Sunday Scribblings: Deepest, Darkest

Prompt #53: Deepest, darkest

In. Out. Deep breath. Here we go.

This week’s prompt is “deepest, darkest,” and perhaps since I’ve had something weighing on my mind for some months now, I immediately thought of secrets. We all have things that we’ve done or that have happened to us that we’ve told only a select person or two–or maybe even no one at all.

Through the course of writing this blog, I feel I’ve gotten to know so many new friends, and the basis of any friendship is honesty. So through this prompt’s inspiration, I’m going to come clean on something that has been churning around my stomach for months; I hope you won’t think any less of me for what I’m about to reveal.

I’ve cheated on P.

There. It’s out.

I don’t want to get into details, but it was just one time, a few months ago with an ex from here who doesn’t live in this area any more; he was visiting some family around the holidays, and well, you know how these things work.

I suppose I was waiting for those rumblings in my gut to stop, but maybe (hopefully) in time it’ll happen.

Perhaps if I confessed to P, I’d feel better?

What do you think blog friends?


47 Beans of Wisdom to “Sunday Scribblings: Deepest, Darkest”
  1. sognatrice


    This is entirely made up as I wouldn’t for one second consider cheating on my amore. Nor, incidentally, will I tell him of this joke because he has zero sense of humor about things like this, and in fact, will tell me I’m creating malocchio for us (sure hope I’m not).

    Happy April 1 everyone 🙂

  2. Annika

    Damn you!!! 😀 I was having a really awkward feeling, you know, god what should I write now she can’t spill this out just like this oh my gosh what if P comes around to read what she’s written even if he doesn’t speak English he might still be able to understand and what if somebody who knows him reads this and tells him and shit she’s really crazy this girl and how can I tell her that in a nice way?

    Yeah, I’ve always been mentally blue-eyed and easily fooled. 😀

  3. Giulia

    I knew it had to be a Pesce d’Aprile! 😉

  4. nikinpos

    Hang on…who the hell is P?

  5. sognatrice

    Oh, Annika, I’m glad I at least fooled someone; normally I don’t do April Fools’ anything, but when I saw this prompt, it was too perfectly set up.

    Giulia, guess I have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool you 😉

    Nik, P is my Calabrese fidanzato; you can read more about him here and here , and he also makes guest appearances in a handful of other posts, I’m sure.

  6. Vanessa

    That was SOOOO naughty of you!
    Before I clicked into your comments page I was getting all worked up about what to say to you… what could help. The only thing I could think of was referring you to my own past experience (which I wrote about here… for what it’s worth.
    It’s such a relief that you’re just kidding. But I decided to show you my dirty laundry anyway… just so you know these things can still have happy endings… 😀
    Lots of love from this gullible fool 😉

  7. sognatrice

    Vanessa, wow! Or, as I commented on your post: Just. Wow.


  8. The Other Girl

    Bad, sognatrice, bad! No soup for you!

  9. sognatrice

    Ooh! “No soup for you!” is definitely going on my little things list if it’s not already there; I read your comment at least three minutes ago, and I’m still laughing.

  10. Cherrye

    AH! I knew you were lying!!! I didn’t think of April Fool’s, but I was like, come on – she would never tell that to the blogosphere!!

    HA! Good one, girl!!!

    I am soooo gullible!

  11. sognatrice

    Cherrye, interesting that you thought I’d never tell that to the blogosphere, not that you doubted that I actually did it 😉

  12. meredith

    You got me! That was a good one!
    My girls and I just got back from sticking french april fool’s day fish on the neighborhood mail boxes. Thanks for the smiles

  13. JT

    Ya know…I reminded myself last night not to let anyone get me today. But now, I am hardly awake and am already trying to pull the hook out of my mouth. You got me. Unfortunately, I suppose that am qualified to offer you advice…but so happy that you really don’t need it. WOW…I went into emergency mode…and now my nice calm Sunday morning is doomed. I hope you are happy, Little Miss Sunshine! (Now, who can I pass this evil doing you’ve inspired, on to…before it’s too late?) Only 17 days… 🙂


  14. Carole (K.C.)

    You got me! You fooled me 100%. Although, I remembered it was il giorno del pesce d’Aprile, I didn’t make any connection. I was just thinking what I was going to write in the comment. Should she tell him or not, but I know how Italian men are, so I don’t think so. What’s done is done. Maybe, you could reaveal your secret on your deathbed.

    Bravissima Sognatrice!

    Bella domenica!

    ps. hai ricevuto la mia email?

  15. Alexandra

    i KNEW IT!! 🙂 didn’t you mention that P knows about the blog? or was it that he doesnt..? either way i kneeeeee! :))))

  16. cheeky

    You’re a very naughty girl, and clever too but WE all know that from reading your blog.
    You didn’t have me, I’m afraid! Strange. I didn’t buy it because 1 – it came out to easy, and 2 – most importantly, knowing you (albeit only through blogging)I don’t get a sense you would allow yourself to go there!
    You are really naughty though. Little stinker.
    LOL @ Cherrye’s comment, then I read down to your response and I was thinking the same thing. Too funny.
    I know I’m going on and on here ……..but she does have a point. You don’t air your dirty laundry here, not implying you have any! Ok I had better zip it! LOL I’m walking myself into a hole.

  17. Femminista

    You totally got me–and I am relieved. Becuase I wanted to be supportive of you, my new friend–but I was feeling conflicted, too, becuase ti just didn;t sound like you. Not that we know each other that well, but WHEW. And the post brought up all kinds of doubts I have as a new blogger–what to reveal, what not to reveal… Good one!

  18. sarala

    Got me too. And here I was trying to figure out why you would put this out on the net.
    Glad to here you have better judgment than that.
    I haven’t even begun a post. In the meantime I have some heavy cooking to do.

  19. Tai

    Phew. I was thinking, that little minx Sognatrice has really set the bar high for blogatory revelations and I just don’t know if I can go there, but if she has maybe I can and … glad to know I’m off the hook.

  20. Anonymous

    fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, i am glad it was just Pesce D’Aprile or i would have been crushed! and, for sure, DO NOT tell him…it would not be the least bit funny to an Italian man!

  21. Wenda

    Fooled! Relieved! Entertained!Thanks!

  22. Patois

    It was either an April Fool’s joke or you are seriously in need of lessons in holding things back from the world! Nice prank.

  23. claybuster

    I have read all your post in the last two days. Then this… wow…

    Till I read that it was not true, I was going to tell you Go Girl.. get all you can…

  24. claybuster

    HaHa…April fools day..

  25. Tori

    It’s 7pm where I am and I thought I would make it through the day without getting fooled.
    No such luck.
    GREAT job!

  26. Eileen

    You had me- my heart sunk and I just couldn’t believe it! So glad to find I’d been had : )

  27. L.A. Daddy

    I saw it coming a mile away! Okay, not really. But I thought – wow, I’m discovering a hot juicy sordid little blog writer… but, no! Fooled again!

    I’m too gullible.

  28. colleen

    Deep dark turns light with humor. I was fooled!

  29. Gil

    Well, I got sucked in. Sure glad that it was an April fools’ joke. If not, we would know where you disappeared to and why you were no longer posting.

  30. Ninotchka

    You naughty, naughty girl. You had me going and here I was going to post some wise, loving words of support. Pffffft!

    (I Love it!)


  31. AnnieElf

    I’m sitting here thinking “Good grief, what if he READS this? Then I read the first comment. You are darn lucky you got that comment in first. Whew. Yeah, I was fooled and this old gal was rolling her eyes as she also thought, naughty and impish child. Oh how I’m laughing.

  32. Nic

    You totally got me! Great prank!

  33. Anonymous

    oh my… best not tell him about this blog if you want a long relationship.

    next year for april’s fool, make him nice ice cream dish. But substitute mashed potato mix for the ice cream.

    will go over much better.


    ironically, zenfib is the word verificatin thingie

  34. Heidi

    Funny!!!! I too was fooled and relieved that it was an April fools!!! Thanks for the entertainment.

  35. Kimberly

    I’m so new here I was easy to fool – you got me! Mostly, anyway. From what I’ve read here in the past few weeks, I couldn’t quite take in the idea. And I felt really, really sad for you. And then so happy that you, such a life loving happy natured person, don’t have such a thing weighing on you. Phew!

  36. Nic

    I was eighteen minutes from making it through this first of April fooled-free.

    But no.

    Ach, Sognatrice, you are a devilish one.

  37. Kali

    You got me too!

  38. Nadine

    You got me. Very good April Fool’s joke. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, but I’m glad you are in a very happy relationship.

  39. sognatrice

    Well, thank you for all your encouragement. I’m honestly someone who hates April Fools’, so this was completely out of character for me even to play a joke…but the fact that this is probably my most commented on post ever just goes to show that the juice sells in blogging–even when it’s a blatant lie 😉

  40. guinness girl

    Ha! I totally fell for this. I hope P never reads your blog!

  41. bella

    I knew it you silly girl!

  42. Rethabile

    If you do cheat on him, don’t tell him. Unless you wanna do it again. there there’s a problem.

  43. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    haha. I was like noooooo (of course I wouldn’t judge. who knows what is really going on in a relationship) but it seemed so out of character for you.

    Then I thought for her to put it on the web, P must know. Man you had us going.

  44. Shirley

    oooohhh no…thats the 5th time I’ve fallen for an Aprils Fool joke this year. I’m so gullible!!

  45. Mikeachim

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cheating. It’s just part of being human. In fact, I find it *impossible* to believe that you’ve never cheated. We’ve all done it. Sometimes…..the temptation is just too great, and…yeah.
    Well, I’m not proud, but there you go.
    It happens particularly when I’m playing Scrabble.
    (I write those useful little words on a piece of paper and hide it under my tile-tray).
    Sorry. I…I should just go.

  46. Mikeachim

    Oh, and…..lots of kudos. Superb April Fool’s prank. 🙂

  47. JT

    I also cheat at Scrabble…there I said it.

    My ploy consists of a request to look in the official Scrabble dictionary, a staple of a true game of Scrabble…to verify a word, which I am planning to use.

    Yea, right! I have no word…but I do need a clue, as to what might possibly work with the garballygook that I’m dealing with.

    Pathetic…Yes, I know! 🙁



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