucky am I?”

    I think they may have caught you. Repeatedly. πŸ™‚


  12. AA

    That is really cool. What a nice surprise to find a heart in your picture.

  13. Enza

    I love when you use the words in Italian because i compare the dialect i grew up with to what you are using and it’s interesting that what u call fichi d’india, we would call “ficcudinia” I never knew that it translates to Indian Figs! very Cool!!

  14. sognatrice

    Shelby, thanks!

    Nino, you’re right when you say quinky dink πŸ˜‰

    Sara, I think you’re right too πŸ™‚

    AA, I was really surprised especially since I think I’m pretty observant normally.

    Enza, in the dialect here it’s “ficandiΓ nu.” Glad you enjoy the Italian words; I try to include them as much as I can, and although this time I wrote the translation in the text of the post, I hope people realize that when something is in red, they can click on a link–if it’s an Italian word, I usually link to the translation.

  15. bella

    That is a beauty of a cloud you lucky girl! It actually makes me want to pick up my camera and take more pictures.
    Oh, and that pasta salad.. just perfect for this weekend.

  16. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    bella foto!

    In L.A. I’m not observant at all. Just driving around trying to not get hit by the stronzi drivers on their BlackBerrys. Call me crazy but texting while driving is a bad idea.

  17. Karen Beth

    I love this photo… the cloud just makes it so perfect!

    Happy LOVE Thursday to you too!

  18. Ally Bean

    What a wonderful photo. Fluffy clouds with prickly pears. Seems like a metaphor for life somehow.

  19. Bongga Mom

    Great shot! Love does seem to follow you everywhere — or perhaps you are one of the wise people who know where to look πŸ™‚

    I always look forward to seeing what creative Love Thursday post you’ve come up with, and I hope you keep on going!

  20. Julie

    Being in NY prickly Pears are a treat. I can’t imagine just taking a walk and seeing them growing naturally, how spectacular.

  21. The Other Girl

    I love that photo! And the heart cloud does look a little froggy, which makes me like it even more.

  22. Lisa Milton

    What a lovely and unexpected treat.

  23. Louise

    That is GREAT!!!

    Love the heart cloud!

  24. goodthomas

    May the chase continue forever. . .

  25. PastorMac's Ann
    05.25.2007! That blue blue sky with the special little heart cloud in the corner. A special surprise.

    Happy Farewell Love Thursday, Sognatrice. I’ll miss it so much. I still be visiting. I love dropping by your place. And I think I may just keep doing Love Thursday. I think looking for love in life is a good thing and so is sharing it. Love is still all around us, right!?

  26. sognatrice

    Bella, yes yes! Photos! More photos!

    NYC, I have to agree with on texting–talking on the phone is bad enough, but something you actually need to use hands for? Mah.

    Karen Beth, thank you, and thanks for commenting so often πŸ™‚

    Ally, good point! Especially when you consider that there are flowers on the plant now, another soft contrast until the fruit comes and shifts the balance to prickly.

    Bongga mom, thank you for the encouragement; I don’t know if I can actually *stop* doing Love Thursday now; perhaps I’ll reinvent it in another way. Still thinking….

    Julie, I had never eaten a prickly pear until I came here; the strangest thing as these cacti really pop up anywhere. The one in the photo is literally in the middle of a trash heap (sadly, because there doesn’t have to be a trash heap there). But you do see them in the strangest places–hearty little guys!

    TheOG, heart froggies are the best πŸ™‚

    Lisa, Louise, I think the unexpectedness of it made it even more special for me.

    gt, what a lovely thought–thank you πŸ™‚

    Pastormac’s Ann, thank you; as I’ve said, I just may be continuing LT anyway, because as you said, love is all around us.

  27. Gil

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing the fruit. Thanks.

  28. Scribbit

    I’ve never tasted prickly pears, though my husband has had cactus soup that he said was . . . interesting.

  29. sognatrice

    Gil, P says we have another month or two before they start filling up with fruit, so be patient πŸ™‚

    Scribbit, I’ve heard about the leaves of the cactus being cooked up, but they don’t do it here as far as I know. When the fruit is in season, I’ll post more about it, but I’ll just say that they are…interesting as well πŸ˜‰

  30. JennDZ

    What a beautiful picture of prickly pears! I love THEM!!!

  31. Rebecca

    I don’t know why, but the photo reminds me of a foot with many toes…

  32. sognatrice

    Jenn, I enjoy prickly pears, but I don’t normally clean them myself–not my fault that my MIL brings me bowls of them already pronti πŸ˜‰

    Rebecca, I see it! Just glad I don’t have that foot πŸ˜‰

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