wanting to kiss the telecom man is wrong

But that didn’t stop the desire.

I’m baaaack!

The rest of the village had service repaired about a week ago, but there was an additional, mysterious problem with my line. Yes, I made a nuisance of myself at Telecom headquarters (I had a phone operator in an uproar *with* me yesterday!), and it apparently worked because a repairman called this morning and asked for specific directions to my house; I told him if he made it up the mountain, I’d meet him in the piazza (with coffee/wine/beer, I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to freak him out).

He showed up fifteen minutes later just as he said he would, and within a half hour, I was checking up on PerezHilton.com.

I have priorities, you know.

Anyway, today is Liberation Day in Italy, or the day we celebrate the Allied troops’ freeing Italy from the wrath of Germany during World War II. It’s a “red” day here, which means the number of the day is literally in red on the calendar signifying that it’s a national holiday, so everything is closed–making it even more surprising that Telecom delivered on April 25th.

And the poetic justice of my being liberated to communicate with the outside world on this of all days is not lost on me.

Back to blogging business, I see on my Bloglines account that I have approximately 1300 posts of others to catch up on. Um, we’ll see how that goes. First I have a lot of work to do, sending things off and whatnot, and then, slowly but surely, I’ll be making my rounds. I’ll be responding to emails in due time as well, so please be patient. And again, thanks so much for all the concerned comments and messages; what a wonderful feeling to be missed!

Also, I realize today should be a What’s Cooking Wednesday, but you’ll forgive me if we get back to the recipes next week, won’t you? I’m just too giddy to cook (sorry P).

But here’s a photo of our first fig of the season, though, just because.


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31 Beans of Wisdom to “wanting to kiss the telecom man is wrong”
  1. Fran

    I am so glad you are back! I’ve missed you!

  2. J.Doe

    I love green figs. Fico and not Fica like I once asked a fruttivendolo if he had.

  3. Ally Bean

    Happy Liberation Day. Glad that your service is fixed.

  4. nova

    Yay! Welcome back!

  5. chris & erin

    Welcome back!…and thanks for the intro to PerezHilton!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sharon

    Slow down figs…they are coming in fast where you are.

  7. Ninotchka

    Yay! Welcome back.

  8. Anonymous

    Sognatrice – No cookin’?! No way! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I received your other message as well – thanks. April 25th – so happens to be the amazing fly trick guys birthday as well as Italy’s liberation day.

    Happy celebrating and happy catching up….


  9. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Glad you back in business. nice photo!

  10. Sara

    I don’t know which to congratulate you on harder, the reconnection or the new fig! Mazeltov, either way.

  11. stefanie

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a fig on a tree. (What a sheltered life I’ve lived, it seems.)

    Glad your service has been restored! Man, a full week (or more?) without the Internet? You must have been suffering some serious withdrawal pangs.

  12. Kali

    Stefanie – I don’t think I’ve seen a fig on a tree either!!! Which is very sad, considering how much I love them.

    So glad you are back – I’ve missed you!

  13. Paolo

    w00t!!!!! ben tornata, e buona festa della liberazione!!!!!!!!

  14. Kimberly

    ~points up~ Yeah, what he said!

    So glad you’re back, you’ve been muchly missed! I was so excited when I logged into bloglines this morning!

  15. Delina

    You’re back! Woo hoooooo!

  16. Marmite Breath

    Telecom Italia was the source of much crying for me during my Napoli days, so I feel your pain.

    Glad you’re back!

  17. ViVi

    Hooray! Welcome back to the intarwebs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Beth

    Glad you are back! I’ve been missing What’s Cooking Wednesdays!

  19. Tai

    First time in history that celebrity gossip, Liberation Day and a fig have ever shared space in a blog post. Bravo!

  20. Enza

    Welcome Back!!! u were missed!!

  21. Gil

    Glad to have you back!!

  22. Carole D.

    Welcome back! I was suffering from espresso withdrawals. I was very jittery last week without my daily dose of the good feelings that you deliver all the way from Calabria. I bounced right back this morning when I logged on and saw your post.

    Che’ bello fico! Non vedo l’ora che sono in Sicilia per mangiarli.

  23. cheeky

    It is a pleasure to have you grace us with your writings again, yeh! ๐Ÿ™‚
    We love figs in this house.
    Looking forward to my morning “espresso”.

  24. Heidi

    Wow, look at that fig!
    Glad you are back!!!!

    Goodness I get overwhelmed when my bloglines is over 100 or so…1300 that’s crazy!

  25. cupcake

    Ah, the simple pleasures of life. A fig, Britney Spears gossip, and an internet connection.

    Welcome back.

  26. JennDZ

    Yum Yum, there is just nothing like fresh figs, the are beautiful to look at and wonderful to taste!

    So glad you are back and up and running!

  27. Shan

    So happy to see you back.

  28. sognatrice

    Thank you, thank you, thank you all for the wonderful welcome back. And I’m sorry that any of you had to suffer from withdrawal…who knew?!

    Sharon, yes, it’s kind of early for the figs to start, but there aren’t a lot, and they won’t be worth eating for a while yet. Although I have seen a few already dropped to the ground from other people’s trees.

    Wunschdenker, the amazing fly trick guy lives on! Woohoo!

    Stefanie and Kali, I’d never seen a fig on a tree before I came here either–so you should just plan a vacation!

    Tai, you make an excellent observation. I need to set a new goal now….

    Cupcake, another good point. Sometimes it really is the simple things in life, isn’t it?

  29. nikinpos

    I’m glad someone knows whst Liberation Day is for. Carlo, who is Italian didn’t know and neither did I OR Annika, who I thought was the font of Italian knowledge. We had to look in up on the net!

  30. Anonymous

    I think you are so right about appreciating certain foods more only when they are available at certain times of the year.

  31. Kristen

    Yay for your telecom man. Yay for you being back!

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