Why You Should Blog

Blogging is a funny thing. Just since I’ve started a month and a half ago, I’ve made virtual acquaintances in different parts of the world, finding things in common with people with whom I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths otherwise.

On the other hand, I don’t know very many fellow bloggers personally (only one comes to mind!), but since I’ve started, many of my nonblogging friends have expressed interest in joining the blogosphere. I’m sure others have thought about it but haven’t gone so far as to admit it.

So this post is for those of you thinking of supporting a new addiction scribbling down tidbits about yourselves, experiences, and emotions on this wonderful invention called the World Wide Web.

For me writing is a release, a way to sort through thoughts and feelings, a relaxation tool, a socially acceptable form of anger management, and just plain fun. Now, with the help of the Internet, I can share as much or as little of this process with the world as I wish–and leave a record behind to boot.

I am inspired today, in particular, because I have been exchanging emails with a dear friend (who even started out virtual if I’m not mistaken) *and* because I came across a rather apropos article called “Write for Your Life” by one of my favorite writers, Anna Quindlen, today, in which she writes the following:

The age of technology has both revived the use of writing and provided ever more reasons for its spiritual solace. E-mails are letters, after all, more lasting than phone calls, even if many of them r 2 cursory 4 u. And the physical isolation they and other arms-length cyber-advances create makes talking to yourself more important than ever. That’s also what writing is: not just a legacy, but therapy.

I will also add–and it’s free!

So I hope more of you will share yourself with us in this unique way, although if you’re still a little shy, a simple journal would make me happy too.

Come on in, folks–the water’s fine!

4 Beans of Wisdom to “Why You Should Blog”
  1. J.Doe

    I started blogging to vent my frustraions and, well, blogging is cheaper then therapy as they say.

  2. Michellanea

    This whole blogging thing is much more interesting than I had imagined. Nice to have a record of various things as presented for public consumption. I see you linked me (thanks!). I have been very lax about my right-hand column. Must get on that!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m on it, I’m on it…just gotta get on it. We’re having a guest for dinner and the Mousaka, cucumber and yogurt salad, and apricot bars for desert are taking up all of my time – that and washing, hanging, folding the never-ending piles of clothes, clothes, clothes…dryers sind VERBOTEN in Deutschland. Ah…procrastination at its finest.

  4. Shirley

    I’m trying, really I am but some days the words just don’t come! I envy you being able to blog everyday,

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