adoring april

Time for my April Monthly Musing seeing as we’re only a weekend away from the end of these lovely 30 days.

I love April, second only to October, my birth month. Makes perfect sense because if you mapped out the year, they’d be on opposite sides of the scales, balancing out the coldest of the cold and the warmest of the warm with their usually pleasant although often unpredictable temps.

And if I’m about anything, I’m about balance, being a Libra and all.

April is special, though, because it gives me a bit of warmth, a glimpse at the months to come, a feeling of being more alive and wanting to get out and feel the sunshine on my cheeks again–which is saying a lot for someone who really, really doesn’t enjoy baking in the sun. Needless to say, the SPF always comes first.

I didn’t use to get Spring Fever when I lived in the United States, and maybe that’s because where I lived, the weather never got spectacularly warm until Julyish, so what was the point anyway…but here…I have felt my entire mood shift in just a month.

I find myself getting up earlier and earlier, not being able to fall back asleep once I start thinking of getting up and out and walking with Luna and getting so warm that I have to take off even the lightest of jackets. I feel more energized, wanting to clean out all the must and dust of winter, smelling the freshness of flowers mixed with cleaning solutions as they waft out of the window and balcony door, which, thankfully, I have been leaving open all day now.

Not even sending off my American taxes in the middle of all this can spoil the mood.

April also marks the beginning of Spring Cleaning down at what we call “il giardino.”

It’d be safe to assume that P did the majority of the work as I was busy taking photos; bless his heart, he actually told me I could bring a book!

Here’s part of the area after many hours of P’s hard work:

And here are two of our new little friends:

Now go check out Cheeky’s thoughts on April, and then get out there and enjoy the final days of this special month.Don’t forget that you, too, can appreciate each month as it passes by recording your thoughts–and letting me know so I can link to you.


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16 Beans of Wisdom to “adoring april”
  1. AnnieElf

    What an interesting lizard all brown with a splash of green in the middle. Nice shot.

  2. Gil

    Beautiful picture! Everything is so nice, clean and green. Is that the kind of snail that you can eat?

  3. sognatrice

    Annieelf, thanks! Actually there were two lizards running around (I’m thinking Mom and baby as the one not in the photo was much larger), and they both looked like this. I think they might be changing colors now b/c I’m pretty sure the ones I see in the summer are all green (and some blue when it’s mating season). I’ll keep on it so we can solve this mystery!

    Gil, as they say here, boh! Not sure if this one was edible or not, but he sure was purty, and awfully large compared to the smaller than a centissimo ones I’m used to seeing. Oh, and I love all that green and clean too 🙂

  4. tongue in cheek

    I am afraid of lizards. I know they are harmless. But they scare me. I am a wimp.

  5. Ninotchka

    I, too, have felt such a mood shift this month. It’s just a gorgeous feeling and April might just become my favorite month. This is the first year that I actually realized that I may suffer from that seasonal depression thingy. Not too badly but I have definitely felt much more energetic as spring has made its grand entrance. 🙂

  6. Christine

    Goodness, I would LOVE to be in Italy right now. Philadelphia has been loving its rain this spring.

  7. sognatrice

    TIC, believe me, I wasn’t as close to that lizard as it looks!

    Ninotchka, isn’t it strange that we both felt the change more dramatically this year? Can we blame this on global warming too?

    Christine, we’ve definitely had our share of rain (yesterday and today are just two examples), but there were also some truly glorious days mixed in. Ah, the unpredictability!

  8. The Other Girl

    I was with you right up until the snail. This is the first year I’ve seen snails in my garden, and … they’re freaking me out! (It’s like the time Jerry found the hair in his Farina. He was little but he could run really fast.) I mean, I know they’re little and cute and are delicious cooked with garlic and butter, but, hello? They’re terrifying. I don’t know why.

  9. Carole D.

    I love primavera too. I’ve noticed a change of mood in my elderly (92 yrs. old) papa’ too. Beautiful photos! I’m curious how Calabresi say snails. Sicilians say “babbaluci”. Can’t wait to eat some when I go in 3 weeks!!!!!!

    Grazie per spedirmi un email. Sei molto gentile:)

  10. sognatrice

    Oops. Deleted my own comment!

    TOG, again, I wasn’t as close to that snail as it looks. In fact, the following day, I discovered one in my kitchen, head out and all, about half the size of a penny. I refused to pick it up and put it outside (if it’s in its shell, I can do it though). I’m not a huge fan of eating snails anyway. Good luck conquering the little buggers in your garden.

    Carole, wow, 92 years old! Complimenti a Papà! They say there are literally hundreds of different words for snails in southern Italy, but what P calls a snail is “lambehru” with the stress on the second syllable (lam-BEAR-ooh). Babbaluci sounds much cuter 😉

  11. a far away friend

    Once again, great pictures. You really know how to capture the shot. Everything looks so green and lush! What a great time of year. Glad you are back up and running.

  12. Blame It on Paris

    OK, see how my French in-laws have warped me. I see that snail & immediately think of food. Or rather I think that they’ll try to convince me it’s food and…that I should help prepare it.

    It’s a sad day. No wonder I turned to circus peanuts. Thanks for your support on that one, by the way.

    Keep writing your book. I want to read it.

  13. BecsLifeOnline

    It’s really warm here also considering it’s only April! Doesn’t usually warm up in Wales until June-ish. Ah well, I’m not complaining!!!

  14. Jane

    Happy Spring, Sognatrice! It sounds so beautiful over there! I agree with Christine…Philadelphia has been chilly with lots of rain….

    Come check out my new food blog at

    Happy weekend :)))

  15. sognatrice

    Far away friend, thanks! Just wondering, though, do I actually know you in real life by chance?

    Blame, hah! Same thing here…snails are food first, and cute little creatures second. Except when I have my camera! And you’re welcome for the Circus Peanuts back-up. Anytime! Thanks for the encouraging words on the book as well. Slow and steady, right?

    Bec, hope you’re enjoying your weather, and again, it’s good to see you back 🙂

    Jane, I don’t think I realized you were in Philly. I need to read things closer, I think 😉

    Anyway, for those wishing to check out Jane’s new food blog (and a great idea for pesto), go here!

  16. Jeni

    Just stopping by to thank you for visiting and commenting too! Gee, how can you say that your hometown area doesn’t usually even get warmish until Julyish? LOL That pretty much pegs the weather in this area of the state too. Only someone from the mining regions of the state can appreciate the beauty the mountains here still hold, even after many of them have virtually been ripped to shreds by strippings and such. Come what may, I still love good old PA!

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